Photo Compress & Resize MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Photo Compress & Resize MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

July 1, 2021


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Photo Compress & Resize” is a space-saving solution on mobile phones. If you are a photography lover and own many large-sized photos, the app is a great solution.

The phone memory or MicroSD card is limited, so you need to compress the image size to maximize the number of photos. You can avoid wasting memory space by resizing an image. Photo Compress & Resize will display the size of the image on the thumbnail. As a result, you can easily manage your image library and quickly identify unoptimized ideas.

Save space through efficient image compression

Photo Compress & Resize is one of the best photo compression apps on Android. “Lit Photo” is the developer of the app. The application has a compact size of about 4Mb. The app is one of the best picks in early 2021, and the app has over 5 million installs.

The application helps to reduce the size or resolution of your images optimally. Users easily optimize images with the perfect balance between quality and file size. The application has an intuitive interface, and the application is easy for everyone to use. It would be best if you had time to get used to routine operations such as cropping and rotating images.

Photo Compress & Resize uses intelligent data compression techniques. The application effectively reduces the size of the user’s photo. The application effectively reduces the number of colors in the image, making the image useless for data storage. The effect is compact, but the application makes a huge difference in the file size.

Users don’t need to worry about resized photos, as all images are automatically saved in a separate folder (titled ‘LitPhoto’). Users can access images at any time in the Built-in Gallery. If you want to reduce the image size quickly, then the application is a perfect choice.

Improve image quality in a simple way

Photo Compress & Resize not only helps to compress the image size, but the application also helps to improve the image quality simply. The application provides essential photo editing functions. The user cuts off excess parts of the image, or changes the aspect ratio. The application allows adjusting your photos in the best way. The app offers a simple cropping experience, and you can quickly crop a photo border or sharpen an image.

Photo Compress & Resize creates amazing compressed photos. You’ll enjoy every sharp image in its small size. You can easily share photos with your friends via social networks. A capacity image is easier to exchange in weak transmissions. If you often send emails with attached pictures, you will be annoyed by the large size of the photos. Large images will exceed the email size limit. Email accounts usually have a maximum length of 5 Mb, and you can only add up to two shots in attachments (the original image size from phone/tablet is about 5 or 8 MB). You exceed the maximum message size, if you use the original image. Therefore, the application allows adding multiple photos in most email accounts, through image size compression.

You will indeed have high-quality emails with high content through the right photos. In short, you can easily share photos with your friends via social networks. You can send compressed images via email/text message, or share on popular social networks (like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Google+). You can browse and process photos efficiently.

Many useful features

Photo Compress & Resize is full of valuable features. You quickly change the image size & quality. The application allows batch compression of images – this saves time. In addition, the original image is not affected too much. You can hardly tell the difference between the original image and the compressed image.

Compressed images are automatically saved in the ‘LitPhoto’ folder. Users can easily administer and access the necessary photos at any time. You can choose between maximum image quality or optional compression quality. The application is an essential photo editing tool with operations such as rotating the image 90 ° clockwise and crop the image to the desired ratio. Users efficiently use their fingers to zoom in / move and turn the selected crop area onto the image. In addition, it is easy for users to use because the application interface is intuitive and straightforward.

You download “Panda Video Compressor” to create high-quality videos in small sizes. The application easily compresses videos, and you will have a quality video. You can easily send high-quality videos, even by email. You download “Photo & Picture Resizer” to reduce the image size to high quality. All processes are quick and efficient.

Send lots of photos to increase the fun

Photo Compress & Resize allows users to take advantage of the high-resolution camera on their phone. You can still use large photos (thousands of pixels per inch) in low capacity phones, or you can share high-quality images with friends. The application allows you to minimize and share pictures quickly. Users can compress any image: kids, concerts, nature scenes, football matches, and even your portrait.

In a nutshell, Photo Compress & Resize allows you to compress, resize, and adjust the quality of your photos easily. Users can configure the application to ignore small-size images, or delete the original image after compression.

Download “Photo Compress & Resize” to create high-quality compressed photos, and increase the fun of exchanging information with friends!

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