World Conqueror 4 MOD APK v1.9.2 (Free Shopping)

World Conqueror 4 MOD APK v1.9.2 (Free Shopping)

November 24, 2023


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World Conqueror 4 is the latest turn-based strategy game in the World Conqueror series. Players will conquer every war in World War II with talented generals. In World Conqueror 4, players continue to show the strategic talent of a general to build a powerful army and conquer unknown lands.

Following the success of the three previous versions, EasyTech developer has released the fourth installment of the World Conqueror series called World Conqueror 4 for mobile platforms. Players will take part in over 100 large-scale campaigns based on actual history. You will live in epic historical moments as entering many battles such as the Battle of Dunkirk, Battle of Stalingrad, the North African campaign, and the Battle of Midway.

World Conqueror 4 will take gamers through the stages of World War II in 1939 and 1943, the Cold War of 1950, and Modern Warfare in 1980. In the game, you can choose any country in the world to adjust diplomatic tactics, help allies, and wage war.

General Information

War brings a lot of pain, such as economic collapse and natural collision. War is a meaningless act, but it is a place for generals to show their talent. Compared to other genres, war strategy games are also attractive and require a lot of tactics for any player. And World Conqueror 4 is one of the best warfare games in 2020. It is the latest version in EasyTech’s World Conqueror war game series. It is a war series game that any gamer who loves the strategy genre.

In parallel with fighting on the battlefield in World Conqueror 4, players need to focus on building cities, developing science and technology, and training military units. All these works serve the purpose of conquering the most territory in the shortest amount of time.

Accompanying you in all battles is famous generals. You can upgrade and equip medals for them to increase their strength and skills. It helps to increase combat efficiency. Remember that the battle formation and general selection is the key to victory. Each player’s skills in building tactics and commanding will be tested through 40 different missions. You will need to deploy your army to the best fit on the battlefield.

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Key Features


World Conqueror 4 is a fascinating game set from outstanding wars in the past. In the game, it will transform you into a talented general responsible for ensuring peace for the entire nation. You will not join a specific country but will be led by armies of different countries depending on the mission system. Sometimes, you will join the allied force or even lead the German army. World Conqueror 4 puts troops on top of strategy.

One thing that is interesting when playing World Conqueror 4 is that besides entertainment purposes and tactical training. The game also gives you useful information about past battles understandably and intuitively through battles you control directly. By controlling small groups of artillery, tanks, infantry, and marines, you will live with the history of that army.

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They divide the gameplay of the game into two principal modes, including campaign and conquest. In campaign mode, go through pre-arranged battles in a sequence from easy to difficult according to the missions set out. It could be the Battle of Stalingrad, Leningrad, the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the battle of Dien Bien Phu, or the war of the Allies in Berlin, Germany.

These battles are the reappearance of history to show the strength of each national army. Campaign mode will lead you through two World Wars. Along with a series of other battles in the past, the game comes with over 1000 campaigns. We tried to play two campaigns and went through three tutorials. And we love how EasyTech created this mode.

In the conquest mode, it will give you a choice of a specific country on the map. You will lead your army and build from the ashes. In this mode, you will have to deftly diplomacy with other countries, provide fire support to allied countries, and invade whatever country you want. AI technology automatically controls the armies you will confront. Compared to World Conqueror 3, AI is now much smarter. It is difficult to win this time.

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Upgrade your army

An essential part of your powerful army is that you will need to upgrade everything for your army. Upgrading tanks, buying new weapons and ammunition will increase the firepower. The game has all 175 different military units from tanks, infantry, marines, missiles, nuclear weapons, and space weapons. And do not forget to recruit talented generals to support you.

To upgrade your army, you will need in-game money. You can earn money when you complete assigned missions successfully. Besides, the medals you win not only show your strategic skills but also bring greater power to your army.

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Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, the improvements over the previous three versions are outstanding. The effects in the game look realistic. All players feel comfortable with these graphics. Many people think the game’s graphics do not stand out. But for overall reviews, it is more than enough. In terms of sound, the high tempo and majestic background music make the player feel like in an actual battle. Come and enjoy the great gameplay of World Conqueror 4.

World Conqueror 3 is an excellent war strategy game by EasyTech. In this version, players will play the role of a talented general. You will lead the army to conquer the lands when world war breaks out. Unlike other strategy games, to simulate the global wars fully and comprehensively, battles in World Conqueror 3 take place right on the world map.

In this playground, you may choose whether you will follow the ally or the fascist. However, choosing which side is not crucial because the player can change the situation. It can reverse the outcome of the war in history. Intelligence, strength, and strategy are the factors that determine who wins and who loses.

You will be directly ordered to artillery units, missiles, aircraft, tanks, submarines, warships, and marines to attack the enemy and capture the essential intersection. Please calculate carefully, balance your forces, and choose weapons with each enemy.

World Conqueror 3 is a strategy game in the form of commanding units on the map. It is one of the classic strategy games familiar to many people. It will give the player command of a platoon, a company, or even take military control of an entire country. Your task is to arrange, coordinate, and move your units. Make sense, destroy your target, and win.

With simple gameplay, they place military units on a terrain map. And the player’s task is to maneuver, move those units to fight, capture, or defend the target. Each military unit will move according to the number of different cells, and players need to arrange the moves to the most reasonable.

Final Words

World Conqueror is a series of famous war games from EasyTech. If you have ever loved the gameplay of World Conqueror 3, then surely you cannot miss the sequel of World Conqueror 4 on mobile. Once again, you show the bravery and skillfulness of a talented general hidden inside people to the world.

We consider World Conqueror 4 MOD APK is one of the best war games ever seen on mobile. With rich features, deep tactical gameplay, and sharp graphics, World Conqueror 4 will make you experience for hours without getting bored.

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