Tap Color MOD APK 2.0.2 (Lock hint 25)

Tap Color MOD APK 2.0.2 (Lock hint 25)

Tap Color Studio Lock hint 25

Coloring games have been around for a long time in the form of computer and mobile games. Cartoon characters, household objects, and landscapes with simple lines are an indispensable part of many people’s childhoods. Even for adults, there are many people passionate about this subject with colorful art.

And with today’s rapidly developing technology, coloring apps have developed as a game for both adults and children. Just download the popular coloring book apps and unleash your color creativity. Tap Color is one of the best coloring games for adults and kids on smartphones. It will bring relaxation to you in your spare time.

The MOD APK version of Tap Color is an easy-to-decompress digital coloring offer. Players can easily complete the work by painting their favorite colors in the order of numbers and sharing them with family and friends. The game is simple to get started, and the players can download Tap Color via this link to experience it.

General Information

Tap Color is a popular adult number coloring game. You will get 6,000 images for free in this game in many genres such as animals, places, landscapes, objects, flowers, and fruits. It will mark all pictures with color numbers. The players just have to choose and discover what color they are.

In Tap Color, you can paint your modern masterpieces by number freely. The apps help you release stress, fight anxiety, and enjoy the fun of coloring. It offers the best coloring operation experience.

The gameplay does not differ from other coloring games in the App Store. The only difference is that the color in Tap Color, the coloring function tends to oil painting. As soon as the first color is applied to the pictures, it will immediately pop-up to your eyes.

It makes your coloring pictures more vivid and more artistic. You still have a full range of genres such as paintings, people, landscapes, houses, flowers, and plants. With the colors that Tap Color gives the player, you will have more realistic results compared to most other coloring games.

You can draw your masterpiece without using a brush or paper whether the objects are flowers, birds, fish, insects, monsters, and landmarks. There is new content updated every day. You can save your work to your phone album to continue your creation anytime and anywhere.

Besides, with Tap Color, you do not need Wi-Fi to color your paintings. This app lets you get creative with color boxes without numbers, like many other coloring apps. You just need to choose the right color to paint beautiful flowers, girls, boys, gardens, famous paintings, patterns, and animals. Then share your pictures on Instagram or Pinterest.

How to Play Tap Color?

Tap Color is a creative coloring game on the mobile. With a simple touch of the numbered parts of the picture, players can complete their work of art. The game has a variety of pictures and colors, which will surely bring entertainment to people of all ages. Especially, the game helps to develop thinking, art, and creativity for children.

The game has simple gameplay. First, you will select the picture you want to paint, then below the picture will appear the serial numbers corresponding to the parts of the picture. Click on the number, then on the picture, it will appear the need to shade. Then, click on those arrays, those arrays will be colored immediately. These arrays can be large and small depending on the picture you choose, so please pay close attention. If you have to paint in detail, you can enlarge the picture up for a better view.

The numbers corresponding to the colors you are coloring will automatically disappear if you have filled them all. Be careful not to miss out on details! After the numbers disappear, you are 100% complete. Then, the system will simulate each step you have painted. You can save your work to your computer, or share your painting and coloring video on the social network.

The game also has quests and challenges set for players to add more fascinating experience. The more time you spend on the game, the more hard pictures you will paint, which requires the player’s meticulousness. Also, there are many interesting activities in the game, along with small gifts for players. You should connect with Facebook to take part in these activities. They are always updated in the game.

Special Features

Tap Color synthesizes over 6,000 lovely pictures. You can color according to numbers easily. Also, you can change the color style of each cell. The application has a friendly interface and easy to use.

Tap Color brings coloring to the actual world in full 3D. With easy numerical coloring, you can create 3D pictures that look like they will pop out of the screen. Tap Color allows users to share artwork with friends and relatives via Instagram, Facebook, and other messaging apps. New content will be added weekly.

Collection aggregating over 6,000 cute images

Tap Color has a collection of over 6,000 latest pictures, you can search and select pictures of houses, robots, people, shoes, and tools in a cartoon style, which is cute.

With Tap Color, after you complete the coloring process, you can change the cell colors to squares, triangles, and hearts. In the Tap Color application, there are over 6,000 images divided into nine separate categories including fashion, technology, people, animals, etc. Each category has theme-like images to let you find photos faster.

Guide you to color according to each available number

With the numbers available, players must fill in these numbers. This advantage helps your photos to be more harmonious and beautiful, without fear of damaged color schemes.

Customize quickly zoom in and out

In coloring, there are numbers hidden so you cannot see them. You can adjust the size to be larger by clicking on the Magnifier icon with the plus sign. And vice versa, if you want to see the complete picture, click on the Minus Magnifier icon.

Save work to your device or share photos on social networks

After completing selecting photos and coloring on pictures, the Tap Color application allows you to save your work directly to your computer or share it on popular social networking sites today. Tap Color has suggestions of related applications for your reference and easy use.

Overall Assessments

Graphics and Sound

The entire game system comes with the 2D graphics. But the unique selling point that the game offers is a lively color table. The intuitive interface offers the ultimate simplicity for the players, which is suitable for all ages. The paintings are meticulously designed and varied in themes from stills to animated paintings.

The sound of finishing the painting, sound effects, and clapping hands when finishing the picture all make players feel happy and relaxed. It also encourages the players to come to the next challenge.

Simple Gameplay

If just looking for the best coloring app for adults, Tap Color is the best choice with unique paintings and interesting gameplay. Tap Color is the favorite coloring game of millions of people around the world with over 3,400 works to choose from.

The app also comes with a rich collection of painting tools, including pencils, markers, crayons, pastel crayons, sand, and oil painting. Besides, you can also explore the work of a good deal of famous coloring book painters or import your photos to customize the experience.

Although it does not offer some advanced features like its competitors, Tap Color still attracts users because of its ease of use and its unique numerical coloring guide. The application adds a new interesting design every day. In particular, it is free thanks to advertising support. If you do not feel bothered about it, Tap Color will be the best coloring game choice for you.

Live Color Functions

As mentioned above, Tap Color is one of the unique adult coloring pages. The program introduces the concept of coloring in a different direction. When opening the app for the first time, Tap Color will guide you to capture colors for coloring. Then, open the camera and move around the environment you want to use the captured color.

The interesting oddity does not end here. You have two color options. One option allows the user to see what is coloring and the other that reveals the work only after we finish it. The app dropped out of registration by asking users to complete a challenge or watch ads to unlock more pictures.

Another great coloring function of Tap Color is Live Color. The application provides a rich collection of 2D and 3D paintings, which take coloring experience to a new level. The feature that makes Tap Color stand out from other competitors is the vivid color brush set. In particular, the selected colors will appear gradually on the screen. Recolor offers a free collection of coloring pages, so you can experience the application without spending a penny.

Final Words

Nowadays, with the support of technology and mobile devices, parents are provided with many applications to develop creative thinking and rich imagination for their children, baby coloring.

Just like Happy Color and Colorfy, Tap Color also marks your fill with numbers. Just choose an image by number and you will fill these artworks with color. With Tap Color, it will update with many unique pictures and coloring pages by day with many themes such as animals, scenes, objects, characters, and flowers.

A coloring game is one game that helps us relieve pressure in life extremely effectively. Tap Color MOD APK is a brilliant coloring book for players of all ages with a wide variety of topics and challenges. Let’s join the game and become a talented artist! You can share your works on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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