Toca Hair Salon 2 MOD APK v2.2 (All Unlocked)

Toca Hair Salon 2 MOD APK v2.2 (All Unlocked)

March 20, 2024


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Fans of the classic and refreshing pretend play experiences in Toca Boca’s games will now have their chances to enjoy a renewed version of the famous Toca Hair Salon, in which you are free to explore the endless cutting, styling, coloring, and experimenting with your different customers. Have fun playing with the addictive hair salon simulation where you can enjoy being creative on the hairs without consequences.

Have fun cutting people’s hair however you wanted using the interactive and interesting tools from the app to work on the interactive touch screen. Express your creativity with all kinds of unique hair styling techniques, choices of colors, accessories, and so on. Create completely different looks on your customers as you have fun playing the addictive game, both as a kid and an adult.

Learn more about this awesome mobile application of Toca Hair Salon 2 and all of its features with our comprehensive reviews.


Here in Toca Hair Salon 2, Android gamers can enjoy the addictive gameplay of hair salon simulation while experiencing the stress-free and liberating elements of a pretend play title. Have fun running your own hair salon with different customers for you to work with. Enjoy playing with the different cutting and styling tools to create unique hairstyles for your characters.

Unlock interesting hair colors on your characters using many different color combinations. Explore the powerful hair styling tools like the straightener or curling irons, which will help you create many difficult hairstyles. Come up with many creative ideas to create awesome Mohawks, giant curls, and many unique hairstyles on any in-game characters.

Simply have fun creating and playing with different hairstyles on your characters without worrying about the consequences of your experiments. With the stress-free and undemanding gameplay, Toca Hair Salon 2 will make sure that you can all enjoy the awesome mobile title to the fullest.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and accessible gameplay for all gamers

Right off the bat, Android users in Toca Hair Salon 2 can quickly engage themselves in the simple and accessible gameplay of pretend play which is suitable for gamers of all ages. With no rules and stress-free gameplay, you can freely come up with your own ideas for the game and play it however you want. Also, the kid-friendly interface and in-game visuals will certainly give parents their peace of mind.

Different characters with unique looks

Here in Toca Hair Salon 2, Android gamers will have their chances to play with 6 completely new characters, each having their own unique looks. As a result, you can freely come up with your new creative hairstyles for each of them. Feel free to work on your different customers, changing their hairstyles as you wish, and enjoy the endless creations to enable unique looks on your characters.

Various hair makeover tools

To completely simulate the hairstyling experiences, Android gamers in Toca Hair Salon 2 will have access to a complete set of hairstyling tools in the mobile app, which allow them to do whatever they want with the customers’ hairs. Have fun using the scissors and electric hair trimmer to give the hairs their initial shapes and styles. Get into detailed works with the razors and a smaller scissor. Make use of the interesting tools like the crimper or straightener to work on different hairs and give them their signature looks. Feel free to wash your characters’ hair with shampoo, shower, and towel to fully simulate the hairstyling process at the salon. Finish the job with the hair dryer to give your characters the intended looks with their different hairstyles.

Many color options and realistic effects

Here in Toca Hair Salon 2, Android users are allowed to work with many different color options and realistic color effects, thanks to the incredible tools in the game. Feel free to use the color sprays to work on any selected hair pieces and combine the different colors together to create your unique color combinations. Introduce different looks to your characters with their unique hair colors and don’t be afraid to experiment with difficult color options.

Interesting accessories to improve your hairstyles

And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the useful accessories in Toca Hair Salon 2, each offering its own ways to improve your hair styles. Try out different hats that will work on certain hairstyles and further highlighting your special styling options. Explore the interesting glasses that will give your characters many unique impressions. The list goes on. Feel free to work with the available accessories to give your characters great finishing touches.

Fix your mistakes with the magic potion

To make the hairstyling experiences more liberating, Android gamers can enjoy playing with all kinds of crazy ideas without worrying about the consequences. Here, you can introduce many disastrous cuts, styles, and unique hairstyles to your characters however you want. Simply turn to the magic potion of G.R.O.W to easily have their hair grow back and ready for you to start your creations again.

Realistic character interactions to make you more engaged

Here in Toca Hair Salon 2, Android gamers can enjoy playing the game while experiencing many realistic character interactions, which make them feel like actually working in the salon. Watch them making funny faces and sounds whenever you are trying to style their hair. Make uses of the different tools to create different hairstyles and watch their unique expressions when seeing their hair should make the game a lot more fun to play with.

Capture interesting photos of your customers

After the styling processes, Android gamers can start working with the built-in camera option, which allows them to capture perfect photos of their customers with their new hair styles. Feel free to try out the various photo backdrops and quickly capture the photos on the go. Save them on your devices to look back and get inspired whenever you’re trying to work on your new hair pieces.

Beautiful animations and realistic hair physics

To make sure that you can enjoy the hairstyling experiences, Toca Hair Salon 2 will feature its smooth and stunning animations when you’re working with the hairs. Here, the game features impressive hair physics and movements, which would make your actions extremely accurate and relatable. Thus, allowing you to enjoy the game a lot more.

Work well on all Android devices

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy playing the game on many of your Android devices without any troubles. Here, the app can support your Android tablets, smartphones, and many other Android devices with available touchscreens. Thus allowing you to enjoy the addictive salon simulation gameplay in many ways.

Enjoy the free and unlocked gameplay with our mod

And last but not least, since the game is currently being priced on the Google Play Store, some of you might not be able to enjoy it. Hence, we also offer the free and unlocked version of Toca Hair Salon 2 on our website instead. Here, we offer unlimited in-game features and ad-free gameplay for you to all enjoy without having to pay anything. All you need is to download the Toca Hair Salon 2 Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Much like Toca Hair Salon 3 and other great games from Toca Boca, Toca Hair Salon 2 features the unique style of animated cartoon characters with friendly visual elements, which will allow you to always enjoy working with the in-game features. And at the same time, the undemanding graphics also enable smooth and satisfying gameplay of Toca Hair Salon 2 for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices without any troubles.

Sound & Music

Together with the incredible graphics, Toca Hair Salon 2 also features its interesting audio elements, which allow gamers to further engage in the hairstyling simulation. Have fun playing with the tools while listening to their actual sounds and the realistic hair-cutting audio effects. Enjoy playing with different characters while listening to their unique interactions to your cutting and styling actions. Plus, the overall background music will also keep you further immersed in the game.

Final thoughts

With a simple and friendly hair salon setting, along with the in-depth and extremely interactive gameplay Toca Hair Salon 2 will make sure that you can always have fun playing your pretend play titles. Feel free to make uses of the stress-free and liberating elements in the game to come up with your own ideas for the hairstyling process. Enjoy interacting with the unique characters and have fun playing with their hair in many ways.

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