European War 4: Napoleon MOD APK 1.4.42 (Unlimited Money)

European War 4: Napoleon MOD APK 1.4.42 (Unlimited Money)

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Growing up, my friends and I used to play a lot of strategy games. Back in the 2010s, we used to have a gaming page for all types of games, and if I am not wrong, every single game from the strategy category was on the top list for months. Most of the strategic games revolve around a historical period, and the main focus is to defeat the enemy.

In 2014, a game title set in the Napoleonic era was introduced to the public, which was named “European war 4: Napoleon”. The game takes place during the 18th and 19th centuries, and its map consists of countries from Europe, America, and Mediterranean Africa. It is a turn by turn-based strategy warfare game, which means each player will take his/her turn to make a move and ensure that the move will guarantee him/her the most benefit.


“European war 4: Napoleon” allows us to visit and learn about the conflicts set in America and Europe. Players can control and lead the armies of any country they wish, such as France, Spain, or Britain, and each side has its own troops and special units.

The game is pretty simple to understand with a hex-based strategic style game. Each player will take their turn to play, and all they have to do is press the desired soldiers and choose the dot where they want them to go. The way units move is affected by the hexes’ terrain, and sometimes players are allowed to build new military units that can be captured.


The gameplay is straightforward

There are in total six campaigns and two of which are unlocked from the start. In the first two, players can play as either France or the alliance fighting against France. Furthermore, each campaign takes place in different locations in the world so that players will not feel repeated.

As I have mentioned above, during the battle, players take turns to make a move so that they will get the most benefits out of the battle. When the players’ turn is completed, they will press a button to go to the next turn (although it is a bit tiny and hard to see). They will have to manage and maintain the economy as well as the military of their chosen country. To defeat the enemies, players can choose to build towns, seaports, armories, and many more. As many buildings are constructed, it is necessary that players have strategic plans to protect and preserve them completely intact.

By capturing land and cities, players have the ability to produce resources: food, money, and machine parts. Farmland and farm-related will give you food, which is expended by military units per turn, money and parts can be used to buy and upgrade units as well as cities or create fortifications. Collecting resources will keep your economy thriving, giving you the opportunity to build a strong army and fight against the opponents.

Units and generals

Units are created in cities and can be sorted into three types: artillery, cavalry, and infantry. The artillery unit can attack from distance, it is good at offense but bad at defense. The cavalry is in the middle and can move two spaces. The infantry is cheap and great at defense.

The more upgraded your cities, the better units you can build. Moreover, if you wish for stable and well-built units, you can spend gold to get troops (life) for them. There is more to learn about the combat system: units can freely move and then attack, but after finishing to attack, they cannot move (besides the involvement of some certain generals).

Another crucial feature is that generals can be equipped to units, giving them combat bonuses and surrounding units with smaller bonuses. There are over 200 real generals of the time, each of them has different skills and improvements to the army. Generals are an essential part of the combat, and without the lead of the generals, the units will fall apart, so remember to keep your generals safe when they are low on energy.

Going into combats

The combat happens slowly, there are not many actions happening and nothing special going on. Since the game does not take place in real-time, it is crucial for players to plan strategies before beginning. Only after completing a move, can players know what their opponent will do.

During the game, players can flank the enemy divisions and protect theirs. Flanking a division means attacking it from two opposite sides. By doing so, the morale of the division is reduced, and the enemy will lose more energy in the next attack.

When the players’ units are on two sides of their hexes, covering four or more out of the six spaces around, they will gain victory and vice versa.

Conquest mode and campaign mode

In conquest mode, you can choose any country you prefer from the game, defeat all of your enemies, and take over the whole map. There are choices from different war scenarios and different periods of time for you to select. Games in conquest mode can go on for hours, it can get tiring and boring, but you can save your progress and come back when you have freshened up yourself. In campaign mode, players will have to complete the objectives within a certain number of turns.

Winning conquest mode within 65 rounds will allow you to rule Europe or challenge Asia. Players can get Austrian, British, French, Russian, and Ottoman princesses, but each year comes with different ones. The same thing happens when you decide to challenge Asia, you will get Chinese and Japanese princesses.

Unlimited Money

Many players have suggested other fellows save up as many money as they can so that useful items can be purchased to easily win the combats. Nevertheless, with European War 4: Napoleon Mod APK, players are given unlimited money that allow them to buy whatever they wish without any hesitation.



“European War 4: Napoleon” is designed simply like the strategy type game that we have seen through a lot. The colors and backgrounds do not stand out but still attract the players’ attention.


While playing, gamers can enjoy the heroic soundtracks with sound effects from horses running, generals moving and eliminating enemies, cannons shooting, etc.


Without a deep look into the game, you can barely find out the fascinating parts in “European War 4: Napoleon”. If you are a fan of strategy games, this game title will keep your attention for a long time. “European War 4: Napoleon” is such an addictive game that will be worthy of your time.

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