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If you want to take part in fierce battles and command a series of combat units, then download “Warpath” to experience great victory. Get ready to participate in the dramatic battles of the second world war, and become the hope of humanity.

The game was developed by Lilith Games- a studio known for its “AFK Arena“. Warpath promises to deliver fierce battles in real-time. You need to use all the quintessence to overcome all difficult campaigns in the game. The game also supports popular languages (such as English, French, Japanese), and also Vietnamese.

Enjoy fascinating battles in real-time

Warpath delivers epic RTS battles in real-time. You use the right skills and strategy to successfully battle on a real map. The game allows you to join global alliances for more chances of winning the battle for glory.

Gameplay is not too confusing, but players must have the right calculations. You build bases, destroy enemy troops, and expand your territory. Your mission is to become the ultimate general on the battlefield, and mount allied forces against hostile targets.

Warpath’s gameplay has many similarities with classic strategy games. However, the game is fast-paced, and players have to constantly tap resources. The player must defeat the patrol, and occupy the abandoned factory to exploit the resources (wood, iron, steel, gold, …).

In addition, Warpath’s maps are always hidden by a dense fog, and this adds to the appeal of each mission. Therefore, players are constantly observing to ensure communication stability, discovering interesting mysteries. This is the most important factor for your army to stand firm in fierce battles.

Experience the ferocity of a variety of armies

Warpath has a variety of weapons and realistic vehicles. The game had a full range of armies like World War II. You can control the P-40 Warhawk and Tiger II tanks. In addition, the game also has a full range of infantry, armor, and artillery in World War II. This offers a fascinating experience of authentic wars.

You will start with small units, and get the M1 Abram tank support. After some time playing, you expand your base, collect a lot of aid packs, and create powerful units. The game allows you to grow your army at will. The game offers all kinds of officers, attractive weapons, and equipment. You also control tanks and aircraft. You create an army of your style, and ready to wage war with opponents around the world.

Warpath offers varied customization for different units. You are free to modify and upgrade service units at will. Then you check out your arsenal to get ready for a thrilling real war. The player should associate with different officers, as each of these officers possesses their useful powers on the battlefield. Example: Florence Borden is an ambulance and helps speed infantry recovery; Jean Dufort is a talented pilot so your army has a better tactical vision, …

Exploring a dramatic storyline

Warpath delivers very realistic campaigns. You start with guidance from Colonel Dwight D. Eisenhower. Dwight will ask you to build a new base. Your mission is to develop the base, and bond with the Allied forces. You must try to defeat the Raven of the Nazi army.

In addition, you must also merge with the forces of the Vanguard Division, Camp Liberty and Martyr’s Watch. If you want to win Raven’s global dominance, then you have to create a very powerful alliance.

Warpath succeeded in recreating real-world campaigns in World War II. You will find it interesting to command units through dangerous terrain on different missions. Combining with allies makes quests more attractive, and more challenging. Of course, each level offers a different challenge, and fun in different types of terrain.

Attractive 3D graphics, and immersive sound

Warpath impresses with attractive 3D graphics. Graphics are one of the important factors that help increase the tactical experience in the game. The player feels the depth of the terrain, and helps increase the feeling of a true general.

Graphics are designed in 3D, and are of high quality. So everything happened in a very real sense. Each chapter has a different direction. Players experience an engaging storyline, and cinematic gameplay. You explore the beauty of different cities in the world with your allies.

The game depicts the visual proportions of service types, barracks and the environment. The proportions of the model are harmonious and realistic, giving players a clearer view of the fierce world war II. You feel the brutality of large-scale operations of all kinds of troops.

Warpath has excellent sound, and is well done. Players can feel the sound of bombs falling, aircraft engines / tanks, and infantry moving. All sounds coincide with the in-game physics effects. In addition, the excellent recording stage clearly describes the charisma of the various generals. This further helps players feel the depth of World War II.

Get ready for great battles in the second world war

In short, Warpath is a great real-time strategy war game. The game promises to bring realism through exciting campaigns, and the ferocity of large-scale battles.

Download “Warpath” to become a great general, and win with your enemies in tough campaigns!


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