Car Simulator 2 MOD APK v1.49.6 (Unlimited Money)

Car Simulator 2 MOD APK v1.49.6 (Unlimited Money)

January 17, 2024


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OppanaGames FZC LLC
508.73 MB
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Unlimited Money

Car Simulator 2 is a realistic driving simulation game in a 3D environment with a special emphasis on technical drift racing. You can play Car Simulator 2 for free on both Android and iOS platforms. Car Simulator 2 is your chance to improve your racing and driving skills. With the perfect performance, you will earn virtual money to buy items, build cars, or upgrade as you like.

Car Simulator 2 is a realistic driving simulator in an open world environment where you will experience authentic driving, play online with players from all over the world. You can win and earn money to upgrade your cars, even buy a premium car. Car Simulator 2 is an opportunity for you to control modern cars. You can play online with friends and players from all over the world. Experience this driving simulator game to travel around the city, upgrade your car, join and win crazy races. The ultimate goals are exploring a big city and becoming the best racer.

General Information

Like many other computer racing games, after downloading and installing Car Simulator 2, you can test drive the world’s most extreme super sports cars. The game sticks to the blockbuster masterpiece of Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Players will show off the drifting technique on many terrains and traffic conditions. In the game, you can speed up or fly, and head on the hot street. A 1,500-coin discount will only be available for a limited time for you to buy the famous McLaren. Start driving at high speed and drift to score.

The game integrates a leaderboard for you to compete with friends everywhere. If you want fun entertainment, choose the Free Ride mode to practice comfortably. With this mode, you can challenge yourself in new tracks. For Car Simulator 2, you can control the car with the keyboard with up and down arrows, left and right. The up arrow key corresponds to pressing the accelerator and speeding up while the down arrow for braking and the left/right key for changing lanes.

The track in the game is the entire city. Use the brakes because of the traffic factor or racing with the opponent. The speed was also not limited because there were no police chasing behind. All you need to do is speed up and drift at the right times to score. Although it does not own massive supercars or rich gameplay, Car Simulator 2is still a racing game worth a try if you are a speed enthusiast and want to challenge yourself.

Car Simulator 2 also offers a single-player mode for you to have the freedom to drive, observe the modern interior of the car, and drive from a first-person or third-person perspective. The game also has many attractive bonuses and daily challenge missions, many interactive elements in car modeling, and realistic sound effects.

How to Play Car Simulator 2?

First, in the primary interface, you can log in with personal accounts of VK, Facebook, and YouTube. Or you can press the Play button. Next, you will receive basic instructions such as opening the car door and how to control the car. When you get close to the car, if you do not know where to touch to perform the actions, there will be icons in the location for you to click on. When you sit in front of the wheel, you will see controls and parameters pop up.

  • Number 1: Accelerator pedal, pressing on the car will move forward. Right above this icon will be the exit icon (pedestrian).
  • Number 2: Reverse pedal used for reversing
  • Number 3: Brake lever used to slow down the vehicle.
  • Number 4: Turn from left to right, traffic light, left turn signal, emergency light, right turn signal, horn
  • Number 5: Turn left and right

Also in the upper right corner, there is the car speedometer, gas level, car door openers, photo, and video recording icons. The missions will appear with specific information that you have to customize the vehicle, repaint the color, buy a garage, and drive into the garage. If you play for a while, you will receive a notification that you have taken part in the direction lead or not. If you have never played this game before, join this tutorial.

It will guide you to each gesture in the game. If you have enough money, you can repaint the car and adjust the spring level in the Workshop. In the game, do quests to earn money. Click on the map icon in the upper left corner.

The symbols on the map will correspond to the locations where the task is performed and the places you need to go. They include a gas station, garage, car dealership, workshop apartment building. There are many types of tasks such as the current quest, police mission, taxi driver, and mafia mission.

When performing the mission, there will be some special symbols that only go to the vehicle for that mission. For example, you can see the priority light for police vehicles. All tasks in Car Simulator 2 will be performed only by controlling a car. The mission requirements may vary. But when done, it will only be done by driving a car.

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator is a combination of weak realistic physics controls with great 3D graphics to create best-simulated cars for mobile. Players experience a variety of vehicles. From formula racing cars to SUVs, each model comes with unique abilities and strengths. You can also design a car by yourself to express your style and personality from vinyl car upholstery to car parts.

Besides the cars, the map is also a contributing factor to the success of the Ultimate Car Driving Simulator. Players explore many roads around the world, from city to desert. In particular, the game also has the largest open-world maps with extremely detailed environments. Ultimate Car Driving Simulator is a realistic car driving simulation game with over 50 million downloads to date. If you are planning to buy a supercar, it is time to download Extreme Car Driving Simulator to your device to practice driving.

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator is one of the best car driving simulator games in 2014, thanks to its physics and sound effects, and realistic visuals. More than that, this game also gives players the feeling of controlling the car, drifting, swinging screens, overcoming curves, and admiring the supercars with a series of cult brands.

Players taking part in the Ultimate Car Driving Simulator will control a boxer that moves on the road and attempts to overcome many obstacles. You can comfortably speed up without fear of being caught by the police. Another point of Ultimate Car Driving Simulator compared to other racing games like Asphalt or Need for Speed ​​is that to unlock new supercars, gamers need to drive the car far away.

Final Words

Car Simulator 2 on the phone is a series of games that many people love, especially for those who want to learn about cars. Car Simulator 2 will be a game that can help you learn more about the world of cars. Our instruction may not help you delve deeper into the problems in the car. But it helps you somewhat understand more about the car.

Car Simulator 2 is also a driving game that combines real physical controls with great 3D graphics for you to have a very interesting experience. With Car Simulator 2, different racing cars will manually control you. Each model comes with its characteristics and advantages.

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