The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands MOD APK 2.9.2 (Unlocked)

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands MOD APK 2.9.2 (Unlocked)

March 6, 2024


Additional Information
FredBear Games Ltd
111.83 MB
MOD Features
- Unlock all construction and equipment.
- Unconditional construction
- Unconditional production equipment

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

In the Forsaken Lands, life has always been hard for the surviving people. At this dark age, a hero is needed to give people the light and hope that they’ve always been looking for. Will you be that hero? The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands introduces a simple yet extremely addictive strategy gameplay. Build your own village and shelter it from the darkest as it beckons the lost souls. Find out everything you need to know about this amazing game with our reviews.


The game starts with you being a wandering traveller whose purposes were to seek the powers of Titans to defeat the awakening Gods. And to start your journey, you shall light up a bonfire and gather the lost souls that are remaining on this wasted land. Give them food and shelter, protect them from the wilds and evils.

Build your own camp as you gather resources and construct more facilities to support the people. More and more will come to you seeking your shelter. And with the help from the Ancient Ones, you’ll know the way to find the powers of Titans.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands


Here you’ll find everything you need to know about The Bonfire Forsaken Lands:

Be the master of your own fate

In these forsaken lands, you’ll be the master of your own fate. Through acts of self-sustaining and discovering, you’ll learn more about the surrounding world, the opportunities or challenges lie in your next step.

Start by building your own bonfire to keep you warm from the ever-raging cold. Then get yourself a home by collecting word materials for construction. Once you’ve got a house and a bonfire, your camp will start to attract wanderers from across the wasted lands.

Welcome them to your settlement as you give them warmth fire and shelter. Thus, your camp has had its two first workers. Start by giving them a good sleep after their journey, then in the next morning, you can start assigning your workers to do the works.

Since some of you have been hungry for so long, it’s necessary to build a farm. Gather enough materials and build your very first farm. Assign your workers to work on the farm to start producing food for the settlement. You can also help if you have the time.

With a warm fire, a cozy house, and a lot of food, strangers will come to your camp asking for help. Slowly but gradually, your settlement will expand with new workers and you’ll discover a lot more exciting features.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

Fight your way against the odds

However, life in the forsaken lands isn’t that simple. With the harsh weather continuing over the year and dangerous beasts lurking around, the nights can be quite unwelcoming. Make sure you assign guards to protect the camp in the night. Give them good foods, cozy beds, and strong weapons so that they can drive out the intruders. Bloods will shed, tears will fall, but your camp will stand strong and continuing to give hopes to the people that live inside it. Follow your heart and let your wise decision guide you. One day, you’ll discover the powers of Titans and bring peace to the lands once and for all.

Exciting gameplay with lots of discoverable contents

With every passing day, players will have their chances to understand more about the lives in the forsaken lands. Discover little things with every passing day as you slowly build your settlement bigger and stronger. Keep on fighting in the darkest nights, and believe that when you see the light, things will change.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

Unveil hidden secrets of the forsaken lands

More than a simple simulator game, The Bonfire Forsaken Lands introduces gamers to a whole new world where life has always been harsh on the people. But that’s not always the case since there have been times that things weren’t so difficult and man could freely explore the lands without being threatened by dangerous beasts.

It’s will be your task to explore the wasted lands and give the desperate people hopes and purposes. Discover the secrets behind the forsaken lands and unlock it as you progress.

Complete achievements and earn your prizes

To make the game more interesting, players can compete with each other in the leaderboards for the best leaders. Claim the leading positions as you stated yourselves as the best leaders that the world needs. In additions, you can also choose to complete various achievements to earn yourselves valuable prizes.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

Free to play

The game is currently free to play on Apkdone, which is quite impressive, especially when you consider the exciting features it provides. That being said, if you aren’t sure what is the next game you should enjoy on your Android devices, The Bonfire Forsaken Lands will definitely worth a try. Download and install it right now as you dive into the addictive gameplay.

Visual and sound quality


With beautiful snowy landscapes and the ever blowing freezes, The Bonfire Forsaken Lands has successfully carved a harsh but beautiful world. In addition, the minimalist aesthetic gives us a feeling of a lost cold world, but there are still hopes in it.

On top of that, the simplified graphics also make the game extremely smooth and playable on most Android devices. Hence, you shouldn’t have any problem enjoying this game on your smartphones.


Throughout your journey, you’ll have your chances to enjoy peaceful soundtracks which could easily touch your soul. In addition, the characters and environments are extremely realistic and vibrate. You’ll hear the sounds of wood being chopped and gathered, of the happy workers when they’ve just finished a task, or the scary hounds of the wolf pack when they attack your camp.

Download The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands latest 2.9.2 Android APK

The Bonfire Forsaken Lands delivers an unbelievably satisfying experience for just a simulation game. You’ll not only be playing the game but also enjoying the captivating stories that it offers.

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