Traffic Rider MOD APK 1.99 (Unlimited Money)

Traffic Rider MOD APK 1.99 (Unlimited Money)

February 14, 2024


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Find yourself driving on your favorite motorbike, cruising the endless roads while watching the beautiful sunset. Or compete with the depleting time as you overcome the tough yet addictive challenges in Traffic Rider. Enjoy this amazing game from Soner Kara, as you’re introduced to one of the most immersive and accurate motorbike simulation game on the Android platform. Find out more about this amazing game with our comprehensive reviews.


In the game, players will join the ultimate adventure of a daring and skilled biker who wishes to complete all the toughest motorbike challenges that he could even think of. Immerse yourself in this amazing motorbike simulation as the game introduces gamers to its addictive and in-depth gameplay.

Here you’ll not simply be driving but also experiencing the accurate simulation of what’s happening on the road. Drive on the heavy highway with multiple cars in multiple lane roads. Experience the accurate traffic elements with the traffic signals, headlights, turn signals, and so on.

Combine your traffic knowledge with your amazing motorbike skills to complete the tough but exciting challenges.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple controls to get you started

To start with, players will have access to the simple controls which could get you easily started without any difficulties. That being said, you can only tap on the side to have the bike move in the right direction. Plus, if you prefer, you can adjust to the tilt control to enjoy a more immersive gameplay. Plus, most of the in-app features are quite easy to access, so you won’t likely to have any problem.

Immersive camera view option

And to make the game more immersive and enjoyable, players can choose to play the game in multiple camera views which would provide unique experiences. Find yourself completely immersed to the first-person camera view. Or have better observation with the third-person view. The choices are up to you, varying them to experience more enjoyable gameplay.

Choose between dozens of powerful bikes

Gamers in Traffic Rider will have themselves being introduced to dozens of different motorbikes that’re currently available on the market. Hop on your favorite ride and cruise your way through the crowded streets with multiple vehicles. There are currently 29 different motorbikes, each having its own stats. Plus, with new updates, you’ll be introduced to new rides that would certainly satisfy you.

Realistic gameplay and physics

Find yourself enjoying the detailed environment with accurate elements. Experience realistic night and day variations as you ride on different locations. Have the relaxing breezes blow throw your helmet. Or experience accurate bumps with realistic physics.

Explore the massive career mode

To begin your amateur biker adventure, players will have their chances to participate in the incredible career mode where you’ll learn everything you need to know to become the greatest driver in the whole world.

Play through over 70 different missions that are available and have yourself some of the most desirable motorbikes. Learn all the driving techniques and tricks to help you go further in your journey.

Customize your ride to how you wanted

In addition, to turn your favorite ride into an actual beast, players can have their chances to customize their ride using many useful options that the game provides. Give your bike new engine, a more efficient exhaust, better tires, and so on to make it more capable on the streets.

Plus, you can decorate your bike with awesome stickers, creative paintings, and so on. Turn yourself into the stylish rider that you’ve always want.

Compete with online gamers from all over the world

Take the ride online as you join millions of different players from all over the world with the online gameplay in Traffic Rider. Find yourself competing in the exciting online leaderboards with thrilling and exhilarating actions. Finish in the top of the rankings to earn yourself valuable prizes. Plus, there will be over 30 different online achievements for you to complete.

Play the game in your preferred languages

And for most of us, being to play our favorite game in our preferred languages would make a world of difference. That being said, with Traffic Rider, players will be introduced to a variety of different language options featuring over 19 most popular languages. Find yourself playing your favorite game without being bothered by the language barrier.

Be fast and furious to collect bountiful bonuses

In additions, the game also features many bountiful bonuses that you can collect while participating in your challenges. Drive as fast as possible and earn yourself the maximum scores, but be careful of the crowded traffics. Reach over 100 km/h and take over the streets.

Move your bike close to the passing vehicles to earn extra bonuses or perform epic wheelies to get your money.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play for mobile users. Hence, you can easily have it installed on your devices without having to pay anything. Gain access to the complete gameplay using your hard-earn in-game money would certainly be satisfying. And while the game still comes with in-app purchases, those won’t likely to bother you.

Unlimited contents with our mods

However, if you find the game addictive, you might find the ads quite annoying as they considerably reduce your in-game experiences. To deal with this, you can have our Traffic Rider Mod APK installed on your devices. Just download the file and follow our instructions to install it properly. You’ll have yourself a completely unlocked Traffic Rider will everything readied for you to enjoy.

Visual and sound quality


The game features accurate and relatable 3D graphics which make it extremely tempting to play. Find yourself experiencing the most authentic motorbike simulation on your mobile devices whenever you want. Take your driving hobby to the extreme with the beautifully designed vehicles and immersive roads in Traffic Rider.


You’ll find the environment in Traffic Rider being extremely realistic and immersive, not just because of the stunning graphics but also thanks to the accurate sounds effects. Experience real motor sounds that were recorded live. Or immerse yourself in a great environment full of realistic elements.

Final verdicts

The game is undoubtedly a great mobile game that you can enjoy anytime anywhere. Plus, with our mods, you’ll also have access to all of its contents without having to pay anything. We don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t have it installed on your devices.

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