Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep MOD APK 5.6.21 (Premium)

Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep MOD APK 5.6.21 (Premium)

February 22, 2024

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It’s surprising to know how many people are struggling to fall asleep at night. In fact, it was shown in many studies that 10% – 30% of the population suffer from this problem. And if you only consider the older adults, females, and people with medical conditions, this number can spike up to even 50% – 60%, which is quite alarming.

That being said, you can all work on improving your sleeping conditions, by adapting to a healthier sleep schedule and set of habits. And the first step would be to use Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep to help calm you down before you go to bed or are trying to fall back into sleep. The smoothing, calming, and relaxing meditation practices will help you relax your body so you may fall asleep quicker. Plus, the provided meditations in the app can also be used at any moment throughout the day to improve your state of mind.

Learn more about this interesting mobile app from ZenApp and all of its interesting features with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

Here in Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep, Android users will have themselves the fully-featured mobile application for achieving complete relaxation and calmness, which will help to improve their general quality of life and well-being. Make uses of the provided features in the app to start working on your meditation practices, sleep guides, and more. All of which can make your life so much better, thanks to their giant benefits.

Feel free to explore the ever-expanding library within the app to look for the proper meditation practices for your needs. Engage in guided meditations that are updated every week. Enable the high-quality audios and videos for more immersive experiences with the practices. Make uses of amazing sleep music and positive tunes to kick start your day in the best possible ways.

Unlock the science-proven binaural beats therapies, which will bring many positive benefits to your minds and body. Explore many available elements of customizations, which will allow you to enjoy the app with your own settings.


To enjoy the awesome mobile application of Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep, Android users can easily download the free version of the app on the Google Play Store, which is always available for all users to install on their devices. But if you want to enjoy the full version of the app, you will need to pay for certain in-app purchases and unlock ads from the app.

Also, like other Android apps, it’s important to have your Android devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 6.0 and up, which will improve the app’s stability and compatibility with the system.

Plus, you will need to provide the mobile app with all the required access permissions, which will make sure that you can have access to all of its features. So, don’t forget to accept the app’s requests upon entering it for the first time.

And last but not least, while it’s not necessary, we strongly recommend you to prepare a good pair of headphones, so you can make the most of the wonderful audio pieces from the mobile app and enjoy them at their highest qualities.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Clean and extremely accessible application

Here in Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep Android users can quickly engage themselves in the clean and intuitive app UI, which feature many accessible features for you to work with. Feel free to navigate through the clean and material designs, which make the app extremely easy to access while also contributing to its ‘Zen’ nature. Plus, the intuitive and interactive menus and articles at the home screen will allow you to quickly look for content that you wish to enjoy on the fly.

High-quality and properly constructed videos for relaxation and meditation

Get ready to enjoy the high-quality and properly constructed meditation guides and videos from Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep, which will allow you to quickly engage yourself in the relaxing experiences. With great audio and impressive visual quality, Android users can quickly follow their relaxing and engaging meditation practices in Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep. Learn many useful lessons and apply them to your everyday life’s situations.

Powerful music with positive energy

And for those of you who are interested, you can also enjoy the powerful pieces of music and audio from the mobile app, which are featured at their highest audio quality so you can enjoy the very details to the fullest. Feel free to engage yourself in the deep sleep with profound and relaxing music at nights. Or start the morning with the powerful, energizing, and positive vibe whenever needed.

Science-proven binaural beats therapy

With the powerful binaural beats therapies, which were proven by scientists to provide many amazing benefits for the minds, Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep also allows Android users to further enjoy their in-app experiences. Feel free to use the app to enable binaural beats for better sex expereinces, chakra healing, increase endorphin releases, boost your intelligence, improve moods, and many positive benefits. All of which should allow you to have a better experience using the mobile app.

ASMR audio for better in-app experiences

Here in Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep, Android users can enjoy working with the ASMR audio pieces, which will certainly make their mind completely relaxed. Enjoy your mental massages to achieve absolute calmness and relaxations whenever you need. Just put on your headphones and use the mobile app to forget about everything.

Keep track of your emotional status with the mood monitor

Get ready to fully engage yourself in your journey to mindfulness by keeping track of your emotional status in Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep. Here, the app lets you monitor your moods and keep track of the previous records so you can be completely mindful of your current state.

Useful quotes and messages to keep you motivated

Here in Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep, Android users will have access to many useful quotes and messages, which would keep them fully motivated for the rest of the day. Always start your day with the powerful sayings that will immediately push you off the bed. And end the day with the useful reflection practices and inspirational quotes. All of which should allow you to enjoy the mobile app to the fullest.

Explore the new Guided meditations each week

And for those of you who are still new to the arts of meditation and mindfulness, you can easily work with the guided meditation courses in Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep, which provide many different practices for you to work with. Enjoy better relaxation, deep sleeps, improved moods, reduced stresses, better focus, and more. All will be possible with the help of the guided meditations. And similar to the likes of Meditopia and Headspace, the weekly updates will make sure that you can always enjoy new content from the mobile app.

Enjoy the premium app for free with our mod

And last but not least, unless you are willing to pay the in-app purchases to unlock the full application of Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep, you can always choose to go for the modded version of the app on our website instead. Here, we’ve unlocked the premium features without requiring you to pay anything. All you need is to download the Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you can start enjoying the endless meditation practices.


Only support a few languages

Here in Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep, Android users will also have the option to work with Spanish and Portuguese localizations, but that’s it. This makes the app a lot less accessible to many people who aren’t speaking one of the three languages. So, it would be better if the team at ZenApp can provide better language options.

Final verdicts

Get ready to enjoy this amazing mobile application of Zen: Relax, Meditate & Sleep, which will allow you to freely work on improving your states of mind and your level of mindfulness. Discover many helpful and accessible meditation practices that’re always available and updated in the app. And most importantly, always have access to the free and unlocked version of the app on our website.

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