VidTrim Pro APK 2.6.1 (Paid for free)

VidTrim Pro APK 2.6.1 (Paid for free)

February 5, 2023

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If you are looking for a solution to cut or convert video or audio, then VidTrim is worth a try. VidTrim is a free video editor for mobile. VidTrim includes many features such as trim video, split audio, or use filters for videos. You can share your videos with friends online through the app.

Besides the basic features, the app also supports some advanced features such as taking pictures in videos or transcoding files. Besides, this video editing app on Android also allows users to share videos with friends directly from the app’s transmission.

The usage of VidTrim Pro is also simple. For example, to cut video, when you open the program for the first time, it will take you to a window where you save the video on your device. Touch the clip you want to process. In the toolbar on the screen, you can access several options such as trim, transcode, convert video to MP3, or capture video image.

Besides, to transcode a video with VidTrim, the user selects the video and clicks the Transcode button. Next, the program will decide some parameters for you, like video size and quality. This site will be lower than the original video. After transcoding, the app will compress and reduce the image quality in the original video.

General Information

VidTrim supports basic features such as video trim, split audio, or use filters for videos. VidTrim also supports some advanced features such as taking pictures in video or transcoding files. Besides editing and saving files, this video editing program also allows users to share videos with friends directly from within the app. If you are looking for a solution to cut or convert video or audio, VidTrim is a perfect choice.

The salient features of VidTrim for Android include supporting basic operations such as play files, rename files, or delete videos. You can perform cutting video visually and easily and convert video photo files to MP3 music files. The app supports video rotation and allows capturing frames in the video.

Above are the free features of VidTrim. Besides the above utilities, it also allows users to try some VidTrim Pro features, including video effects support. It allows you to use photo filters on your videos like B/W, Negate, Vintage, Vignette, Blur, Sharpen, LUMA, and SwapUV.

For the video transcoding, the program’s transcoded allows converting video to MP4 while shrinking and compressing file size. Last, you can insert music into the video when transcoding files and rotate video. Denote that when trying out the above features, VidTrim will insert a watermark into the output video. VidTrim will save all videos, screenshots, and music files to the folder on the phone’s internal memory.

How to Use VidTrim Pro?

VidTrim Pro synthesizes the tools in video processing for Android such as crop video, apply effects, extract audio from video to MP3 file, take pictures from video, and convert video to MP4 format in arbitrary quality.

They design the application interface listing the videos available on the device. First, click on the video file to edit. In the upper corner of the screen is a toolbar with icons corresponding to each feature such as crop video, extract audio to MP3 file, convert video to MP4 format, and capture one frame in video output to an image file.

When using the Crop tool, press Play to playback the video. Then, you need to adjust the two ends of the timeline below to localize the area of ​​the video to take out. The kept video area is white and it will erase the rest. After finishing, press the Trim button to cut the video. In the dialog box, when Select Your Choice appears, choose Trim Original to cut and overwrite the original video. Or you can choose Save As New Clip to save as a new video. If you want to export the audio in the zoned video to MP3 file, click Save As MP3.

When selecting an icon to extract audio from the video, the extraction will take place immediately. When finished, press the Play button to listen again. To export a frame in the video to an image file, select the icon. Next, use your hand to swipe the bar containing frames in the video to find the frame to export. Then, select Save Frame, the output image file in JPG format.

If you want to convert the video to MP4 format, select the icon. In the screen Transcoder, click the drop-down arrow in the Video Size box to select the video size (320p, 480p, 720p, etc.) And then set the video quality in the Video Quality section. Click Transcode and wait for the conversion to complete. This process is fast or slow depending on the ability of the CPU to process, which costs significant battery consumption.

VidTrim Pro also features support for inserting effects into videos. Click the icon, then select Effects and click on each effect to preview it. When you are satisfied, click the Save button to save. In the Export Options, the dialog box chooses the size and quality of the exported video, then clicks the Export button.

Special Features

Cut video in VidTrim

When you open the program for the first time, it will take you to a window of the saved videos. Touch the clip you want to process. In the toolbar at the top of the screen, users can access several options such as crop, transcode, convert video to MP3, or capture video.

To cut a clip in the video, click the Trim button (the scissors icon). Then a window will appear, you can control the slide buttons to select the beginning and the end of the clip you want to cut. After aligning the desired part, users need to click on the scissors icon on the right of the screen again to cut the clip or choose Save as MP3 to convert the video into an audio file.

