VideoFX Music Video Maker MOD APK (Unlocked)

VideoFX Music Video Maker MOD APK (Unlocked)

November 1, 2023

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VideoFX Music Video Maker is an application that allows users to create lip-sync videos with amazing effects. With VideoFX Music Video Maker, you need not be an expert. It requires no professional knowledge in video editing. Even the newcomers can still create a professional music video.

VideoFX Pro gives users over 50 free effects, suitable for many topics such as movies, ghosts, animation, movie art, stroboscope, thermal imaging, mirror image, neon color, and other special themes. Among these packages, there is a special feature pack with the ability to create videos in a unique Stop Motion style.

If you are a person filled with ideas and always want to interpret the meaning of the song as you like, VideoFX Music Video Maker is the right choice for you. All you need to do is just add a song. Then select the effects, filters, and themes you want to use. Finally, press the button to record. Not only that, but this video maker also allows you to change effects while still recording video.

With VideoFX Music Video Maker, there is no program setup required. Users just press Record to record. You can choose from thousands of beautiful video effects. The special effects before, during, and after recording can be selected to apply to movies. The app also allows recording multiple scenes, changing locations, and then recording again in a new scene, especially with no video editing required.

General Information

VideoFX Music Video Maker is the fastest, simplest, and most effective way to record video with real-time effects. It gives you professional and free art movies right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. With a vast arsenal of real-time video effects, VideoFX Music Video Maker helps you to shoot beautifully and quickly without recording raw footage and then move on to editing in the traditional way.

It is a great option when you want to do V-logs, stop-motion videos, birthday videos, and other events. It is the live effect in the movie recording program that sets VideoFX Music Video Maker apart from other filmmaking applications on mobile. VideoFX Music Video Maker also allows recording anytime, anywhere, whenever you are inspired and want to record a meaningful moment. All you need to do is just open the VideoFX Music Video Maker and select an effect to record.

VideoFX Music Video Maker is a super simple filmmaking program. There is no need to learn how to use tools, no filmmaking skills, or old-fashioned editing. Users only need to choose effects and shoot movies as soon as possible. After completing this unique cinematic work, you can use one-touch to share on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and send it by email for everyone to enjoy or save to Camera Roll. Add some additional features for more professional video recording with VideoFX Music Video Maker. The new Clip Transformer tool includes many unique video effects applied in proper time. There are two unknown effects: sharpening and lip gloss, which is video recording sharp or glossy.

Within the app, you can add the Sketch Artist Power Pack to personalize your video with vivid lines and textures. Color Artist Power Pack allows recording video in a cartoon style or abstract art with vivid colors. They sell these content packages via in-app purchases (IAP) for an extra fee.

There is also a multi-layer effect that allows video recording in multiple layers of effects (called Sublime Outlines). You can create sharp or magical compositions around the layer through options, adjusting all the color and size of these outlines to create additional effects for the video. It is also quite a fun application for recording slow-motion videos on Android. You can also make the video move faster. You can upload video output to YouTube or Instagram to share with friends and receive hundreds of likes in return. Finally, VideoFX Music Video Maker allows you to choose the speed of output video. Try this app out!

How to Use VideoFX Music Video Maker?

If you are a hobbyist who makes interesting and unique videos, you have been scouring Google for the best video-making apps or software to handle this task. That’s why we introduce the VideoFX Music Video Maker in this article.

Basically, for creating beautiful and standard videos, it will depend a lot on the application or software that you are or are about to use. And VideoFX Music Video Maker can provide and meet all the basic needs of the users.

VideoFX Music Video Maker is a very professional video editing and video making application available on mobile phones. As long as you install this application on your phone, you will create and produce professional short music films.

Compared with a vast amount of money that you should spend a lot of time and money on the professional video editing on PC, VideoFX Music Video Maker is a more profitable choice. It is correct to say that if you are a talented director; the videos created on the VideoFX Music Video Maker application are unique footage. It is true to the slogan of this application.

At present, there are over 100 thousand downloads on the App Store, and is used in over 100 countries worldwide. The app created by FuzeBits Inc. has become the number one free video and movie editing app in the world and has the highest-grossing revenue. This application provides you with many types of lenses, interesting color filters. It allows you to add text to your video quickly and cut, and merge videos with many unique transition effects.

You can combine unique photos to make a funny, lovely video. You can also add your favorite music to the Video to create a very interesting music video. You will keep your memories and beautiful moments with VideoFX Music Video Maker by a few taps. The app is compatible with many phone lines. You can create videos with high quality and easily share on many famous social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Overall, the app offers easy-to-use operations, which help you edit quickly without losing much time.

For using VideoFX Music Video Maker, first, install the application on your Smartphone. Then, follow the instructions below for use. After successfully downloading and installing to your phone, open the App. The initial interface of the app is straightforward. There are many features that this application offers such as slideshow, selfie, and join video.

