The Last Vikings MOD APK 1.4.1 (Unlocked)

The Last Vikings MOD APK 1.4.1 (Unlocked)

May 21, 2021

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The Last Vikings are a game about the last village. It is a strategy game designed with 8-Bit graphics. So, the playing experience of the game is friendly and fun to play. For the 8-Bit game, the gameplay is deep with many attractive features. The game’s content is according to the storyline.

In The Last Vikings, you will embark on the last dangerous adventure. The purpose of this trip is to plunder the riches of the villages and bring glory to the Vikings. Many app stores allow you to download The Last Vikings for free for Android and iOS devices.

The game simulates the war between the villages. Control your army to conquer other villages. The village that can exist until the end of the game will win. Because of the tactical genre, playing The Last Vikings is difficult. Initially, you need to control two warriors in the village to plunder the strongholds.

If you control those two warriors correctly and destroy the monsters above, you will earn more new soldiers. After you get a certain amount of gold, you can buy more soldiers to begin your journey of recovering other villages on the canoe. When landing on the island of another village, there will be a very thick gate to protect the village. Shoot down the gate so your troops can enter the war.

How to Play The Last Vikings?

The Last Vikings are an application and mobile game that can be downloaded free on your mobile via Play Store or App Store. The gameplay is straightforward, and it takes very little time to understand how Vikings work. However, in strategic games like The Last Vikings, it is essential to follow some rules so you can be able to play smoothly. In the following guide, we will give you some tips and explain how to play The Last Vikings.

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Download the game

First, you know that the game is available on the Play Store and App Store. If you do not want to download the application on your mobile, you can also register for free on the main website. Come and start playing right on your computer.

If you want to exploit the potential of the video game on your browser, know that you will not have to download programs or extensions. You only need to enter your username and we open your email in the primary interface once the website. Once you have created your account, you can no longer cancel it. However, on your mobile, you will not need any registration.

Use resources wisely

When you play, after following the basic tutorial, create your troops. The major purposes are attacking, defending your village, or creating buildings. But first, you will need to have gold. There are several ways to get this resource, such as completing missions or buying it from the bank.

It is not always easy to get it in large quantities. So, we advise you not to waste gold on useless actions such as quickly training troops but use it only when you need it. For example, by buying the VIP status that you will give access to numerous benefits.

Choose your troops correctly

Before facing a battle, you can choose which warriors to fight and then send on a mission. Never use too weak troops, unless the battles are very simple. But try to use the strongest and most valiant warriors to conquer the land. It will allow you not to lose battles and get many resources and loot.

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Be part of a clan

In this game, it is possible to be part of a clan. Being a member of a group will bring many advantages. In this way, you will exchange warriors and resources with the other components. And thanks to the clan, you will get loyalty points, which you will need to buy items in the shop. Thanks to the clan, the game progress will be much faster.

Tricks to Win The Last Vikings

Upgrade the city the right way right away

To be successful in The Last Vikings, you need to get it started right. For example, playing strategically, accumulating resources, and focusing on improvements. After the tutorial, the primary goal will be to upgrade your Viking village to be a strong capital of a great empire.

Concentrate on obtaining resources, at least until you run out of essential items to build and upgrade structures. Then go on the attack. For training resources, it is always advisable to attack cities of inactive players. It will provide a lot of resources and will not have troops to defend themselves.

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Complete quests to get extra resources

In The Last Vikings, there are many missions to complete, which will give you some resources as a reward. So, be sure to complete them before you despair about the lack of raw materials and gold. Also, remember that leaving the rewards in the inbox makes them impossible to steal.

Once being reclaimable, they will enter your coffers and can be conquered by other players. We recommend players to collect quest rewards only when necessary and spend them immediately on constructions and improvements.

Focus on core resources

Remember to build and upgrade your farms. It will provide your Viking village with the food it needs to thrive. We use this resource in large quantities, so you need to have a good supply.

By having plenty of food, your soldiers can set out on longer expeditions without the need to request supplies from the city. The other very important resource is gold. We can only get it through quests or by purchasing it from the store. So, be careful not to waste it as it is essential to progress in the game.

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Always seek new knowledge and use the right troops

The Oracle in The Last Vikings offers various improvements that will unlock unique abilities for your hero. It is essential to keep them up to date so you can do new things and take advantage of the enemies. Also, when engaging in battle, be careful to build an army that makes sense. There is a reason troops have unique attributes.

A small, well-balanced army can outwit a large, disorganized mass saving you time and money. Try not to fight when you have an active shield, but to focus on improvements and only then fight for conquest.

Soda Dungeon is Final Fantasy’s familiar turn-based action RPG style mobile game. But the developer built the game with a rather quirky storyline. The player’s task in the Soda Dungeon is to recruit a maximum of five mercenaries. Then, equip them with the essential weapons to destroy monsters and start searching for as much treasure as possible.

Because of being a turn-based fighting game, the pace of Soda Dungeon is slow. When it is the turn of each member of the squad, the player intervenes directly in the battle with touch gestures.

Final Words

The Last Vikings MOD APK has a Viking setting that engages players in empire management and military strategy. The 3D graphics are significant and the goal is to build a base, raise an army, and raid other villages and towns to steal resources and money. There are 50 single-player campaigns and a multiplayer mode.

The experience of playing The Last Vikings MOD APK is unique. You not only need to choose the items to attack, add troops, speed, and shields but also know which item to choose for your army to have the advantage to win. However, it is not a perfect clone of Clash of Clans because several features make it a more engaging game.

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