World Soccer Champs MOD APK 9.2 (Unlimited Money)

World Soccer Champs MOD APK 9.2 (Unlimited Money)

June 3, 2024


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Monkey I-Brow Studios
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Unlimited Money

There are a lot of sports in the world. From the water sports such as swimming, diving, water aerobics to the team sports such as basketball, volleyball, rugby. And football, also known as soccer, is one of the most favorite sports in the world. This sport is also an inspiration for the game. That is World Soccer Champs. The game will bring many thrilling matches and satisfy you.

The realistic football matches on your phone

World Soccer Champs is the game on a mobile phone for simple player. But you also can play the game on your tablet. It has built and offered by Monkey I-Brow Studios – a mobile game developer in Portugal. The player can download the game free. The game is available on both Google Play and App Store.

When you watch football matches on TV, the image of the football players will be zoomed out in the screen. Like the real matches, the players of your football team is nice, smooth and is zoomed out in your smartphone screen. And they also are shaped like us. A large head, two arms, two legs and body. Moreover, the football players in World Soccer Champs has many different colors of skin and hair. The footballer with white skin and brown hair or other players with black skin and hair. Besides, color is bright and sound is lively. These elements help the game to become more alive.

Control your football team

Before you take part in the match, you will be instructed how to play. The first is short pass. The player just to tap any teammate to pass. Lob pass is the second movement. To perform lob pass, you have to double click any teammate. But if you want to dribble a ball, you need to touch between the cones. The fourth movement is slide tackle. Your opponent gets the ball at their feet and wants to pass it to their teammate, your football players can still steal the ball from them with the sliding tackle. If there are many footballers of the opponent around you and you want to shoot the ball, you can curl the ball into the net. That is curve kick – the last movement. Let’s remember the above movement to control your football team better. You can also review the guide in “HOW TO PLAY” section.

There will be two data packs in the game so that you choose. The first pack is “No data pack”. The second pack is “Real names pack”. If you choose “No data pack”, you won’t get realistic club names, logos, and player names. But if you want to personalize your game experience and get player names, club information and logos, you should choose “Real names pack” to download the data pack. When you start the match, the game management screen will have a tactics button. It is in the bottom right – hand corner of the screen and next to the play button. You can use this button to control your team mentality. Attacking mentality results in more attacking plays but this will make your defense system weaker. There are 3 tactic modes in the game (offensive, neutral, defensive). These modes will help you to control your football team better and win the matches. In addition, the name of the football teams, the score in the match and time will be displayed in the screen so that you can easily watch the match. After the match has ended, you will know the score about attacking plays, shots on goal, possession of the match. Besides, you don’t have to control all footballers during the game. You just control the footballers when the ball is near your goal.

Practice the pass, shoot and penalty

In World Soccer Champs, your football team can practice the pass, shoot or penalty. Practice mode helps you to improve your skills. With the pass and shoot, you need to choose “FREE PRACTICE” button. The player will control the footballer and pass the ball. A goalkeeper will move and stop the ball. To practice the penalty, you need to click “PENALTIES” button. Your team will perform the penalty kicks that rotate the opponent. After two teams have perform 5 shoots, the team with more points will win.

In addition, there are over 100 leagues and cups from all around the world in the game. Some leagues are available. But with the leagues in “Bonus offers”, you must watch a short video to open more the new leagues. Besides your main football team, the game also has provided many different team so that you choose. To take control of the different team, you need to have enough bux. The better the team is, the more buxs you need.

Moreover, the publisher has supported many languages to help the players in the world to understand the requirement and assignment that the game offers. There are up to 18 languages in World Soccer Champs. Those languages are English, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Russian, Czech, Turkish, German, Korean, Dutch and the last is Romanian. You can easily choose the language to display in “LANGUAGE” setting section of the game. World Soccer Champs will help to change your language.

Become a champion of the leagues

With innovative gameplay and the intelligent opponents, World Soccer Champs has attracted many players in the world. You will control the football team and play against the different teams from 44 countries. Besides, you can improve your skill and reflex ability by taking part in a lot of leagues on the game. The sleek interface, the realistic movement of the footballers and vivid sound will make you immerse yourself in the electrifying drama of every match.

Moreover, you can play the game anywhere because the game doesn’t require the Internet connection. It helps you to relax after a long day of work. Let’s start to play World Soccer Champs, manage your team, lead them to sweet success and become the champion of the leagues.

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