Let’s learn about each feature on the application.

VideoFX Music Video Maker screen 0


Click Edit to edit your existing Videos. Select the video you want to edit. Then, you can choose the theme for your video to make the video more lively and interesting. There are many themes for you to choose from.

Calmly try each one, see which eagle you accord to your needs. After selecting the theme for your video, now start editing your fantastic music videos. There are editing options for you to choose from such as filters, canvas and background, cut editing, split, duplicate, adjust speed, and reverse or mute video professionally.

VideoFX Music Video Maker screen 1


This capture feature offers a wide range of lenses to meet the needs of your movie shooting preferences. Please click on the button Capture to record videos. There are video recording modes such as.

  • Basic: It is the basic lens mode in VideoFX Music Video Maker. In this mode, VideoFX Music Video Maker allows you to use the lens to record normal videos. It also allows you to use a lot of color filters for you to add to your video to make the video more beautiful.
  • Selfie mode: It allows you to use funny, lovely icons for the music videos in both recording and listening to music. This feature helps you to create impressive and beautiful MVs.
  • Fun Lenses: It gives you fun movies when you’re with your friends and loved ones. There are countless cute icons for you to choose from. There are also rich music libraries with online songs and songs from your phone library.


This feature lets you create an interesting movie out of the photos you’ve already taken and already have. This feature is very suitable for you to create anniversary videos. Just click on the slide show. And select the pictures for which you want to make a story. Finally, make the same adjustments as the Edit feature. So, you have created a complete video from the pictures already. From here, after creating videos with high quality, you can easily share it on many famous social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Special Features

VideoFX Music Video Maker short video platform is an app to create and share interesting short videos with tons of filters and different effects for users to choose from. Viewers can surf videos by topic. The video will be regularly updated and suggested based on user preferences and behavior. The application is currently only supported on both iOS and Android platforms.

Create and share videos with various filters and effects

The application allows users to record short videos with many color filters and eye-catching effects built-in, making the product more sparkling and artistic. Then you can confidently share your video and earn a lot of hearts with your followers!

Videos classified by topic, interest, and constantly updated

When surfing videos, there are three key topics to choose from including video around here, tracking, and trends. Thanks to this feature, the videos appear selectively watching videos of people in the area near you, videos of the people you follow, or the hottest videos today. They filter random videos by the previous videos that users watch first and according to preference.

Support multiple language subtitles and no language barriers

For foreign videos, the VideoFX Music Video Maker team is always updating with multi-language subtitles for many of the hottest videos at the moment. Surf without worrying about language barriers anymore.

Download videos to a personal collection

Not only surf and watch videos online, but users can also download and store favorite videos right on their phones. This feature helps users view videos and save them as private collections even when there is no internet connection.

If you need an entertainment app after hours of work, the VideoFX Music Video Maker is a great app for you. The application helps you surf and view short videos quickly and supports recording and sharing your videos with eye-catching filters and effects. Download the application!

As soon as entering FxGuru Movie FX, the application will play movie-style background music, creating a very interesting feeling. You press the Start button to record a new video. At the primary screen, choose one effect provided such as Satellite Crash (spacecraft explodes and falls to the ground), UFO Shuttle (flying saucer in the sky), and Dancing Droid (blue robot dancing).

All five effects of FxGuru Movie FX are free to choose from. The TNT Barrel effect requires you to share your application information on Facebook to unlock the effect. The rest of the effects have a yellow border around them, which costs you $0.99 per effect, or $4.69 for a pack of six effects.

After clicking an effect, click the arrow icon to preview the effect. Then click record the video. It displays the video duration information matching the effect in the description on the effect preview screen. Depending on the selected effect, the video recording interface will display a drawing of that effect on the screen.

For example, select Dancing Droid. The video recording interface will have a sample robot. Based on the picture, you choose the angle to match. If you choose the UFO effect, you align the saucer image above the sky and the video will be realistic. Similarly, with the robot jump effect, shoot the scene on a brick background.

When you finish, touch the red button to stop recording. If you record throughout the effect, you slide the Timing bar to the area of ​​the video to use, the excess will be deleted. Next, you can add color effects to the video by selecting an effect under the Video filters field.

In the Motion Match feature that adjusts the position of the effect to match the movement of the camera, choose High to enable this feature, or select off to turn it off. Finished, click OK, and wait a moment for the program to process the video. You should disable Motion Match because this feature is not strictly necessary.

Final Words

So, we just gave you very detailed instructions on how to use the VideoFX Pro APK Music Video Maker application to make videos on Android and iOS smartphones. It is a great video applying on your phone that you should experience. If you are looking for a video making software, we think VideoFX Music Video Maker is a very great choice. Thank you for following up on my post today’s post. We hope you will create countless cute and funny movies where you are the chief character.

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