Tiny Kingdom MOD APK 1.27 (Unlimited money)

Tiny Kingdom MOD APK 1.27 (Unlimited money)

March 28, 2024


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IEC Big Bear
115.07 MB
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Unlimited money

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Tiny Kingdom poster

In mobile game market, the action games about war or fight will be usually very dramatic with eye – catching effects. But if you want to play the nice game without the drama of gunshots or explosions, Tiny Kingdom will be the good choice for you. Tiny Kingdom is a game that will bring the unique battles with special characters. Players will experience the fighting without using guns or ammunitions and plan strategies to fight enemies.

Explore the tiny characters

Tiny Kingdom is one of the games that has built and developed by IEC Big Bear. They are a company that has offer 10 mobile games. You can install the game on mobile devices and tablets that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. Tiny Kingdom is available on both App Store and Google Play. And the game is completely free.

3D graphic describes vividly actions of the character such as use sword to fight the fight, archery, … If you notice, you can see arrows that the characters shot from their bow. Fires that a dragon belches, is also very realistic. Besides, color is bright. There are many enemies with different colors in the game. In this battles, you can meet the red enemies. But in other battles, you will fight the purple enemies. This has impressed many players and created the feeling of fun.

In addition, the characters in Tiny Kingdom still have two arms, two legs, a head and a body like real people. But the player can’t see the character’s face because the game’s view is from above. In the game, background of kingdom is very simple. Your castle, the enemy’s castle, some trees and large rocks. This helps you to see the panoramic view of battles. Moreover, lively sound will take you to the real battles and bring the excitement for the game at the same time. If you don’t want disturb others, you can turn off sound in Setting of the game.

Take part in the war of Tiny Kingdom

In Tiny Kingdom, when you want to fight your enemy on the battlefield, you just need to press “FIGHT” button. There is a horizontal power bar on the “FIGHT” button. It has 3 levels with three different colors (red, orange and yellow). If you tap this button at perfect time – red position, you will gain the highest power. But it’s quite difficult because this position is very small and in the center of the horizontal bar. Besides, the player can buy powerful troops to fight and solidify your castle better. After you have bought the soldier, the number of gold coins that is used to buy the next soldier will increase. For example, with the first soldier, the player will have to pay 10 gold coins to buy. But you need to 50 gold coins to buy the third soldier. It will be a challenge for you. You will need to have many gold coins to buy many soldiers in the large battles or when you face the strong enemies like the fire dragon. But sometimes you can receive one free soldier from the game by spinning lucky spin.

In each battle, the game will provide a certain number of soldiers for the player. You just need to tap on the icons of your soldiers to deploy them on the battlefield. When you fight the enemies, your goal is to take down their soldiers and their castle. So think carefully about when and what type of soldier you send out. If the enemy’s soldiers start all at once, you can’t deploy your army slowly. It’s time to need your good strategies. The good strategy will help you to win rabidly and earn many gold coins. After you has won the battle, you will receive the gold coins. The number of coins can triple if you are lucky. And you will receive the gold coins and gems when you overcome the level. The gems are used to buy the summon trunks which contains the character.

The new soldiers

There are many characters in Tiny Kingdom. Those characters are swordsman, archer, horseman with a lance on their hand, … Besides, the publisher has also provided many animals for the players (wolf, dragon and war elephant). Each character with an own skill will bring the interesting battles. The swordsman uses sharp swords to stop all. The archer helps you to shoot the enemy in long distance. The wolf can bite the enemy fast. You will unlock the new character when you overcome the certain level. But you still can buy them in Shop to increase the strength for your army. The players can also upgrade the character’s strength. There are 5 levels of strength for each character. Tap on the button that has a helmet image to upgrade 2 soldiers to 1 stronger soldier. To upgrade, you need more money. In addition to the characters, you can upgrade your castle more solidly. Let’s earn a lot of gold coins to upgrade to the strongest army.

Moreover, the player will be given daily rewards if you take part in Tiny Kingdom each day. They can be the gold coins or the new characters. Some days you can receive the character that is stronger than the old character. The lucky spins also bring the special rewards for you. And they are free, you just need to wait for time to go by and receive the new spin.

The entertaining game allows you to play anywhere

Colorful 3D graphic and lively sound are elements that helps the game to attract many players with different ages. With easy yet ADDICTIVE gameplay, the players just need to buy and upgrade the solders to fight your enemies. Then raise up the massive army and storm the enemy’s castles. But you also need the good strategies to fight the strong enemies. This will help you to improve the ability to analyze and think.

Besides, colorful 3D graphic and a variation of character system have brought the interesting things for the player. You can create the unique armies. In addition, the player can play Tiny Kingdom anywhere that you want. Because the game doesn’t require the Internet connection. This helps you to relax when you feel tired and stressed. You will have the fun experience with Tiny Kingdom.

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