Toca Life Farm MOD APK 1.2 (Paid for free)

Toca Life Farm MOD APK 1.2 (Paid for free)

October 14, 2022


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Toca Boca
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Paid for free

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Toca Life Farm is an interesting educational 2D simulation game. You set up a colorful farm simulation, and control intelligent, cute kids. The game allows you to experience like a real farmer. The gameplay is simple, and the gameplay is fascinating. You interact with many elements to enjoy the exciting life in the countryside. You work and play in a farmer’s way. You do many things like milking cows, collecting eggs from hens and growing your favorite fruit crops. You create an enjoyable picnic and join many exciting minigames on the farm. The game offers many wonderful experiences from sunrise to sunset.

About Gameplay

Toca Life Farm offers a great life on the farm. The game offers four different farm locations (including barns, houses, fields, and shops), and each site has its own farm story. The game fully represents a typical farmer’s day. You take care of the animals in the barn-like feeding them and removing their droppings. After that, you come to the house and enjoy a jam meal to recharge. After a good night’s sleep, you go to the fields to take care of your crops. You join in a lot of fun, and wait for the crop. You harvest your produce at the right time. Finally, you can sell your food in the store to accumulate money. You use the money for many different purposes, like buying more goods to expand your farm.

Toca Life Farm almost completely simulates farmer activities. You practice sowing seeds, and figure out how they grow into tall plants. You use tractors to harvest produce. You use the food machine to turn your raw materials into food. The game has many valuable tools to help you as a farmer. You use milk to make cheese, and then you use cheese and corn to make cheesecake. You can create a lot of simple and delicious dishes. The game brings a lot of practical cooking knowledge. You use berries to make jam, use wheat to make bread, and use the right ingredients to make donuts. Each component is needed for a particular dish. You explore all kinds of foods, and how to cook them. You have delicious dishes for an excellent working day.

Toca Life Farm brings fun through different stories. The game supports recording, and you can fully voice the original video. You record your voice to create interesting stories, and you enjoy the report along with the great movements of the characters. The game allows you to develop two-minute farm videos, and you can easily save them in your photo gallery. Great for sharing exciting stories with everyone. The game enables creating excellent accounts through over characters, and all animals.

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Toca Life Farm offers animals familiar to farmers such as rabbits, pigs, sheep, cows, and little birds. Note that you need to help the veterinarian check the animals. Otherwise you will lose the people you love. You can play with animals to add fun as a farmer. You clean up different types of animal manure for a clean, tidy farm. You increase your pleasure with music. You use musical instruments like the banjo, the guitar or the bass wash bucket to relax into the quiet night.

Toca Life Farm really makes you enjoy many different farming activities. If the players are minor children, they will learn a lot of knowledge and joy about life in the countryside. You can pick fruit in your garden, and eat nutritious dishes. You start planting your favorite plants, and know how to wait to gather results. You use a variety of tractor functions to increase your farm’s productivity. You start the food machine to turn your harvest into food, and earn extra income. The game has no time limit or high scores, and you can play as long as you like. The game also has no third-party ads, so you will get fewer distractions if you play it after a long time.

Toca Life Farm also includes media elements. Therefore, please pay attention to see more details every week. You read the news from Life Week and find many exciting things. You watch funny videos, and beautiful fan art. Toca Boca developed the game, and you will be free to explore the tasks of everyday farm life. In addition, you can explore the park, and invite friends to your apartment to join the beautiful parties.

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Toca Life Farm has simple controls. In general rules are perfectly suitable for children, and you touch the screen to play. The game has complete instructions, and large icons should be easy to follow.

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Graphics and sound

Toca Life Farm features 2D graphics in a cartoon style. The colors are incredibly bright, and everything is designed like color paintings. The places/objects/animals are meticulously designed. The sounds are fun, and the background music is great for kids.

If you love a light, kid-appropriate, educational simulation, you can try “Toca Life City” (If you love urban living), or “Toca Life World” ((If you love the global experience).

Toca Life Farm screen 4


Toca Life: Farm is a highly addictive and good farm simulation game for young children. The game is suitable for everyone. You experience all the practical work on a farm and develop a love for animals, nature, life, and people around you. You will be doing lots of practical activities about a day on the farm. The game helps children understand more about the advent of food resources, and exciting things about the farmer’s life. The game features playful colors, fun cartoon character designs, and creative, free-flowing gameplay. The game will bring hours of fun and valuable knowledge.

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