Talking Tom Splash Force (MOD Unlimited Money)

Talking Tom Splash Force (MOD Unlimited Money)

February 10, 2020


Additional Information
Outfit7 Limited
4.1 and up
94.4 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

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I’m sure that many fans of Tom have been dying for another game of this amazing cat to be introduced. Our adorable Talking Tom Cat has returned with another great adventure in Talking Tom Splash Force. Find out more about this amazing Android game with our reviews.


This time, the creators at Outfit7 Limited have brought all the famous characters in their My Talking Tom series including Hank, Ginger, Angela, and many others to an exciting adventure in the world of Talking Tom Splash Force.

The story begins as the group of friends find themselves being bothered by the rascally raccoons who are terrorizing their daily lives. They even go as far as capturing some of their friends. This we cannot stand and things must be done as soon as possible before these bad raccoons would try to do worsts.

Join Tom and his friends in an exciting adventure, in which you’ll go against the saboteurs in hilariously intensive water fights.

Talking Tom Splash Force


Using the simple control mechanics to accurately throw water balls into your enemies. Splash them with powerful blasts of water explosions and water bullets. Rescue your poor friends from the hands of the annoying raccoons in Talking Tom Splash Force. Here are a few interesting features that you would find excited:

Enjoy fighting the devilish raccoons in frenzy water battles

As the raccoons have made the first move and are starting to attack you, a battle between Tom and his friends vs the raccoons is imminent. Get ready to get wet in this exciting splash battle in Talking Tom Splash Force.

Choose your firearms, aim at the raccoons, set the angle and power to launch devastating water balls at the enemies. Soak them with water before they could fight back.

Talking Tom Splash Force

Simple control and exciting gameplay

In Talking Tom Splash Force, players will be introduced to a relatively simple control system which is optimized for Android touchscreens. That being said, you can easily make your adjustments before firing your water balls.

And with the unique splashing mechanics, the balls will explode once they hit the raccoons, causing great damages and mayhems. On top of that, the exciting gameplay allows players to interacts with their characters at any time.

Rescue your poor friends who have been kidnapped

Aside from having to repel their attacks, players must help Tom and his buddies to rescue the poor animals that were kidnapped by the nasty raccoons. With multiple animal villages attacked by the raccoons, your tasks ahead will be extremely difficult. However, they’re also chances for you to step up and be the heroes.

That being said, to save the cute animals that have been snatched from their homes, you’ll need to come up with a good plan. Since the raccoons are keeping their captives in single prison cells which are securely locked, breaking the cells might not seem like a good idea. However, what if we can find a way to take their keys? Play through the missions as you collect enough keys to rescue your animal friends.

Talking Tom Splash Force

Make use of Tom’s skills to rebuild the villages

During their previous raids, the raccoons have raided the villages as well as cause great destructions to the facilities. Hence, we would also need to rebuild the homes for your poor animal friends. To do this, you’ll need to defeat the mean rascals and secure their coffers. Make uses of the money and use Tom’s construction skills to slowly bringing the villages back to their former selves. Rebuild the villages and you’ll receive incredible rewards from their communities.

Explores different stages in varied locations

The game will not limit you in a single location. In facts, these devilish raccoons have been ravaging villages from all over the world. It’s your job to find out why they do that and put a stop to their actions. Travel to different places including jungles, deserts, freezing islands, and defeat the raccoon forces that are stationary there. The more you play, the more locations that you’ll unlock.

Talking Tom Splash Force

Play as your favorite characters

And one of the biggest reasons that make the game interesting is that you can play as your favorite characters in the series. Control Tom, Angela, Hank, or Ginger in an exciting and hilarious water battle against the clueless raccoons.

In additions, you can put on different outfits on your characters. Play the game as Tom the Talking Pirate Cat, Angela the Talking Astronaut, or Hank the King, and so on. The customizations are almost limitless.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play on Android devices and you can get it right now by going to This is quite awesome considering all the exciting features that they’ve introduced. Still, there are some in-app purchases and ads that might bother you.

Talking Tom Splash Force

Visual and sound quality


Featuring friendly and cartoony graphics, Talking Tom Splash Force is suitable for people of all ages. Hence, you can enjoy the game with friends and family members in a get-together. I’m sure that it would be so much fun.

In additions, the simple graphics also allow for smooth gameplay on different Android devices. That being said, you can enjoy the game on low-end devices without noticing any differences.


The frenzy sound effects make you feel like you’re joining a real battle with the rascally raccoons. Get ready to wet some raccoons or to be wet by them.

Download Talking Tom Splash Force latest Android APK

The game is, without a doubt, another great title from the famous studio, Outfit7 Limited. For the first time, you can finally interact with all of your favorite characters in the Talking Tom series in exciting water battles.

What are you waiting for? Let’s download and install it right away and start enjoying this amazing game for Android devices.

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