Video Compressor Panda MOD APK 1.2.12 (Premium Unlocked)

Video Compressor Panda MOD APK 1.2.12 (Premium Unlocked)

April 22, 2024

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Many people are interested in storing movies on their own mobile phones. Understandably, these stored movies will be useful when you are traveling without a Wi-Fi connection. However, there is a drawback of using up most of the storage on Android due to the high-quality and large files. So, to use the storage on your phone more economically and effectively, you need to compress them. One of the best video compressors for Android users is the Video Compressor Panda. This app is created by farluner apps & games and compatible with the Android version from 4.4 and above. There are about 1,000,000 downloads, and almost reviewers rated it at 4.7 out of 5 stars. So, what makes this app become famous like that? Let’s look at some features to understand more about it!

Video Compressor Panda Features


  • Category: Video Players and Editors
  • Publisher: farluner apps & games
  • Version: 1.1.8
  • Updated: 16th July 2020
  • Size: 33MB
  • Requirements: Android 4.4 and above


  • Sending compressed videos through text, email
  • Sharing/ uploading your videos on social media channels (WeChat, Line, Viber, Telegram, Kakao Talk, Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook)
  • Reducing data usage on mobile phone
  • Saving space on mobile phone or tablet

Easily Compress Videos

Any Android users know that video files are too large to store in a smartphone, which is a huge problem. Don’t worry if you install the Video Compressor Panda. First, it will access your device memory. From that, you can quickly choose the source file from your phone folder or gallery. The next step is to select the video you want to compress and start the process. The main task of Video Compressor Panda is to minimize the size of files without losing quality. It also allows users to save traffic when they send videos. Moreover, this app can work with plenty of video formats, including standard Mkv, MOV, mp4, Flv, Avi, 3gp, WMV, MPEG, and Rmvb.

Free Up Space On Your Phone

As you know, videos are so important when you always want to keep them forever. However, your mobile phone does not allow you to do so due to the limited space. Do you always hesitate to delete your videos? You can stop doing that now. Video Compressor Panda helps to reduce data usage and save space for your mobile phone. Your worry about running out of space on your memory card will not exist anymore after installing this app. There are many more things you can find out yourself later in Panda. It is not too late to begin saving your phone space in a smart way from now on.

Share Your Videos On Social Networks

Another notable feature is that you can send these compressed videos on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Line, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, etc. After being compressed, the videos are much lighter than they used to be. More specifically, they are ten times lighter than the previous versions. So, you are able to download them easily with the low connection signal. It is quite convenient for those who do not have full internet access all the time. If you want to upload your video through email, it is also not a problem. Usually, email inboxes do not allow for huge-size videos as the data usage for email is often limited. Therefore, you always have to resize your videos. Again, Video Compressor Panda reduces your videos to the size (MB) you like precisely but does not affect the quality. After reducing the size, you choose “Fit to email” to send videos immediately via email. It sounds easy and straightforward, doesn’t it?

Information of Video Compressor Panda

  • Ads disabled/ removed
  • Crashlytics/ Analytics disabled
  • Removed Debug Information
  • Services and Receivers disable/ removed
  • Zipalign/ Optimized Graphics
  • Premium feature unlock

How To Use Video Compressor Panda?

Using a Panda video compressor is not tricky. Simply, you choose the original video file that you intend to minimize. Then, select “Next,” and you will see several options for your desired output quality. They are “Small File,” “Medium File,” ‘Large File,” “Fit to Email,” and “Custom Resolution.” The “Small File” allows you to share quickly, “Medium File” delivers better quality, while the “Large File” is basically about compressing. For example, you can reduce a 17-MB-size video by choosing “Large File”. You can still have a god-quality file while the size is much reduced to about 1.2 MB. The compressed video still maintains its original resolution. Significantly before you save the compressed file, you can compare the original and compressed video in the “Compress” menu. When you are already satisfied with the output, you save the compressed file by choosing the “Save” button. The file then will be saved in a folder named “/storage/emulated/o/Movies/VideoPanda/”. You can change the destination folder if you want.

Video Compressor Panda FAQs

What Is The Smallest Format Of Video In Video Compressor Panda?

As you can guess, the h. 264 codec is famous for producing MP4. And this MP4 is the smallest video file that you can get. Typically, it can deliver the best quality. That is the reason why the MP4 file is used most of the time for web-based delivery such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Video Compressor Panda can provide you with an MP4 compressed video.

Is The MP4 Video In Video Compressor Panda High-Quality?

Yes, the Panda video compressor provides you with MP4 high-quality video and still maintains small file sizes at the same time. As you may know, the MP4 format is able to contain video files, audio files, or even text and images.

Which Video Format Has The Highest Quality?

There are a lot of container formats, as mentioned above. And they are “wrappers” for audio codecs, video codecs, and other data types. Usually, people often opt for the AVI format as it is notable for reducing videos to small sizes with high quality. However, the MP4 format is used more frequently in many different situations, particularly mobile devices. So, each of both formats has its own benefit. To choose the most suitable format, you should think about what format you want to use and what format is more convenient.

How Massive Is A 30-Second Video File?

It is just about 5MB for a clip lasting 30 seconds. If it is 30 minutes, you have to reduce it if you want to send it via text.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Video Compressor Panda can minimize your video files in a comfortable, fast, and fun way. The logo of the app depicts a funny animal (a panda) that will dispose of yourself immediately. By looking at the YouTube icon that the Panda holds in paws, you will know what this app does with your phone videos. Some people might think that the application is not severe and just entertaining, then they are wrong as about 5 million people are using this app already. The video compressing process with this app is very straightforward. After ending up compressing, you can quickly share them with your preferred social network or email. In other words, you can send videos fitting perfectly into emails, which save you time and probably money.

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