Zombie Harvest MOD APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Harvest MOD APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited Money)

September 30, 2023


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Creative Mobile Publishing
83.37 MB
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Unlimited Money

Zombie Harvest poster

Referring to Zombie, everyone must be familiar with the dramatic Zombie games. The zombie game version is very interesting and a completely new style with images of small, lovely vegetables and against zombies in the Zombie Harvest game.

Sceneries for about game

Zombie Harvest is a very attractive zombie defense and action game, developed and released by Creative Mobile’s Fun Factory, a version that is supported for free installation on the Google Play Store.

The game’s context revolves around the plant – vegetables, and Zombie faction – zombies or zombies. The cute vegetables, fruits, and vegetables will fight off aggressive zombies who are always ready to find opportunities to attack you. Therefore, the army of small vegetables, roots, and fruits realized that they could not cross their arms and watched them aggressively, so they teamed up against those zombies, and the war between Plant and Zombie began break out.

Zombie Harvest screen 2

In the game Zombie Harvest with the support of flowers similar to the game Plants with Zombies, however, in this game, players can completely control their flower warriors easily instead of automatically. The game has attractive gameplay, a sharp graphics that will bring the best view of Zombie Harvest. In addition, the game also has a very entertaining and thinking nature to help players have great entertainment moments

Zombie Harvest game version has been modded with gold coins and unlimited medals, players can freely play.

Zombie Harvest screen 0

The task –  The rule

The game has a fairly simple interface, arranged in four corners of the screen, shop,s and exit the game. Right above the Shop icon is a table of goals that players need to overcome, when participating in Zombie Harvest allows players to turn on and off sounds easily right from this main interface. The shop will be a place to buy, sell and upgrade vegetables, fruits and vegetables. The Shop interface includes items to upgrade vegetables and fruits, buy more things as a method of assistance in battle. Controls in the game Zombie Harvest are harder than the Plants and Zombies versions because each fruit has a unique and different fighting skill and players will control in different ways so that it is suitable for each. The type of fruit then destroys and prevents the advance of the zombies. In addition, the vegetables that the player owns have a certain turn, after each shot, they need to load more ammunition before they can be used again. In addition, the Zombies will not walk slowly, loudly for you to shoot, but they always change direction and the zombie waves from infantry to skydiving from above make it difficult for players to choose. choose how to shoot most accurately. Therefore, players need to consider, think and choose so that each shot is not wasted, so they can win. And do not forget to go to the shop to upgrade the fruits to buy more equipment as well as the forms of assistance in combat so you can afford to pass more than 90 levels in this game.

The coin is the main currency in the game. In addition, players can get more free coins by sharing information on community networking sites like Facebook. The amount of free coins received is up to 800.

Zombie Harvest screen 1

The graphics and the Sound of the game.

With fun, light, and vivid 2D graphics. Pictures of cute and funny characters, colorful scenes in each battle. The sound is quite good, not noisy, not as intense as in other games, the game Zombie Harvest possesses fast and humorous background music that helps players get relaxing and fun entertainment while playing.

Zombie Harvest screen 3

Features of the game.

  • With more than 90 levels for players to conquer and experience.
  • The context of each game screen is diverse and attractive with many colors.
  • Game controls, as well as gameplay, are varied but completely simple, not fussy, making it difficult for players.
  • Zombie Harvest Game allows players to connect and share information via Facebook, at each level of play players can challenge their friends on Facebook to play together

And now, do not hesitate anymore, let’s download the game Zombie Harvest to your computer and control the cute little vegetables, against the hateful Zombies, and show all the talents and skills of my Zombies shooting angle. And simultaneously share, invite more friends to play for fun, to see who will be the one who will win many medals and bonus coins.!

Hopefully, the game Zombie Harvest will bring players happy entertainment moments as well as have a variety of wonderful and rewarding experiences when playing the Zombie game.

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