ZEPETO MOD APK 3.51.100 (Ad-Free)

ZEPETO MOD APK 3.51.100 (Ad-Free)

Naver Z Corporation Ad-Free

ZEPETO is a mobile game that lets players create and customize 3D avatars, interact in a virtual world, and compete in games.


With the creation of photography apps, editing photos is no longer unfamiliar to us. And have you ever thought about changing your photos to cartoon characters? If you want to turn your photo into a cartoon character, ZEPETO will be a good application that you shouldn’t ignore. ZEPETO is an app of the entertainment genre. ZEPETO is a community that respects the appearance and personality of various people. In the app, you can use your selfie photos to create 3D images and emoji. Besides, there are still many surprising things that are waiting for you to explore. Let’s install ZEPETO and find out about them now.

Support two platforms and sign up easily

ZEPETO is one of the apps that has been built and developed by Naver Z Corporation. Naver Z Corporation is a developer in Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea. ZEPETO was released in August 2018. And this app won the hearts of over 130 million people not only in Korea but also over 200 countries in the world, including China, Japan and the U.S. ZEPETO is available on both Google Play and App Store. So you can install the app on mobile devices that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. ZEPETO is completely free to download. And to use the app, you need to connect to the Internet.

Besides, 3D graphics are so smooth. You will see a lot of characters with different styles. From active, youthful to sweet, nice, … Moreover, the interface of the app is simple. So you can use it easily. In addition, you can save your process or use ZEPETO on many devices by signing up an account. In ZEPETO, you can create the account by social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, or Kakao Talk. You also can use your phone number or email to sign up your account.

Customize your avatar

When starting to use ZEPETO, you will be required to select your avatar. So that the users can create their avatar more easily, the publisher has provided up to 16 avatars in the app. In particular, these avatars are animated images. Each avatar will be a character with its own movement. This allows you to select the avatar that is suitable for you most. After you have selected your avatar, you will name your avatar. This name will help your friends to be able to find you quickly. Complete naming your avatar and use the features of ZEPETO now.

But if you want to change your image after a time of using the app, ZEPETO also allows you to customize your avatar. There are 2 elements that you can customize. Clothing and Face. ZEPETO has provided a lot of trending clothing and shoes for you. From dresses, skirts, suits to T-shirts, shirts, hoodie, crop top or even socks, … Besides, you also can add some accessories for your avatar such as glasses, hats, hairpins and more. In addition, you can customize the details of your avatar. Eye, nose, mouth, lip, hairstyle, … This can help you to create an avatar that looks like your real face. But you need to use purple diamonds or gold coins to buy and use those items. The items which are a hot trend are very expensive. So you need to complete the quests that the app has provided to earn the diamonds and coins. Moreover, you also can change the background of your avatar. In ZEPETO, you can buy furniture and decorations, change the floor and wall to make your background more beautiful. Express yourself in any way that you can imagine. Furthermore, the app allows the users to take a photograph of their character. Or you also can make a video about your face’s real gestures, but with your avatar. They will keep your unique videos.

Play with other users or even your friends

In ZEPETO, you will have an opportunity to explore a limitless variety of maps, from a virtual classroom to an imaginary world. Each map will have its own scenery and missions. For example, “Cherry Garden” where you can feel the breeze and cherry blossoms. You will become emotional in this warm and tender atmosphere. You also can visit unique houses and warm saunas or go fishing here. But you can have comfy rest and delicious food such as steak skewers, sweet donuts and even ice cream in the food trucks or take a virtual trip to the beautiful night view of Seoul’s Hangang Park. Or in Animal Adventure, you can clear stages in each area and rescue animal friends. And you also can start at the base camp with your friends in this map.

Besides, you can invite and play with your friends in the room where you are exploring. Play mini-games together and have a photoshoot. Especially, light background music will always be turned on while you are exploring the room. Therefore, this will be a place where you and your friends enjoy happy and relaxing moments. In addition, you also can send messages and talk in your voice with the players in the room. This helps you to improve your communication skills. Furthermore, you can find and join Crews. The Crew is a chat group where you will find people who have the same hobbies as yourself.

Two special features in ZEPETO

There are two important features in ZEPETO that you should take care of. The first feature is a Chat Tool. With this feature, you can make and follow new friends. At the same time, you also can send DMS, chat, share stories, news and inspiration in the Feed. Creating your own items and worlds is the second special feature. This feature allows you to design your own unique apparel and maps. ZEPETO has all the tools that you need. This will help you to unleash your creativity. Your imagination is the only limit here. Thanks to the things above, ZEPETO has attracted over 50 million users in the world. Let’s take part in ZEPETO, personalize your avatar with millions of items, hang out where you want and enjoy interesting moments.

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