Insatiable IO Snakes MOD APK 3.4.6 (Unlimited Money)

Insatiable IO Snakes MOD APK 3.4.6 (Unlimited Money)

May 15, 2024


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Insatiable IO Snakes is a snake game released by MagicLab. The player’s task in the game IS to eat other snakes to increase their size. However, you can only eat opponents that are smaller than you. Use the speed feature in the app to attack opponents. Players can relax with Insatiable IO Snakes anywhere without an internet connection.

With the old phone models such as Android 2.3, you can also play top racing games of Insatiable IO Snakes. The alternative version of Insatiable IO Snakes has an unprecedented number of players. It ensures you have a fierce competition with the recent version of the snake.

In Insatiable IO Snakes, your task is to help it grow as large as by collecting the lights on the map. They are hidden or dropped randomly from other dead snakes. The biggest difference compared to the traditional snake version is that you can encounter many snakes on the map. Also, you can go through your snake body and do everything to avoid collision with other snakes so as not to lose all points and plow again.

General Information

They will equip players with a unique skill, but equally powerful is Speed ​​Up. The gameplay of Insatiable IO Snakes is attractive because you will use all your skills to trick the opponent. They can hit on you to collect the spoils of light that fall and grow your snake bigger. However, you should not overdo this skill too much because acceleration will shorten the snake size and drop light particles after the moving position.

Insatiable IO Snakes provides three control modes of Arrow mode, Classic mode, and Joystick mode. The most flexible is Arrow mode, where the snake will move in the hand’s direction drag. In Classic mode, just click on the direction you want to turn. The snake will obey you. It is a difficult control mode that requires concentration and skillful handling.

Finally, it is the Joystick mode. On the screen, it will appear as a scroll box in the lower-left corner of the screen. We will put our hands on the knob and pull in the direction we want to go. Although not as convenient and flexible as Arrow mode, this mode will make it easier to handle in case of being surrounded by the enemy and can curl up a snake’s body easily.

The game supports Multiplayer features to make the interaction between players more attractive through the scores chasing. Trapping each other is one attraction of the game. The game offers a diverse and vivid color system. You can create your snake color and style in your way. Throughout the game, they randomly generate light particles representing prey that Insatiable IO Snakes has to collect with a black screen background. It makes the game shaky.

Currently, the game does not support sound. The manufacturer promises that in Insatiable IO Snakes 2, it will be added a unique sound system and more multi-dimensional gameplay. Based on the original, the characteristic black background is light particles representing prey. The light particles will light up for a while and then sink and float up. It makes the gameplay eye-catching.

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How to Play Insatiable IO Snakes?

At the beginning of the game, you do not have to lose anything. A snake can also threaten a big opponent. Please patiently wait for the luck to come. The most dangerous place is also the safest place. Other players will not dare to get close to enormous snakes. So, you can be partially safe. But there is also a risk of becoming prey to gigantic snakes. Also, enormous snakes often destroy a good deal of prey. It is an opportunity for you to eat stink to grow fast. In case you are isolated by another enormous snake, just turn around for a while.

When there are so many other opponents around you, choosing the option to run to the wall is not a bad idea. You will avoid being surrounded from all four sides. The higher the probability of survival means your number is getting higher. When your snake is long enough, embrace the enemy. A powerful way to play is to crush your body and use your length to circle the smaller snakes.

The choking screen also has many variables if we use the right technique of speeding up. The opponent’s head-on attacks make them wonder why they died. Using reasonable acceleration will make your score significantly improved. Players will easily recognize the traps the opponent has laid out.

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Overall Assessments


As we said at the beginning, Insatiable IO Snakes promises to be a modern upgraded version of the Raptor. They build Insatiable IO Snakes on pretty good graphics when the snakes are recreated on a fascinated 3D background.

Adorn the quiet plain and dark background with very eye-catching and colorful light particles. With a blur effect, the light particles will light up for a while and then sink and then surface again. It is also understandable that Insatiable IO Snakes is great and trendy.


If you have played through the legendary game of Snake, of course, you feel that Insatiable IO Snakes is still an old style of play, but much more modern. The task and what we need to do when playing is controlling the snake. The game moves in all directions and tries to eat light particles to increase body length.

The biggest difference in Insatiable IO Snakes compared to the Snake is that we will encounter many snakes with different colors and decorations. You can even go through yourself to change direction instead of avoiding touching yourself or hitting a wall. Avoid touching another snake or you will lose all your points and have to start over.

The game is casual and multiplayer to increase the competitive and competitive nature of the game screen. We will have to collect light particles and destroy other snakes to increase the score. They will equip us with a skill called Acceleration. It will be a brilliant assistant for you to trick other snakes into you. We will collect the number of light particles it emits, and our score will be higher. As a result, the snake’s body will grow longer.

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Pixel Sword Fish IO game exploits the familiar theme of IO games. Your task is to control a creature like an arrow, rush to the enemy, and destroy them. Your goal is to be the creator with the biggest nose in the world. If you touch yourself, the game will be over.

In the game Pixel Sword Fish IO, you will control a rather disgusting creature shaped like an arrow to pierce other creatures to increase its size. The more you play, the stronger you will become. If your nose touches another player, they get points. If you stab yourself, the game will be over. In this game, you always win, even starting with a tiny size.


Insatiable IO Snakes MOD APK offers three modes of control. The easiest and most flexible way to control is Arrow Mode. You need to move your finger on the screen to control your snake. Next, we have Classic Mode. Touch the direction we want to change, the snake will obey. but this mode requires great concentration and skill.

Next, we have a Joystick mode. When activated, we will see a shift knob in the bottom corner of the screen. We will place our hands on the knob and pull in the direction we want to go. It is not as flexible as the Arrow Mode but is easier to escape in some trapped situations.

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