Xender MOD APK 13.1.0.Prime (Pro Unlocked)

Xender MOD APK 13.1.0.Prime (Pro Unlocked)

November 5, 2023


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Xender File Sharing Team
27.68 MB
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Pro features Unlocked

Xender is a great application that helps you to send files to your friends easily, quickly. The application is developed by Xender File Sharing Team, and is loved by smartphone users. The application allows sending a big video of you to your friends in seconds, and the speed is always high. You are free to share photos, music, videos, apps, documents, and other file types, and the file size is unlimited. Applications are not affected by cable, internet, or data usage functionality. Generally speaking, you can transfer files to friends anywhere and anytime. The application can be described in three words: Fast, Smart, Share.

Many functions are superior to other software

Xender is an application for sharing popular files (e.g., Music, Videos, Photos, MV, Apps, pdf, word, excel, zip, ..). However, the application has many great functions, such as allowing all types of files to be transferred anywhere and anytime. This is convenient if you do not have wi-fi. The app uses absolutely no mobile data, and has a transfer speed of 200 times that of Bluetooth – a staggering number. The application supports multiple platforms Android, IOS, Windows, PC / Mac. Therefore, you are entirely assured to use the application with your friends. It’s convenient, you don’t need a USB connection or additional PC software to use the app. Some people are not good at computers to understand all the tricky instructions.

Xender is currently choosing more than a hundred million users – a dream with many other similar applications. As a result, the application receives over a million successfully transferred files daily, and this number will increase over time. The application allows playing all music and videos right after the successful transfer. Alternatively, you can use the app as a social media downloader. As a result, you are free to save videos from Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. The app is also entertaining, and you can easily access the game center to download hundreds of commonly available games with ease.

Share everything and have fun

Xender impresses with its file-transfer speed. The application allows the streaming of meaningful content in just a few seconds. The highest rate of the application can reach 40Mb / s. In addition, the application guarantees file quality, and you can send unlimited large files at the original size. So you can easily share photos, music, videos, apps, documents, and any other file types with Unlimited File Size.

Xender has a convenient feature, “toMP3” – this allows to convert video into audio. The application has detailed instructions to help you separate audio from video. This will enable you to experience the app better. You change the video file to sound, change the MV to a song. You can use it for learning when you convert educational videos into lectures. You can change the voice recordings to ringtones. So you listen to music without consuming battery power, because the screen is turned off. The app allows you to share all file types without limits (documents, music, pictures, videos, and large apps).

Xender can clone phones. So you can easily convert data between smartphones. You can easily convert all kinds of information such as contacts, SMS, pictures, music, videos, games, and other files, from old phone to new phone in just a few simple taps. In addition, you can easily manage files through the app. You can view, move or delete files, and even create backups when you want to clean up the phone memory. The app also supports popular languages ​​such as English, Chinese, French, and Vietnamese.

How to use

Xender is extremely simple to use, and you need to follow the appropriate icons. For example, you use two Android devices to swap “certain” apps with a capacity of about 50MB. The process of connecting the two devices is straightforward, and everything can be done quickly. You need to select the app and choose the device to send to, then press the “Send” button. Other phones need to press the “Receive” button and wait for the connection confirmation. The conversion is speedy, and only takes a few seconds to complete the file exchange. After receiving it, you continue to click on the new icon to proceed immediately. Very simple, effective and fast!

If you like to use the converter app easily, then give it a try “SHAREit“. This application helps to share all files in a short time. You are easy to use the application. The app also adds a powerful media player. In addition, the application also has GIFs, Wallpapers and Funny Stickers attached.


Xender is an excellent choice if you need an application that supports fast file transfers. Application is essential if you need to send one or more files from one phone to another without wi-fi. The app is handy if you need to transfer heavy files. Usage is simple, and the process is quick, and ends in seconds (it depends on the connection between the two devices). The application saves you time, and has a faster transfer rate than standard Bluetooth. The app is more straightforward to share than AirDrop because there’s no need for NFC. You can support cross-platform file transfer and sharing. Therefore, you can quickly transfer files with popular operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows, or MAC.

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