Super Pixel Heroes MOD APK 1.3.144 (Unlimited Coins)

Super Pixel Heroes MOD APK 1.3.144 (Unlimited Coins)

February 10, 2024


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Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
143.68 MB
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Unlimited Coins

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How to play Super Pixel Heroes? What are the gameplay skills? We are here to share the Super Pixel Heroes gameplay for everyone. We hope this guide will help you.

Super Pixel Heroes is a passionate fighting mobile game created with 3D pixel graphics. It has a simple operation mode and gorgeous highlights of fighting skills. Players can choose any pixel hero in the game in single-player mode or multiplayer confrontation mode. The MOD APK version has unlimited gold coins. If you are interested, download it now via our website.

General Information

The game provides players with dozens of different heroes. According to the hero level, their overall attributes are unique. They include the three attributes of attack power, movement speed, and blood volume. The higher the level, the higher these attributes are. Also, some high-level heroes have exaggerated special effects. For example, the epic dinosaur has the skills of bleeding and force field.

During the battle, to cause continuous damage to the enemy and increase strength. The emergence of hero attributes and skills makes players have clearer requirements for the choice of heroes. It also encourages players to continue to take risks.

Super Pixel Heroes is an action game with cute 3D pixel style graphics. In the game, players will control different heroes to compete again. You can play the role of King Kong or the epic legends Atom and Zeus in Fantastic Forest in this endless pixel smashing adventure. Remember to avoid countless obstacles, discover unique hero abilities, collect rare characters, win countless consecutive victories, and become the greatest corridor champion in history.

The game uses an endless challenge mode. After we choose a wonderful hero, we will meet endless challenges. Every time we defeat an enemy, new enemies will appear, and they are more powerful. Players can only continue to challenge until they fail. The challenge process is always forward, unable to retreat or stop halfway. This mode forces the players to give up the back path, charge indefinitely, go to the battle again, try to strengthen themselves, and defeat more opponents. Finally, you will become the strongest king in the game.

Super Pixel Heroes screen 1

How to Play Super Pixel Heroes

It presents Super Pixel Heroes on a 3D horizontal screen, and it makes this game with pixel art. But they detail it in the scene’s construction and do not have the rough feeling of general pixel games. The character shape in the game looks like it is put together by countless LEGO cubes. In the battle, you can see their limbs being beaten everywhere and they have a strong physical collision effect. Super Pixel Heroes bring a popular visual experience for players.

The performance of Super Pixel Heroes in music is not as good as the picture. It is mainly because the striking sound effects are not powerful. The characters in the game will not make any noise during the battle, making the whole battle process look a little dull. And it does not match the recent picture.

Super Pixel Heroes version is a classic pixel adventure game full of fun, rich game mode, and free choices of the character. You must avoid various obstacles. Then, discover the unique abilities of each hero, win various victories, and become a staunch champion.

Super Pixel Heroes is also an action fighting game. It is a battle-type mobile game with 3D LEGO bricks. In the game, players will play various famous characters in titanic battles. The game is unique from our point of view. Hurry and enter this amazing world!

Super Pixel Heroes screen 2

Overall Assessments

It presents the game in a horizontal 3D mode. Although it is not a free-view 3D effect, it shows three-dimensional feeling. In this game, whether it is a battle background or a variety of heroes, they build all using pixel blocks. Some features are like LEGO blocks, but there are still differences in details. The characters are more delicate than LEGO blocks.

The fighting performance in the game is fierce. Especially, the attack will have a strong physical collision effect on the opponent. The explosion of pixel fragments will also accompany it. And even the arms and legs will break because of multiple attacks of bloody fighting. The hormones of the players are unlimited.

Super Pixel Heroes screen 4

The operation of the game is relatively simple. Players can block by pressing the shield button in the lower-left corner of the screen. Then click on the right screen at will to attack. If there is a distance from the opponent, they can also slide to the right to attack. The operation of this game differs from traditional fighting games. Players do not need to control the position and skill moves.

They only need simple offense and defense. You also need to pay attention to the offense and defense. The timing of the transition between the two, through the transition, to resist the opponent’s attack, so you have a greater advantage in the battle.

The game provides players with dozens of different heroes and divides them into four levels of ordinary, rare, epic, and legend. Players can get hero fragments through battle. And finally, you can unlock them at a certain price. The in-app purchase of this game is exaggerated. But fortunately, ordinary players can get fragments through battle. As long as there are enough fragments, heroes can be unlocked. It also gives ordinary players a goal to strive for so that the challenge continues.

Super Pixel Heroes screen 3

Super Mechs is a horizontal robot fighting game. In the game, you need to defeat the enemy robot at each level to pass the level. After it passes the level, there will be robot parts rewards. You can update your robot parts to strengthen it. Of course, there are super skills to help you.

The official version of Super Mechs is a turn-based action mobile game. This game has a retro style, exquisite graphics, and magnificent action scenes. Different armors have different effects or skills to gather your invincible war robots and fight for victory. Players will jump into your mech and fight for honor.

Super Mechs is a unique turn-based action and strategy battle arena. You will customize your mech and become the driver. Then choose your weapons and armors to build your mechanical warrior robot and create your style and become the ultimate fighter machine.

You will fight against friends and opponents from all over the world in epic PVP battles, take part in superb mechanical weekly tournaments, or advance your machinery through single-player campaign missions. Every battle you take part in will allow you to improve your mechanics and advance on your path to becoming the greatest mechanics gladiator.

Final Words

Super Pixel Heroes is a fun fighting mobile game. The simple operation makes it easy for any player to get started. With the addition of many characters with unique characteristics. It has improved playability.

This game is a fighting mobile game with 3D graphics. You will play the role of King Kong and the epic legends Atom and Zeus in Fantastic Forest in this endless pixel smashing adventure. Try to avoid challenging obstacles, discover unique hero abilities, collect rare characters, win many consecutive victories, and become the greatest corridor champion in history.

Super Pixel Heroes is an alternative fighting mobile game launched by developer Reliance Big Entertainment. In the game, players can play as King Kong, Atom, Zeus, and the heroes in Fantasy Forest. You will fight the enemy to death.

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