If you choose Trim, the program will ask if you want to save the file as a new file (Save as New clip) or overwrite the old file (Trim original), click the option you want to use and click Save to save the file. Similarly, if you convert the video to MP3, VidTrim will ask you to give the file a new name. Then click Save to save the operation.

Transcode the video

To transcode a video, select the video and click the Transcode button, which is the gear icon next to the scissor icon. Next, the program will decide some parameters for you, like video size and quality. This site will be lower than the original video. After transcoding, the app will compress and reduce the image quality in the original video.

Besides the above feature, VidTrim also allows adding music to the video if desired. To do this, you need to press the speaker icon button under Video quality. Initially, when there is no music, VidTrim will show No Audio selected.

Once you click this button, VidTrim will display a window allowing users to browse and add music files you want to use. After completing the above steps, you can press the Transcode button in the right corner of the screen again to transcode.

Convert video to MP3

To do this first, you need to select the video you want to convert. Then, press the Save as MP3 button (the music note icon) to change the file extension. After completing the conversion, users can listen to the MP3 file just recorded by pressing the Play button and selecting the music player you want to use.

Overall Assessments

Three-dimensional video clip editor VidTrim Pro is the foreign developed software. From our point of view, its function is not powerful. Specifically, you can crop the video easily. Also, you can grab the video frame and convert the video format. We can share the converted video via email or SMS, Bluetooth, WeChat, etc.

VidTrim Pro video editor is also the English software. Its functions are similar to VidTrim Pro. The downside is that this software contains advertisements. And after a period of use, you need to use points to activate again, which is more troublesome to use.

The video editing test I used was the VidTrim Pro. This editing software is also the most downloaded and used among all the mobile video editing software. From the interface point of view, it is very simple. But you cannot expect how powerful editing functions can be.

Open the software, it will automatically identify the video file in the phone and will give more detailed video information and frame preview. There is a scissor icon in the interface that is very easy to recognize. You need to click this icon to edit the video.

We can edit only a part of the original video during editing. And we cannot merge multiple videos into a whole, or we can divide a video into multiple segments at once. After we complete the video clip, it will auto-generate a new video file. If you want to compress the video, there are only three video compression methods to choose from, and the compressed video should preferably not exceed one minute.

You should know that although the video editing software can edit, transcode and compress the video, it cannot achieve good creative effects because of aim conditions such as the processor, memory, and storage capacity of the phone. If it interests you in learning video editing, you can use professional video editing software to complete the computer.

During the test, to experience the transcoding and compression capabilities of this software, I selected an MP4 video deliberately. The video is 43 seconds long, with a resolution of 640×480 and a size of 11MB. Select a resolution of 320×240 in the transcoding compression settings. After transcoding and compression, it is still in MP4 format, but the video size is 4.5MB. Sending the transcoded video to friends using Whatsapp, the data flow is about 4.5MB.

Through the above introduction and the actual measurement results, it is easy to see that although this mobile video editing software is relatively low in editing, it still has an excellent performance in transcoding and compression. So, is there room for improvement in such software? The answer is yes.

I believe that with the increasing popularity of smartphones. The performance of mobile phone cameras is getting stronger, and people can easily upload videos they shoot to social networks. It is the driving force for the development of mobile video applications. The current mobile video editing software has not yet reached the point where people are satisfied. There are no filters, no good-looking special effects, no subtitles, no audio editing, etc. I look forward to the future when such the more powerful mobile video editing software will enter people’s lives.

Cute CUT is the perfect video cutter to help users tell their stories by video and share them on social networks with lots of powerful features. You can choose from a variety of frames for your videos. With just one app, you can combine video, text, music, all in one beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

Possessing thousands of downloads, Cute CUT helps users to combine videos, create impressive frames, and add text to videos to create unique products. Provided free, it is a great application to combine video files into one product and share it immediately on social networks.

Cute CUT may not be an app you will use every day, but it is perfect for when you want to share travel moments, listen to music, or show off your pets. This simple yet fun application will bring a smile to the lips but whoever watches the product you create.

Final Words

VidTrim app allows users to trim and merge their video clips. It also has many filters and effects applied to your videos, similar to Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, VidTrim also has a built-in video sharing function that allows you to connect and share with other users.

The free version can trim and transcode videos to other sizes very well (1080p is only available in the professional version). And the operation is simple and fast. If you want to edit the video, VidTrim Pro APK can complete what you need. If you need an app to perform some simple operations on the video, please try the APK version.

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