Bad North: Jotunn Edition MOD APK 2.00.19 (Unlimited Money)

Bad North: Jotunn Edition MOD APK 2.00.19 (Unlimited Money)

November 19, 2023


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Fans of the classic RPG gameplay of The Last Vikings will now have their chances to enjoy a whole new adventure with Bad North: Jotunn Edition, where you take on the role of the defender. Instead of raiding and plunging towns into ashes, you’ll become their defenders and attempt to fend off the attacking enemies.

Enjoy epic fights in various island setups and against mighty armies of Vikings with incredible powers and equipment. Have fun coming up with incredible and brilliant tactics to strengthen your defenses. Unlock multiple units with various powers, discover new upgrades to boost your defenses, and unlock various tactics against the nasty enemies.

And most importantly, the game will offer its powerful stories and addictive gameplay that few could ever resist. Learn more about this awesome game and its features with our in-depth reviews of Bad North: Jotunn Edition.


The game takes place in the golden age of the Vikings, where these skilled sea-sailing warriors roam the sea and plunging towns for all its worth. It would be great if you were a Viking, but instead, gamers will be playing as the young ruler of a fragile town that’s under tacked by the enemies. With the previous ruler, also your father, passed away, you’ll have to take the responsibility to defend your people and assets from the unforgiving enemies.

Here, the game isn’t about your fights to victories, but the epic struggles against the powerful enemies who also outnumbered you. The only advantage that you have is the unique island setups, which can be used to strategically defend the enemies. Feel free to explore the interesting in-game elements and come up with many brilliant strategies, which will help you take town challenging enemies in your quests for survivals.

Enjoy the game in various levels with interesting setups and escalating challenges that will keep you hooked to the game. Also, the unique island with interesting layouts will enable unique strategies and gameplay for each level. Plus, the list of available upgrades will give you the means to defeat the tougher enemies.

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Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive interface

To start with, Android gamers in Bad North: Jotunn Edition will have no problem discovering the exciting game and its features. Here, you can easily navigate around the 3D islands and make quick commands to your troops. Feel free to work with the intuitive touch controls to come up with interesting army setups and quickly organize your defenses. The optimized controls and real-time battles will allow you to truly engage in the experiences.

Captivating stories to enjoy

With Bad North: Jotunn Edition, Android gamers can truly immerse in the captivating stories where they take on the epic defenses of their idyllic towns from the Vikings. The realistic, brutal, yet extremely humane stories will certainly impress many games. Thus, making the mobile title a lot more than a simple game that you can play for fun. So get ready to enjoy the meaningful stories and engaging experiences that it has to offer.

Various levels with escalating gameplay

Throughout the game, Android gamers will have their chances to take on a huge collection of interesting in-game levels, each offering its own unique gameplay and exciting elements. And thanks to the escalating levels of difficulty, you will never find the game getting bored, as each new stage would be more interesting than the previous.

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Enjoy the addictive real-time strategy mechanics

For those of you who are interested in the exciting real-time strategy games, Bad North: Jotunn Edition will offer its amazing elements of real-time tactics, which will allow you to truly engage in the battles. Feel free to work with the intuitive controls to position and relocate your every troop. Make plans for each battle, judging from the powers of the enemies and that of your armies. Discover the unique islands with various setups and try out various approaches to the matches. Watch the battles go as you planned or drastically change in matters of seconds.

Various troops and defense mechanisms with unique uses

To make the game more interesting, gamers will now have their chances to command a diverse army with various troops, each having its own unique uses. At the same time, the unique defense mechanisms will enable various tactics and mental approaches for each battle. Hence, you will find yourself having various choices to approach and enjoy the exciting matches in Bad North: Jotunn Edition.

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Freely command your units to fight against the enemies

Here in Bad North: Jotunn Edition, Android gamers can freely command their units in their epic fights against the enemies, thanks to the advanced levels of controls, which you can have on your troops. Feel free to enable the broad collection of control options, which will allow you to freely execute the commands and allow your soldier to follow the orders. Have fun working with the various options and brilliantly execute your tactics with intelligent unit controls.

Interesting island setups and layouts

And for those of you who are interested, the game will not limit on a single island and unchanged layout. Instead, the awesome mobile title allows Android gamers to have fun fighting against the enemies in multiple islands, each having its own unique layouts. The varied terrains and attributes will enable opportunities for unique tactics and mental approaches. Thus, allowing you to enjoy the awesome gameplay of Bad North: Jotunn Edition to the fullest.

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Many unlockable upgrades to work on

Along with the vast options of troops, gamers are also introduced to multiple defensive upgrades, which they can bestow in troops, unlock new equipment, or enable boosts. All of which will give you better chances of defeating the enemies and make the most of your in-game experiences. Have fun discovering many available options and make the most of them.

Have fun with the unlocked game on our website

And last but not least, with the game currently being listed as a priced app on the Google Play Store, many of you would find it difficult to enjoy the mobile title. Hence, if you don’t wish to pay a lot of money for the game, you might want to go for the free version of the game on our website. Here, we have had all the in-game elements unlocked so you can truly enjoy it. All it takes is for you to download and install the Bad North: Jotunn Edition Mod APK on our website.

Visual and sound quality


Despite only featuring the simplified 3D graphics and troop designs, Bad North: Jotunn Edition still manages to depict the epic and immersive elements of a real-time strategy title. Feel free to enjoy powerful battle experiences with interesting in-game animations, awesome visual effects, and on-theme color settings. Plus, with undemanding graphics, you can always enjoy smooth and satisfying gameplay on all of your Android devices.

Sound & Music

Together with the interesting graphics, Android gamers in Bad North: Jotunn Edition can also enjoy powerful and exciting in-game audio, which will keep them hooked to awesome battles. Have fun playing the game with amazing Viking soundtracks, enjoy the amazing battles with realistic sound effects, and more.

Final thoughts

With simple yet extremely addictive gameplay, along with the captivating and meaningful story, Bad North: Jotunn Edition will make sure that Android gamers can have absolute fun with their Viking adventures. Enjoy both the strategic elements and exciting stories in the game whenever you want.

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