Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK 1.2.1 (Unlimited Money)

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK 1.2.1 (Unlimited Money)

November 29, 2023


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Dingo Games
32.94 MB
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Unlimited Money

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Tasty Planet Forever poster

You are a person that has the passion of eating and drinking. Or you want to eating many things in the world. Tasty Planet Forever will help you to do it. You can eat everything on the way although they can be very hard. And you won’t imagine how the food will be. Besides, the game will take the player to many interesting places from on the ground to under the sea.

Lively graphic and realistic sounds

Tasty Planet Forever is the action game that has built and published by Dingo Games – an independent game developer located in Vancouver, Canada. The game is available on Google Play, App Store and Steam. You can download free on mobile devices that run on Android and iOS platforms.

In the game, background of each level is in many different places. These places can be on a street or in the restaurant. Graphics and images is very lively. The food that the main characters eat can move. They don’t stand still to wait for you to eat them. The cars, the waiters, the mice or the zombies can move to anywhere. Natural world is simulated simply but really. You will be under the sea with an octopus. Or you and a cat is in the kitchen. With each environment, the player will get the different feeling of the vivid and nice images.

Besides, cheerful sounds of the game will always emit during the playing process. It will help you to feel happy. Moreover, the publisher has added the sounds such the cat’s meow, the sounds of the crash, the scream of waiters or customers when they are eaten. The player can feel the character’s pain and become the characters. These things will make you experience Tasty Planet Forever better. And you can turn the sound off in Setting of the game.

Tasty Planet Forever screen 0

Start to the journey to eat the whole world

In the first world of the game, you will be at the restaurant in Paris. It’s filthy in here, so the chef was brought a prototype cleaning robot from his cousin the house to eat cockroach or the small things. But unfortunately the chef was sent eating instructions that is “Eat everything.” which made the cat eat everything that is smaller than the size of the cat. Even with people that bring the cat the restaurant. So that the cat will travel to the spot that you want, you need to tap that spot on the screen. With the first level, the cat can eat the things such as pea, cockroach, wine bottle, chef’s knife, baguette, waiter, customer and so on. When the cat is small, the area where the cat eat is small and the food won’t be much. This will cause the difficulty of finding and moving the food. In addition, the object that the cat eats can move. You need to grab these objects. But the objects will move repetitively in fixed directions. This helps the players to know the places that the objects will come. Although your cat just needs to move around the place, he can eat many things. And when the cat is bigger, the area will be bigger and the food will more variety. You will travel to many new places. A stress with a lot traffic, the city with bridges and buildings or a maze that is arranged by the croissants and the baguettes.

Tasty Planet Forever screen 3

In addition, each level will have a proper title and some levels will have the own requirement. For example, level 1 is “A lesson in cleanliness” or “Somewhere beyond the streets” is the title of level 4, … With level 5, some chocolate macarons are poisoned. But there is one problem here. The macarons are many different colors and are staggered. The cat needs to eat the macarons that have the required color to save the day. You will be lost your score, if the cat eats the wrong macarons. In level 9 – “Fast food café”, a foreign restaurant chain is buying up the local restaurants. The cat has to eat up all their red awnings to drive them out of town. And many different levels are waiting for you to discover.

Also you need to pay attention to the knifes and the objects that are moving. Because you will be lost your score when you hit them. To play the new levels, you have to overcome the previous levels. But with the bonus levels, you need to earn enough the required number of stars to unlock the levels.

Tasty Planet Forever screen 1

The new animals and environments

Before the level starts, you can add level boosters. “Extra Arrows” will help your animals to add two arrows. The arrows are used to find the food. “Extra Time” increases a level’s par time – thereby giving you a much larger time bonus. “Armor” reduces significantly the number of points you lose when hit bit a larger enemy and reduces points that you lose when eating incorrect entities. “Bonus Points” will increase significantly the number of points you earn when your animal eats the things. “Triple Coins” helps you triple the number of coins received at the end of the level.

In addition to the cat, the game also has 7 different characters. Those are octopus, rat, bee, shark, dingo dog, penguin, Munch. And you can challenge yourself by using the eight bonus characters (metal cat, moray eel, elephant, ladybug, killer whale, baby, chicken, and black hole). Each character will be in the world of their own. Consume the Caribbean as the angry octopus. Save the savanna as the heroic rat. Devour the city as the big eyed bee. Reclaim the Pacific Ocean as the basking shark. To unlock the new world, you need to have enough coins and gems. You will receive the coins after you has come each level.

Tasty Planet Forever screen 2

Relax with Tasty Planet Forever

Nice graphic and vivid sound has helped the game to attract many the players. Besides, you can relax with Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK all the time because the game doesn’t require the Internet connection. Simple gameplay also is an element that attracts the children. Just need to eat the things that are smaller than yourself. Moreover, many characters will take you to many different worlds. This is also the challenge for you. Try earn many coins and gems to unlock the new worlds.

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