WorldCraft MOD APK 3.8.16 (Unlimited Money)

WorldCraft MOD APK 3.8.16 (Unlimited Money)

March 12, 2024


Additional Information
Google Play ID
Playlabs, Inc
130.43 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft  is an interesting game variation on the popular Minecraft sandbox. Here you can play alone or multiplayer. Enter a huge randomly generated world where you can craft, build, battle monsters and explore a vast territory. Amazing flora and fauna and there are also many useful resources in the caves.

WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft has attracted over 10 million downloads in Google. In the game, you will build your 3D worlds creatively and access resources. You also need to tame items and animals to survive and explore the world created by other players. You have to build a house, a mine, a city, a village, and whatever you want and compete with other players in multiplayer mode.

Graphics, sound and languages

WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft is one of the arcade games that has been created and offered by Playlabs, LLC. They are the creators of popular worldwide mobile games that people are playing for years! Try our best games – PlanetCraft and WorldCraft. All games are available on Google Play, Apple, Amazon, Huawei, Windows Store. WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft is available on App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Windows Store. So you can install the games on desktops, mobile devices and tablets. WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft is also completely free to download. You won’t have to pay any money.

Besides, 3D HD minecraft graphics is reality and colorful. It will take you to the world with square. Moreover, the sound is vivid and cute. From the footsteps of characters to the sounds when building anything. You will immerse in the game and become a character really. In addition, the publisher has provided up to 13 languages in WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft to support a lot of players understanding how to play and the plot of the game. Those are English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Game Modes

CREATE MULTIPLAYER ONLINE: Build a dream mini 3D world alone or with other real players. Upload maps from a single-player to an online server. Password-protect your map to play with friends only, or upload as read-only, so others won’t edit your world. Here you can find thousands of maps created by other people. Find new interesting ideas to build your amazing cube creations like cities, villages, etc. Create and share unlimited creativity! 300+ themed skins for every taste

This game has a chat section, for the convenience of the parents, a new and useful feature has been added to the game, that is, it is possible to put a password in this section to ask for the password to talk to another.

OFFLINE SURVIVAL: Start with exploring the giant cube world, crafting blocks, and building a night shelter from monsters. Improve your survival skills using different recipes. Interact with friendly mobs, plant trees, and do interesting farming.

OFFLINE CREATIVE: Develop your creative skills in a single player. Here you will find over 10 predefined maps to start building your world. Create anything according to your imagination.

Equip Weapons

In this game, you can design many different types of armor for yourself from useless objects and protect your life from others. The game has different tools that you can access many different tools to build your preferences. Get your diamond sword and armor. Explode TNT, and shoot arrows with a bow. The resulting tools will be stored in the appropriate toolbox so that you can use them whenever you want.

Be unique, and transform your hero with over 200 cool skins. Take part in the construction of an entire village or your mansion on the island, tame a pet and raise livestock! Equip your hero with good armor and weapons, but start crafting them first. Explore a vast territory, visit dark caves, fight monsters and reach the center of the Earth!

Pet taming

Do you love pets? Taming cats and dogs. Interact with different animals like riding horses, and taming wolves. So WorldCraft Mod Apk is a creative game genre that is being played by parents for their children because it helps children develop imagination and thinking. Join thousands of players, creating unforgettable moments of happiness together in the best online multiplayer.

Visit the amazing virtual universe in which the user of the Android operating system can explore a large open world, build your house or hunt terrible monsters. There are no restrictions in this video game, so freedom of action is an important priority. Unleash your imagination and come up with unusual buildings, weapons, and other objects. Cubic graphics will allow you to enjoy hours of passage of a quality product that will give gamers a great mood. Create your own survival game on an infinite 3D map! Find different resources, craft new items, craft blocks, and build your shelter to survive the night! Hunt down edible mobs to combat your hunger. Fun and catchy sound.

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