Tempo MOD APK 4.28.0 (Pro Unlocked)

Tempo MOD APK 4.28.0 (Pro Unlocked)

December 20, 2023

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Tempo trend video editor with effects & music. Ltd
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Tempo is one of the best music-video editing apps. The app is full of effects, advanced options, and great transitions. The convenience of the app allows you to become a free music video maker with ease. The application introduces a lot of popular themes, different patterns (love, lyric, emoticons, cartoons, …) and special subtitles for editing. You can easily create personal videos, and mix with a variety of modern music.

Tempo is a great choice for amateurs, or those just starting out in the field of video. You can easily create great videos easily by adding music, photo and template combinations, or creating animated videos with cool magic effects. In addition, the app also impresses with flashy transitions and unique effects. You can even add rays of light to your video, and this adds inspiration to your creativity.

Tempo offers a great experience for everyone who loves photo editing. The application offers hundreds of high-quality filters, so it is easy to meet the different requirements of the most demanding users. The app has special transition effects, and this makes your video unique, more engaging. The application allows combining multiple photos, and converting filters at will. In addition, the application also offers a diverse sticker store, and you are free to use the sticker to create the most interesting and unique video possible. The app also shares widescreen mode, making it suitable for a wide variety of phones. In addition, you can easily share your creative photos / videos to social networks like Facebook, Instagram wherever you are.

Tempo supports the editing and effects of music videos in a professional way, and is extremely simple. The application provides the best editing tools, so you can quickly cut / merge / reverse / rotate / copy / compress the video clips with ease. From here, you have a suitable video, and add music to an easy to create video from photos, and songs. The application brings tons of amazing effects, and this will make your photos / videos come to life. The video effects in the app are varied, and all are perfectly designed for short videos. Plus, the app offers lots of free music to make your videos interesting and unique. Alternatively, You can cut the video into sections, then customize it from your gallery or photo album. In particular, the application supports video compression without losing quality, so you save a lot of space for phone memory, as well as easier to share on social networks.

Professional video editing with simplicity

Tempo offers professional video editing in a simple way. You can easily edit short videos to meet your quick creative, sharing needs. You can select your favorite video, mute the original video clip sound, and use your favorite background music. This will expand your video experience. Lots of good articles are available in the application library. The app also has a lot of text styles and fonts to choose from. This helps your video become rich and colorful. Of course, the app also offers great video effects, and transitions. You will be amazed at the videos edited through the application.

Tempo offers a diverse and extremely modern collection of songs and music. From here, you can become a professional photo video maker. The app introduces a wide variety of background music, so you can always create a video that suits your needs. You can also choose your favorite music pattern, upload to the app’s library, and easily create videos with your own music. Great for you to create entertaining short video clips with the most modern popular music. The application also allows to save video in high quality, e.g. HD 720P / 1080P. In particular, the videos are at high quality not less than the original video, but also save space. You have the option to save or export videos to your phone anytime, anywhere. Overall, the app is free to use, and easy to operate so it makes quick video creation out of photos and songs in a few steps. You only need a little time to get used to all the operations, and everything will be easier if you are familiar with photo editing applications. Get ready to crop your photos and video clips into exciting trending videos with unique music, and lots of great transitions. The app also allows you to quickly, and easily share videos on any social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. From here, you can share the joy with your friends, or increase engagement to get more likes and new followers for your business.

If you like photo / video editing then try “Beat.ly” – an attractive application for everyone. The application allows creating professional videos quickly, and supports HD image quality. The application has a store of effects, popular music, beautiful transition effects for videos. The app is a great choice for influencers or vloggers or amateur movie producers. The app allows for easy adding music to videos, editing videos creatively, and quickly sharing on social networks.


Tempo is really suitable for video editing lovers. You have a variety of editing tools like crop, merge, reverse, rotate. You can compress the video in quality and save space for video clips. You add music easily, or create unique videos from photos and songs. The application offers a lot of free music, or you download your own music to use for your videos. From here, your video is sure to be as interesting and popular as possible. For the pro user, you can cut the video into sections and then use them in conjunction with images from your gallery or album. It’s great that the app allows for video compression without any loss of quality. In short, users will experience useful video editing tools, and you can easily create short videos according to your extra needs. The application has hundreds of high-quality filters, dozens of special transitions, and a diverse collection of stickers to meet the different requirements of users. Users can easily change to use filters at will. The application supports a variety of video sizes, and is suitable for modern widescreen modes. Finally, you can share your creative photos / videos on social media to increase your experience, or enhance your online business.


  • Easy to use, and provides a diverse collection of effects (hundreds of high-quality filters, dozens of transitions, a diverse collection of themes)
  • Supports multiple photos, and collage videos as you like.
  • Diverse music library, allowing personal music downloads
  • Save high quality video with tower capacity.
  • Easily share your creative photos / videos on popular social networks.


  • Some features require a fee to use.
  • There are not many breakthrough effects or features.

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