Whispers of a Machine 1.0.0 (Paid for free)

Whispers of a Machine 1.0.0 (Paid for free)

May 4, 2020


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Paid for free

Whispers of a Machine

For those who’re looking for some puzzle solving, mind-blowing investigations, and thrilling adventures, Whispers of a Machine is undoubtedly a great title to enjoy on your smartphones. Find out all about this amazing Android game with our review.


In a post-AI futuristic world, humans have had years and years of suffering due to their last AI disaster. The machines that were created to live in harmony with humans and help us in our daily lives suddenly turn against us. Still, with advanced technologies and quick responses, we are the ones that win that war.

Yet, there are still some that secretly construct a highly intelligent AI which posses great abilities. To stop the incident from happening again, the government are sending their agents to investigate any outlaw activities related to this matter.

By playing as Vera, a cybernetically augmented agent who’s investigating some of the recent murder cases. You quickly realize that there is something wrong with these case and there must be a connection between them.

As further investigations are made, you slowly unveil the truth about the murders, which are related to a fanatic group of scientists. They’re trying to create a highly-intelligent AI, something that the law has forbidden for years.

During your adventure, you’ll unveil certain secrets about Vera’s past that are now haunting her every day. A lot of things will happen and put your own sanity on the test.

Whispers of a Machine


With highly-advanced technologies of the future world, they’ve successfully equipped a special nano-sized substance on humans, granting them with incredible powers and physical enhancements. This rare technology called Blue allows your characters to gain incredible human strength as well as developing certain abilities of your own.

Play the game with different playstyle and take advantages of the unique future equipment to help you investigate. Take on the thrilling and emotional adventure as Vera unveil the hidden secrets about humanity and AI. The fate of the planet is in your hands.

That being said, here are the incredible features that you’ll find interested:

Exciting investigation gameplay

Here in Whisper of a Machine, players are engaged in an exciting investigation mechanics with lots of modern tracking devices are introduced. Combined with professional examine and analyze methods, you can quickly discover secrets that are impossible for the 20s’ technology to deal with.

In additions, throughout the story, you’ll encounter different choices of empathy, analytic, and so on. Depending on your choices, Vera will develop certain augmentations as a result.

Whispers of a Machine

Explore the fictional future world

Those that find the topic of a futuristic world where everything is highly advanced, would find this game extremely exciting. Experiencing some of the latest achievements of human’s minds, enjoy the highly-developed cities, and immerse yourself in a realistic world featuring hand-drawn images with Nordics influences.

Enjoy simple controls and dive into the stories

The game features the simple point-and-click control mechanics which allow players to quickly make their decisions and interacts with the in-game elements. That being said, you’ll have more time enjoying the gameplay and dive into interesting puzzles or problems.

On top of that, players are introduced to a whole level of interactions as they can use the point-and-click mechanics to talk or investigate mostly everything within a scene. Each small detail has its own meaning so don’t miss out on anything.

Whispers of a Machine

Awesome scanning equipment

As mentioned, with the advanced technology of the future world, humans are much more capable than they used to be, both physically and technologically. Here in Whisper of a Machine, you’ll be introduced to lots of useful equipment which can be used for your investigation.

That being said, you can track their heart rate to see if they’re telling lies or not. On top of that, you can perform a whole scan of their body to track for potential weapons, learn about their current health status, and so on.

Make multiple choices and discover different paths

With a captivating storyline, players will be introduced to lots of characters throughout their journey. Each character has their own story and plays a certain role in your stories. In additions, as you investigate things, you can also make multiple choices that could affect the endings. It includes asking somebody about certain things, going to this place instead of that place, choosing to do certain things, and so on. Make sure you choose carefully since it would affect your endings.

Whispers of a Machine

Visual and sound quality


Visually speaking, the game is extremely exciting although it’s just a 2-D game. The beautiful hand-drawn images really add up to the value of the game. You can experience the beautiful landscapes, interestingly constructed buildings of the future, and many others.

In additions, as the game doesn’t require too much hardware’s capability, you’ll find the game extremely smooth on your devices, regardless of their models. The loading screen is extremely fast, allowing for a consistent experience.

The creators at Raw Fury has also done a great job bringing the thrilling and exciting investigation to the smartphone screen. Each element in the game is carefully and intelligently organized and constructed to make us feel like we’re actually trapped in the world of post-AI future.

Whispers of a Machine


The game features exciting soundtracks that keep players hooked into their games. On top of that, the professionally voiced dialogues make the game a lot more interesting. You can really feel the emotions and attitudes of the characters when speaking to each other. It’s clear what we could expect from the director of Wadjet Eye Games, Dave Gilbert. Throughout the game, you’ll be experiencing over 4000 lines of dialogue.

Download Whispers of a Machine latest 1.0.0 Android APK

With interesting investigation gameplay, combined with the deep storyline, players can have a really good time playing Whispers of a Machine. That being said, if you’re a fan of problem-solving and puzzle-cracking games while still want some emotionally-involved actions, then this is definitely the game for you.

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