VivaCut MOD APK 3.5.8 (Pro Unlocked)

VivaCut MOD APK 3.5.8 (Pro Unlocked)

February 8, 2024

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VivaCut professional video editor
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Pro Unlocked

To those of you who’re in need of a decent video editor on your mobile devices to handle the light and simple tasks, you’ll definitely VivaCut: Pro Video Editor APP featuring all the desired in-app features, and a lot more. That being said, the awesome video editor app allows Android gamers to quickly and effectively edit their videos by providing in-depth control options, plenty of custom effects, and so on.

Feel free to make uses of the incredible video editing options in VivaCut as you create professional pieces of visuals. Introduce your very first Hollywood movies that were created entirely on VivaCut, using its amazing in-app features. Explore endless customizations and editing features that the app has to offer. And most importantly, intuitive and convenient in-app experiences will make VivaCut accessible for most Android users.

Find out more about this amazing mobile app from VivaCut professional video editor with our reviews.

What does it do?

For those of you who wish to add a certain level of aesthetic elements to their recorded videos and clips, you can always enjoy yourself with this awesome mobile video editor app of VivaCut. Feel free to discover the amazing features as you deliver brilliant pieces of arts to your videos by adding dozens of cinematic visual effects, changing multiple blending options, and more.

In addition, with the multi-layer timeline, VivaCut also enables in-depth video editing applications on your certain videos. Here, you can make uses of the green screen and chroma key features to create some of the most epic visual effects using only a mobile device. In addition, the awesome music configurations will also allow you to produce amazing pieces of videos for multiple social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and the likes.

And most importantly, the entire experience can be easily performed and finished with just your mobile devices and VivaCut, which is absolutely amazing.


To have the app up and running, there are little requirements for your Android devices other than for them to feature Android 5 and above. Feel free to download and install the app on your mobile devices with ease. Have access to all the available in-app features as you attempt to create stunning videos with incredible options.

However, like many other common video editor app, including FilmoraGo, PowerDirector, and the likes, you’re required to have a decent mobile device with capable hardware. That’s said, the powerful hardware will improve your overall experiences within the app and drastically enhance your editing speed. On the other hand, a low-end phone with outdated hardware will likely to perform poorly in VivaCut.

Awesome features

Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

The professional video editing app for Android users

For the first time, Android users will have themselves a powerful and capable video editor app, in which they can make multiple changes and personalization to their certain videos. With professional features and intuitive editing options, the app will allow users to create amazing Hollywood movies with the available app.

Start with the Green Screen and Chroma key options that allow you to mix videos and create amazing visual effects that they often do with their movies. Not to mention that, with the available cinematic video editing options, the game allows Android users to create amazing movies right on their mobile devices.

In addition, the available Mask, Video Collage, Sticker, Text, and other interesting aesthetic elements will allow Android users to freely customize their videos to how they wanted. Pick up certain Keyframe animations and enjoy your brilliant videos with the available editor.

And for the quick videos that are created for your social network, you can always make uses of the available Masks options with Linear, Mirror, Radial, Rectangle, Oval effects, and so on. Each of these useful visual effects will allow you to create stunning visuals.

To edit your certain track of music and sounds, VivaCut users can also perform individual changes on their audio tracks and add multiple sound effects. Or alternatively, if you prefer, you can always extract music and audio tracks from any available videos in your collection.

Enjoy multiple video editing features

For those of you who’re interested, VivaCut also comes with dozens of useful commands and the intuitive editing interface that allow you to quickly access those features.

Have fun with an intuitive multi-layer timeline, in which users can effortlessly zoom into their specific frames with great precision. Perform multiple changes and customizations as you progress. Make multiple changes to your texts, by applying the in-depth edit options and modifying the text styles in the app.

Customize multiple transitions for both your texts and videos in VivaCut, so that you can enjoy amazing cinematic videos. And adjust the preferred brightness, saturation, contrasts, color, along with many interesting options to create your amazing videos.

And don’t forget about the available filters and glitch effects, that can be used to deliver beautiful and amazing looks for each and every of your video. Unlock the special editing options and enjoy the stunning VivaCut products.

Intuitive control and editing commands

And as you get into the editing interface, VivaCut will introduce Android users to its vast and intuitive commands for managing the videos and edits.

Start by effectively trim, cut, duplicate, and customize certain video tracks on your editor interface. Users can then choose to make multiple changes on their certain clips and optimize them to tell your own stories in each part of the videos.

Split and combine multiple video clips into one as you look forward to enjoy the intuitive video editing options. Control and adjust the speed on your certain videos to create awesome slow-motion or fast-forward videos with ease.

Enjoy the amazing and convenient editing app

And for those of you who’re interested, VivaCut also offers its unique editing features that are exclusively available for certain users. Here, you can create stunning and interesting videos with the unique Picture in Picture view, which offers better exposures and attractiveness. Or make uses of the Collage to add images to your clips and edit to make them viral.

For quick and effective editing, Android users can make uses of the available Overlay options which lets you freely customize the layers with many useful tools. Or make uses of the amazing blending effects, such as Color Burn, Screen, Soft, Light, and so on. The amount of variety will certainly impress you.

Last but not least, for your images and pictures, it’ll only take a few minutes for Android users in VivaCut to create their own slideshow. That’s said, the app will let you create stunning visual experiences with unique effects.

Export and share your videos

Finish your in-app experiences by having the videos properly exported and shared on a variety of different social networks. Choose your preferred resolution from all the famous presets. Make uses of these features to quickly introduce your beautiful and interesting videos. Rename the videos, save them to your devices, or share online with just a single button.

Many interesting features in the future

To make the app more useful and interesting, Android users will also find themselves having access to new in-app features and personalization. That being said, here in VivaCut, Android gamers are capable of exploring the animated text with simple and fast editor app for your texts. Or enjoy the undo and redo options, now that it’s available on your mobile devices.

Free to use

For those of you who’re interested, you can easily have VivaCut installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything. That being said, you can easily access the app from the Google Play Store as you progress.

Have the app completely unlocked on our website

And if you’re finding the free version of the app being somewhat limiting due to the in-game advertisements and purchases, it’s also possible for Android gamers in VivaCut to enjoy their exciting in-game experience. Just download and install the VivaCut Pro APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you can enjoy the game to the fullest.


The free version does crash and is quite buggy

While most of the time, the reason why your phone would crash while using the game is because of its low-end hardware and the demanding tasks, you still find VivaCut being somewhat annoying with its free version. That’s said, the app does crash multiple time, especially when you’re doing some demanding rendering, which makes the job extra difficult.

Final verdicts

For simple and intuitive video editing experiences, there aren’t many better choices than VivaCut. That being said, the awesome mobile video editor app allows Android users to fully customize their in-app experiences and enjoy the editor to the fullest. And with the free and unlocked version of the app available on our website, you’ll find every reason to have it installed on your mobile devices.

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