Sweet Crossing: Snake.io MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

July 12, 2021


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Sweet Crossing: Snake.io is a great casual game. The classic “snake of prey influences the game”. The game has many improvements in gameplay, characters, 2.5D cute graphics, and other elements. The game offers as much fun as the traditional snake games, and you have many minutes of great entertainment.

Download “Sweet Crossing: Snake.io” to enjoy hours of relaxing gameplay with lots of cute characters!

A cute version of the classic snake game

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io is a great casual game from Moonton. The game has straightforward gameplay, and the game has many similarities with the legendary game “Snake of Prey”. However, the player does not control the snake, and the player will control the pet to collect food. The player’s task is to try to collect as much food as possible to grow the pet. You are also the winner if you have the highest score.

Players grow pets through sweets. The number of points and the size of the pet will depend on the amount of food. Players need to move reasonably to collect food, and you avoid colliding with the tails of other pets. If you have a light touch on another player’s bottom, then you will fail immediately.

Also, if your pet has a long tail, you can use agility to surround other players. You use the bottom to create closed circles, and each ring is a “sweet” trap for each additional player. If you kill another player, then you can collect food bags from the other player’s tail. Food bags help increase the size and length of your pet’s tail.

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Simple operation on the phone

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io has simple gameplay, but everything is not easy. You must try to hunt for food and boosters to get the highest score possible. If you make your opponent hit your pet’s tail, you’ll win tons of scores and fabulous bags of food.

The game is optimized for phones, so players shouldn’t have any lag or performance issues. In addition, the operation of the game is effortless. The left screen buttons allow the player to navigate the pet. The button on the right side of the screen allows the player to speed up the pet. If you use acceleration skill, then the player costs a certain amount of points depending on the size of the current tail.

Sweet Crossing Snake io screen 2

Unlock lots of cute characters and tail skins

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io not only offers fun battles, but the game also introduces many cute characters. Therefore, the game is an excellent choice for your free time. The game has many cute characters such as penguins, rabbits, puppies, and other “cute” animals.

Players can collect, choose and use their favorite pets. After each match, players will receive random chests. Each chest opens the door for pet shards. The number of pieces and rarity determine the birth of a complete pet. In addition, the extra details help to upgrade the speed as well as the base weight of the pet.

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io introduces a lot of tail skins. The tail is an integral part of every match. Tail length represents the number of points, size, and strength of each pet. Players use gold coins to change the beautiful shape of the tail.

Sweet Crossing Snake io screen 3

Explore unique arenas and items

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io has an exciting arena. The field is an island floating in the clouds, and the island is enormous. Players find countless types of food in all shapes and different colors on the island. In addition, players can control pets all over the island.

The game introduces supporting items such as Magnets to help attract food; lightning helps reduce points for acceleration; shoes increase movement speed; gold coins help get more gold after the game; and magnifying glass helps to increase the view of the surroundings. If you properly use the support items, then you have many advantages such as: increasing the number of points, preserving life, eating a lot of bait, and increasing the rank of the pet.

Sweet Crossing Snake io screen 1

Build and fight your way

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io offers many ways for the person who wins the top of the ranking to get to the top, such as: eat sweets, get BUFFs, beat other players. Each strategy will bring a possibility of winning ability. In addition, the game also supports online matches. Each match is an exciting skirmish of up to 10 players. The player’s rank will determine the reward after each game.

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io has a “Sweet Home” Mode. You can build your unique town in your style. You plan the town layout and use the decorations as you like. You can make a beautiful city or a modern city. It all depends on your imagination.

Exciting sounds and cute graphics

Sweet Crossing: Snake.io has a vibrant soundtrack. The music has a moderate tempo, and the melody is light & cheerful. The sound effects are complete and exciting. You can listen to the sound of eating prey using acceleration or skill effects.

The game graphics are 2.5D and have bright colors. The pets are designed cute. The dominant color of the playground is usually green.

slither.io” is a great game, and the classic “snake of prey influences the game”. You will participate in great online matches with many other players.

WormsZone.io” brings interesting battles between worms. You raise worms to win over others and win the title of champion. In addition, you can change the appearance of the loving worm through the wardrobe.

Get ready for great matches

In short, Sweet Crossing: Snake.io is a great casual game, and the game has similar gameplay to the classic “snake of prey”. The game has beautiful 2.5D graphics, and you can control countless different types of pets. Each match brings exciting experiences for players.

In addition, the game has simple controls, and the game is suitable for everyone. You use items to increase the survivability and hunting of pets.

Download “Sweet Crossing: Snake.io” to explore the vast Arena with an enormous variety of food and cute pets!

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