The Trail MOD APK 10111 (Unlimited Money)

The Trail MOD APK 10111 (Unlimited Money)

March 2, 2021


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Unlimited Money

A game will take you to new lands

The new lands always bring interesting things for a lot of people. And if you are a person that wants to explore the new lands, The Trail will help you to do it. The Trail is the game of the simulation genre. In the game, you will have an opportunity to travel to many different places. Besides, you can learn how to hunt or craft many types of weapon. Let’s explore The Trail now.

Graphics is full of colors

The Trail is one of the game that has been built and offered by Kongregate. They were founded in 2006 as a web gaming destination with the vision of creating an open platform for indie games to foster that growing community. The Trail is available on both Google Play and App Store. So you can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. You also can play The Trail on tablets like iPad. The Trail is free to download and is just for single player.

Besides, the graphics of the game is colorful. A blue sky with white clouds, a big mountain with green trees and beautiful flowers, or a road that was covered with white snow and so on. In addition, you can meet many different characters on your journey. Moreover, sound is very lively. You can hear the voice of birds in forests. And a soft soundtrack is always turned on during your play process. But you also can turn off the sound in the Setting of the game.

Start the journey across an unknown country

When you start to play The Trail, you will be able to create the character for yourself. First, you will need to choose a beautiful name. Because this name will stay with you for the game. Besides, you also can choose an image for your character’s avatar. So that you can choose easily, the game has provided 7 images. After you have chosen the name and the image, you can start your journey across the unknown country.

In The Trail, the player’s mission is very specific. This will help you to define your goal. There are up to 12 missions in the game that you need to complete. Travel to the New World, Find a helpful guide, Follow The Trail to Eden Falls, Collect and crafted items, Trade my crafted wares, Settle in Eden Falls, Take on a profession, Develop a community, Find my perfect partner, Raise a family, Build my business empire, Make my fortune. Those are the missions that you need to perform to complete the game.

Now you need to learn how to control your character and survive in the unknown country. First, you need to drag right or left to move a camera. This will help you to watch the world around the character and explore many surprising things. Next you need to swipe up to start walking. But if you want the character to run, you can hold on to your character. To control your speed, you can drag up or down. Let’s remember how to control your character to help you to perform the missions better. Besides, there will be many different food and materials on the trail. The player also need to pick them up to craft the weapons, trade with different travelers or do the different things. To help the players to keep the items that you collected, the publisher has provided a pack for them. And if your pack has contained a lot of things, you can put the item in your pocket to free some space in your pack.

There is an indicator in The Trail that you need to notice. That is your energy. The heart in the top corner of the left side will show your energy. The faster you run, the quicker it goes down. Make sure you never run out. Eating food will help you to restore energy and survive during hard times. Let’s collect a lot of food to increase your energy when necessary. Moreover, you also need to be careful with raccoon. They hide everything and they always carry the interesting items. Find the raccoons and pull their tail to collect some items.

Special features in The Trail

Each game will have their own features. The Trail is the same. There are 3 features in The Trail that help the game to attract the players.

The first feature is to make your fortune. In The Trail, you can travel to the new world to make your fortune and learn to craft and trade. You just need to collect the necessary materials to make the items that you need. For example, a pair of moccasins, hats, stone axe, and so on. To make the item, first, you need to open the Crafting Menu. Then move the necessary materials onto the crafting grid and pull the lever. Now you have craft one item. And if you have crafted many items and you don’t use them, you can sell them to others. Place your craft wares on the belt so that others can buy them. Building a community is the second feature. This feature allows you to join a town to unlock more features and work together to make your town the best in the new world. The last feature is companion. To accompany you on your journey, and play together to unwind when at home, the publisher has provided an interactive pet dog for you. Let’s befriend him and experience happy moments together.

Become the great game with many players

The Trail is the newest game from Peter Molyneux, legendary designer and creator of the God Game genre. He has brought the frontier to life on your mobile device. Colorful 2D graphics and vivid sound are elements that help The Trail to attract a lot of players in the world, from children to adults. Besides, the game will take you to the beautiful lands. You can take in the view as you walk The Trail through different landscapes and fantastic vistas.

In addition, the gameplay of The Trail is quite simple and the game was designed for everyone to pick up and enjoy. You only need to use your thumb, swipe and drag to move delightfully along The Trail. This will make you relax while playing the game. Moreover, you can play The Trail whenever you want. Because the game doesn’t require the Internet connection. You can take part in the journey when you are free or feel tired and stressed. Because of the above things, The Trail has attracted over 10 million downloads. Let’s install The Trail and experience the interesting things.

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