Treasure Diving MOD APK 1.320 (Unlimited Money)

Treasure Diving MOD APK 1.320 (Unlimited Money)

December 18, 2023


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Mobitale Limited
57.13 MB
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Unlimited Money

There are a lot of interesting things under the sea that we still have yet to discover. A lot of animals and plants live in the ocean. And if you are a person who likes to discover the mysterious under the huge ocean and you are looking for a game to satisfy your hobby, Treasure Diving will be a great choice that you shouldn’t ignore. Treasure Diving is a game of the adventure genre. In the game, you will discover the huge ocean. Not only that, you also will feel like a fearless explorer of the sea depth. Because you can be under the bottom of the sea. This will be very interesting. Let’s download Treasure Diving and experience that.

Graphics and sound

Treasure Diving is one of the games that has been created and published by MOBITALE LIMITED. MOBITALE LIMITED was found in 2011 in Cyprus. They are engaged in the development of free-to-play video games for different platforms and users. Treasure Diving is available on both Google Play, App Store, Amazon and Samsung Galaxy App. So you can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android or iOS Operating Systems. Treasure Diving also is supported on tablets such as iPad. And the game is completely free to download and is just for single player.

Besides, awesome colorful graphics will make Treasure Diving more vivid. At the same time, this also makes you feel comfortable. Moreover, the background is a lively wide ocean that is designed to be detailed. This will take you to a depth of the real ocean. And at the same time, it also satisfies those who like to explore. In addition, the light soundtrack will always be turned on during the game. It will bring a happy atmosphere for you. But if you are in a public place and you don’t want to disturb others, you can turn off Music and Sound Effect in the Settings of the game.

Become an explorer

When starting to play Treasure Diving, you will choose a character for you. Tim and Lina are two characters in the game. Then you will meet Nicky. She will be your diving coach and instruct you on basic tutorials so that you can discover the ocean more easily. For example, you will need to collect a blade and the screw in the sand to be able to fix the broken parts of a submarine. After you have fixed the submarine, you can go on a journey.

In Treasure Diving, you will explore many areas such as Training Expedition, Drilling Platform, Pirate Bay, Coral Reefs, Emperor’s Heritage, Tropical River Mouth, … Each area will bring its own interesting things for you. For instance, the Training Expedition is a special training area where divers can learn to find treasures and lift them to the surface. But when you are in Drilling Platform, you can collect a lot of valuable items. However, for such a long voyage, you need to upgrade your submarine a little. Because your submarine can’t go quite far. And to upgrade it, you will have to collect a lot of different resources. For example, you need to collect Quartz Sand, Gold, Blue Paint, Black Coal and minerals by completing the tasks to upgrade to Level 2. So collect the necessary resources.

In particular, in exploration, you need to pay attention to Oxygen. Oxygen is your energy. If Oxygen runs out, you will not be able to continue to explore the ocean. Besides, the game has provided a special tool to help you to clear up a special plot easily. That is Bulldozer. But you will need 9 gems to be able to use it. Moreover, treasure hunting is no easy task. So you also can use the radar in order to find your treasure.

Hundreds of unique artifacts

In Treasure Diving, you will have a small plot of land. Here you can build over 50 different buildings and a lot of types of plants. Besides, there will be a lot of plants and rocks here. You need to clear plants and destroy the rocks in order to build new buildings. This also will bring some resources, gold coins and stars for you. In addition, you can see hundreds of exotic marine inhabitants in the ocean. From fishes such as porcupine fish, clownfish, seahorse, sawfish, parrotfish, … to animals such as crab, rock lobster, electric eel, siphophora jellyfish, turtle, and more.

However, sometimes you will meet some animals such as an octopus, a shark, … while clearing or destroying. They will prevent research. So you need to banish them. If not, you will take twice as much energy. In addition, you also will find obstacles on the way. Greedy pirates and sweet-voiced sirens, the bloodthirsty Kraken, or a cunning witch, … They can attack you. So be careful.

A great game for a lot of players

With interesting gameplay, the players will explore the wide ocean. Treasure Diving will bring an attractive experience for you. Besides, you can see sunken ancient cities and galleons with holds full of gold. This will make your voyage more interesting. In addition to exploring the ocean, your trip will have many different purposes. For example, find a book of magical recipes, gather together all the parts of the old map, and save Captain Jack from a terrible curse. This makes your experience more plentiful.

In addition, Treasure Diving doesn’t need to connect to the Internet when playing. So you can play the game anytime and anywhere you want. Furthermore, you also can log in to the Facebook account in order to be able to play on many different devices. At the same time, it will save your progress in the game. Also, the game allows you to post a screenshot of your plot to Facebook. Let your friends know about your achievements. Thanks to the things above, Treasure Diving has become the greatest adventure game for a lot of players. What are you waiting for? Incredible adventures and great discoveries are waiting for you. Let’s install Treasure Diving, pimp your submarine, explore new locations and enjoy fantastic sea views.

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