Talking Tom Candy Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Talking Tom Candy Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

December 13, 2021


Additional Information
Outfit7 Limited
76 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Talking Tom Candy Run poster

If you love entertaining action games, but don’t like violent action, you are looking for light and simple but equally interesting entertainment games.

Please don’t worry, right now let the game publisher Outfit7 Limited take you to action games but extremely simple and gentle with the character is cat Tom a cute and funny with a game called Talking. Tom Candy Run is full of “sweet candy”, a game suitable for those who love graphics as well as the simple gameplay. And right now, let’s explore the world of sweet cat Tom together!

Description About the  Talking Tom Candu Run.

The Talking Tom Candy Run is an attractive entertainment video game from Outfit7 Limited, a famous game publisher with the familiar cat Tom image, Talking Tom Candy Run is suitable for everyone in every age group, especially the children’s age because of the cuteness of the cat as well as the cute and funny images in the game.

Talking Tom Candy Run screen 0

The task – The rule.

Talking Tom Candy Run game revolves around the story of Talking Tom’s new sweet shop, the thief broke in and stole all the candy, and this thief also dropped the stolen candy everywhere, along the street, along the beach. beach, school, to an amusement park… To get back the lost candy, you have to run and chase the thief to get the candy back. And the player’s task is to choose the character Talking Tom and his favorite friends of the cat Tom and then start running, chasing the thief to get back the lost candy as much as possible.

Talking Tom Candy Run screen 5

In this adventure, players need to control the character Tom cat skillfully and carefully, perform movements to run, jump and overcome obstacles as well as challenges that appear on the road, chase bandit happily and with other cute animal friends, and each animal has a different amazing special ability. Also pick up boxes to get coins, collect coins, diamonds, all kinds of candies and upgrade new characters for free after completing the levels.

Talking Tom Candy Run screen 1

The graphics – the Sound of  the game.

Talking Tom Candy Run game with cartoon graphics is simple, not fussy but equally fun and colorful, suitable for all ages, the image in the game as well as the context of each screen is diverse and rich, creating an eye-catching landscape picture. The music in the game as well as the action effects of the cat Tom is fun and engaging, helping players entertain and relieve stress after stressful and busy working and studying hours.

Talking Tom Candy Run screen 2

Features of the Game.

  • Players can choose the Talking Tom character as they wish and play with other characters they like.
  • Increase power by collecting more coins and diamonds.
  • There are many types of candies for players to discover.
  • Lots of exciting levels, challenges, and obstacles for players to conquer and experience
  • With Talking Tom Candy Run, players can activate the special abilities of Talking Tom and his favorite friends.
  • Players can upgrade the character to better improve the abilities of the Talking Tom character.
  • Besides, making Talking Tom’s character fly and Talking Angela turn obstacles into candy is possible.
  • Players can get help from their friends: unicorns, dragons, smileys, and happy clouds.
  • Get your candy back and upgrade the candy shop to unlock new content.
  • Players have the option of making in-app purchases.
  • Personalize in-game content to attract more players.
  • Links directing users to other apps and Outfit7’s Web site.
  • Watch Outfit7’s new cartoon character videos through the integrated Youtube channel.
  • The items in the game Talking Tom Candy Run are priced differently in virtual currency, depending on each level.
  • Option and alternative to access all the functions of the app without making any real money in-app purchases.
  • Moreover, the Talking Tom Candy Run contains ads for 3rd party Outfit products.

Come here, have you felt the world full of “sweets” of the cat Tom yet? And now do not hesitate any longer, download the Talking Tom Candy Run game right away and let’s play, let’s help the cat Tom get back the candy and open more stores!

Hopefully, the Talking Tom Candy Run game will bring players moments of entertainment full of relaxation, attractiveness, fun, and new and rewarding gaming experiences. Hopefully, in the future, the Talking Tom Candy Run will improve as well as have more lovely cartoon characters for players to choose from.

Wishing everyone happy gaming!

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