Truck Simulator 2018: Europe MOD APK v1.3.5 (Unlimited Money)

Truck Simulator 2018: Europe MOD APK v1.3.5 (Unlimited Money)

October 5, 2023


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Zuuks Games
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Unlimited Money

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Truck Simulator 2018 Europe poster

Truck Simulator 2018: Europe is an addictive driving game genre that places all players in tight control of a virtual truck. Here comes your chance to drive around a wide range of European roads and finish as many tasks as possible. At the same time, don’t forget to complete loads of realistic missions that are waiting for you. It’s time to show off your skills on the road.

It’s time to run your business which keeps growing when you complete every freight delivery. The truck will take you on a fascinating journey throughout the immense landscape full of the breathtaking and iconic landmarks of Europe in the game. Are you ready to become the king of the road yet? Truck Simulator 2018: Europe will show you how!

General Information

If you want to feel like driving real trucks with Truck Simulator 2018: Europe, we’re sure that you won’t feel disappointed at all. Now you can travel across different cities from Europe, and come to visit different places such as Venice, Berlin, Milan, Prague and more. During the game, don’t miss earning more money to buy new trucks and trailers.

Let’s choose the suitable jobs and deliver all cargoes in an open world. Just by downloading it, you can have an unparalleled driving experience which has placed it in the spot of the most popular Truck Simulator. It offers you a great chance to be a real truck driver from the high comfort of your house. Get ready yourself to drive across Europe!

The game features licensed trucks with several customized options and advanced driving physics. In this gaming world, you will be able to encounter numerous landmarks and recreated territories to make a unique experience, making you feel as if you were that driver who is steering the trucks in reality. Do not get fooled since the game is not all about driving, especially when you can create and grow your transportation agency.

Truck Simulator 2018 Europe-screen 1

Truly the best game with every new update, Truck Simulator 2018: Europe would let you enjoy graphics and the challenges harder through levels. For the upcoming update, it’s much better to have more vehicles, civilian, human, and animals. If these could get included in the game, it will get more lively. But this game is good overall.

Differing Truck Simulation 19 where you get to experience the highly-detailed models by Kenworth and Mack in which every truck arrives at different areas in the USA, Truck Simulator 2018: Europe lets you begin your career in Europe. Be patient at first, especially when you kick-off as a low-skilled truck driver who has to take this work on a daily basis.

Don’t worry because you soon gain enough money to purchase your new truck and wait for the driving skill to upgrade as well as the fun to begin. During the play, you have to transport freight with your truck in an open world across Europe. It’s time to get new trucks, expand the business to become the country’s most successful hauler.

It seems that you can’t ask for anything more to it since it’s the best example of a truck simulator game we’ve ever seen. For things you can’t do it in real life, there are always a lot of opportunities for you to take in Truck Simulator 2018: Europe. However, some stoplights in the game are a bit short, making the player unable to turn right in time.

Truck Simulator 2018 Europe-screen 2

Overall assessments

Undeniably, everyone loves this game, but there are still some minor flaws that need to get fixed. Most players wish to have more traffic on the road so that it could look more real than ever. However, as compared to other truck simulators, this one can earn your support since it’s fun and challenging enough for you to get more interested. You just need to download it and see how it performs.

Note that all the cars should follow the traffic rules just like in reality. And it’s also your choice if you choose to follow too. Remember that unwanted outcomes would appear if you skip those rules. Get the game downloaded on your mobile phone today, you’ll get to experience the stable AI, which nearly no game owns. Enjoy peace everyone.

Another great thing that should be added to the game is the multiplayer mode. This allows others to join the play and share their achievements. It’s such a good game, and everyone loves the speed boost the most. It means you don’t need to press to speed up the entire time. Besides, adding a whole map of Europe would be a great idea to do this time.

Truck Simulator 2018 Europe-screen 3


After entering the game, you have to get control of a virtual truck and drive around a wide range of European streets as well as take as many missions as possible. In Truck Simulator 2018: Europe, the player doesn’t only complete his or her tasks based on certain requirements on the daily basis.

Let’s travel across Europe and struggle against the harsh weather conditions as well, not to mention the highway toll roads and other challenges along the way. With more than 60 levels on offer, fans of these mission-completed driving games would find a lot of things to love.

Also, Truck Simulator 2018 consists of a range of customized options for the virtual vehicle, and you can select between the third-person, first-person exterior, and first-person interior views. With over 250 radio stations available in the game, feel free to tailor the game’s background melody to meet all of your tastes.

The game also owns 9 various trucks to select from, and once you have chosen your car and then customized it, you will hit the road soon after that. Well, the game is good but a bit buggy. How comes? Some players complain to keep viewing the red light infractions since it’s not showing what shade the light is.

What makes us feel incomplete about it is the shortage of Jake brakes. These should show up but not only a hold button. Aside from this, when they’re driving as the first person, they find it hard to avoid being off all the time. Driving with the simulator wheel might cause some issues.

If starting a turn with your thumb at the top of it, the air horn would emit many times in a row. It’s just frustrating for the drive. Besides, you can’t find any game explanation for the pictograms above the trailers.

Truck Simulator 2018 Europe screen 4


The game graphics look great, making the entire environment so realistic. It has day and night cycles that make you feel like driving in the real world. It also offers us the feeling that you’ve been driving for a long period. Just come to download the game and enjoy every scene with amazing graphics.

Final words

Believe it or not, nothing would beat the satisfaction you feel if you’re so skillful in a hyper-realistic game like Truck Simulator 2018: Europe MOD APK. By playing it, you can expect to travel around the continent using one manual transmission.

Trust me, you only want to beholw how beautiful the roads of Europea are, and feel free to operate the automatic transmission. Even the use of gas can be seen in the game, so hurry to stop on gas stations for a refill.

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