Dandara MOD APK 1.5.19 (Unlimited Money)

Dandara MOD APK 1.5.19 (Unlimited Money)

June 21, 2023


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Raw Fury
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Unlimited Money

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Embrace the journey of the legendary female warrior Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition in her mission to rescue the world from oppression. Fight your way through different stages and levels, overcome difficult obstacles as well as kicking the enemies’ asses. Find out all about this amazing RPG game from Raw Furry with our review.


The World of Salt is facing a crisis with the evils slowly consume the lands and corrupt the people. The freedom of the whole realm is now threatened and their little that they can do. At this dark hours, you are the only hope of the people, Dandara. Take on your quests of cleansing the lands from the evils and returning the people to their good old days. Jump and dodge the obstacles, fight against enemies’ minions, bring freedom and peace to the lands once again.



Follow an exciting journey, you’ll unveil the secrets about the World of Salt, get your hands on the ancient powers as well as reveal the reasons why the evils can get to this realm. Here are some of the most exciting features of the game that you would love.

Optimized for touchscreen controls and gamepad input

To make the game suitable for both control mechanics, the designers at Raw Furry has introduced an innovative control system with Dandara. Here, you can stand on literally any surfaces and at any angles. That being said, the game allows players to stick on the ceilings as if they’re defying the gravity.

And in this position, you can shoot your character to multiple directions to avoid enemies’ attacks as well as dodging traps and obstacles. This can be executed easily even when you’re using a gamepad or the touchscreen control. Hence, the game is suitable for both styles. Not to mention that the control mechanics are perfect for the 2D platformer playstyle.

Still, we find the touchscreen controls a little limited as you won’t be able to make quick and fluid commands with it. Thus, having a controller is always a better option.


Explore different maps with different setups

Following your journey, you’ll travel through the mysterious World of Salt using the optimized control with fluid movements. Different stages would feature different level designs with new traps and obstacles to overcome. Those who love traveling would certainly love spending their time exploring the different maps and uncover hidden secrets. Not to mention that different levels require you to adjust your skills and playstyle to overcome it.

Challenging and exciting gameplay

As you progress further into the game, you’ll be tested with new challenges which required you to take your skills to the extreme. Hence, you must train your reflexes, wits, and their problem-solving skills to overcome the obstacles. In additions, you’ll need to earn power-ups which could be used to greatly enhance your stats, making your more capable of climbing and dodging.

Follow your journey, as you reach the higher levels, you’ll be able to go back to the previous levels and explores the areas that were impossible to reach with your levels at the time. Explore and earn valuable rewards with Dandara.


Stimulating puzzle-solving questions

For those who want to put their mind to the test, Dandara offers a lot of difficult and interesting questions that require your puzzle-solving skills. See if you have the brain to overcome their challenges.

Captivating stories with diverse characters

With an exciting storyline that follows a single hero on her journey to save the world, the game introduces a diverse array of different characters, each with their own stories and a new approach to the game. Here you’ll learn a lot about the world or Salt as well as the events that happen during your adventure. Enjoy yourself in the exciting stories and experience surprising turns of event that are introduced in Dandara.

No-ads gameplay

I’m sure that none of you like having your game being interrupted with annoying ads right in the middle of the actions. Thus, it would be a good idea to purchase the full version of Dandara on Apkdone, which would allow you to enjoy ad-free experiences with this amazing game. Not to mention that you’ll have access to one of the best platformer for Android devices at the moment.


Compatible with Bluetooth controller

Those who prefer playing games on their controller will have no time connecting their gamepad with the game. In fact, the Bluetooth controls allow players to immediately experience the gameplay without having to make any adjustments. For other controllers, you might need to make certain adjustments, however, for most of the time, the game would still work like a champ.

Experience the rewarded platformer title

In case you haven’t known yet, Dandara received many valuable prizes for being the best-rated RPG platformer title for smartphone devices. The game has won Best of the MIX in E3 2017 and reach the final rounds for 2017 Nominee of IMGA, Best Game from SB Games, Brazilian Award at BIG Festival 2016. Having said that, the game is undeniably a great platformer for those who’re looking for an exciting game to play on their Android devices.


Visual and sound quality


The game features beautifully handcrafted pixel art which allows gamers to dive into the actions of Dandara and explore the storyline. On top of that, the simple graphics make the game extremely playable even on low-end devices. That being said, you can have fun and exciting hours with Dandara without being interrupted by lags or stutters.


With original soundtracks, players are in a real treat with powerful songs throughout their journey. In additions the sound effects are also carefully done, allowing players to fully immerse into the endless actions.

Download Dandara latest 1.5.19 Android APK

With amazing gameplay and an intuitive control, the game is, without a doubt, an enjoyable platformer for anyone who’s looking for a little bit of fun during their holidays.

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