Acrylic Nails MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Acrylic Nails MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

May 31, 2024


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Crazy Labs by TabTale
118.76 MB
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Unlimited Money

Acrylic Nails poster

Welcome to ASMR acrylic nail salon in the Acrylic Nails simulation game. In this amazing game, you will become a manicurist helping different girls beautify hands. Join the game, you will design and paint nails according to the requirements of customers. Acrylic Nails are a popular manicure that uses a powder and liquid to form a hard plastic. It attaches directly to the nail and dries quickly to form artificial nails.

Starting the game, you will immediately do manicures. First, take a mixture of Acrylic powder just enough to apply on the handball. Spread the dough in the mold and ensure the right length. Next is to use a file to correct the nail shape. After having a perfect Acrylic nail, choose a pattern to decorate the nail, and apply nail polish to shape.

There are many types of motifs, paint colors for players to use. When we complete each foundation set, it will pay the player a worthy remuneration. This money will buy more furniture and redecorate your nail salon.

What Is an Acrylic nail?

Just like gels, dipping powders, or any other nail enhancement product, acrylic always requires the nail technician dexterity, sophistication, and precision from blending to applying to nails. So, you need to know some essential tips when working with them to help your design become more perfect.

Acrylic is a nail polish product known for many outstanding advantages such as high color fastness, solid surface, flexibility, and convenient application time. They also provide the client with a suitable choice regardless of the length of the foundation. However, this service has many side effects. Nail form placement, product blending ratio, nail curves and more can confuse, even for the veteran. So, we will share expert advice on acrylic working tips to help you troubleshoot this problem.

Nail form improper placement can affect the structure and strength of the nail. So, it is also an important note when nail salon workers work with acrylic. You cannot build the nail form any way you want. It depends on the length and shape of the nail.

We should design most nail forms to be straight outward. But for long nails with a different shape, we should tilt the nail form up or down. Also, it is necessary to adjust the nail form to get the best look.

Most manufacturers recommend a monomer and powder ratio of 2:1. However, different brands may require slightly different proportions. So, it is important to read the instructions for use and practice regularly. You should not mix them too wet or too dry. This product mix will polymerize from the very first seconds on your acrylic brush.

Paintbrushes are an indispensable tool in acrylic manicuring. It is very important to choose them accordingly. The larger the brush, the more monomer they contain, the more product they hold. It means you do not need a lot of mixing steps to complete the expanded nail set. Use brushes made from natural hair as they can withstand monomer solvents. If you are still wondering what brush size to use, start with the size recommended by your manufacturer system.

General Information

Acrylic Nails is a nail art simulation game. In this game, you have a nail salon that belongs to you. For your customers, use various nail tools to create beautiful nails freely. If you are a nail lover, download the game now to drill, lengthen, shape, and polish some beautiful nails.

It depends on your art to transform nails and to your clients, the ultimate nail spa experience. In this game, we are talking about the next level of nail art. You can choose from a variety of prints and pigments to polish your nails.

No matter when you paint your nails, there is no more complicated technique as long as you have patience. You can design according to the customer’s requirements. Try not to make any mistakes to avoid complaints. When you are creating again, solicit opinions from others to ensure a perfect display of the work.

Acrylic Nails is an interesting simulation casual game. With simulated nail making as the core, the player becomes a manicurist in the game and completes the details of various nails step by step. The operation method is very simple. Try a variety of different combinations to make a more exquisite nail.

From polishing to color selection, drawing graphics, embellishment of diamonds, every detail needs to be completed well to make every customer satisfy. The game is decompressed and fun to play. You gradually expand your shop, receive more guests, collect different props and nail polish, and make everyone have fun.

Overall Assessments

The Acrylic Nails version simulates the process of manual nail art. Players will become a beauty artist in Acrylic Nails. What the player needs to do in the game is to design different nails for different customers to meet different needs. There are rich and diverse colors in the game, so players can add different colors for free matching, operate according to customer needs, and customize very personalized patterns for my customers.

We can also earn a lot of gold coins when designing nail art for customers and use gold coins to unlock more patterns. Starting from sanding, remove various broken nails to make nails smoother and easier to color. You must learn to make different color combinations and various nail graphics.

Realistic simulation operation feel and detailed introduction of various technical steps make everyone a manicure master. The operation is smooth and interesting, and the gameplay is full of fun. Unlock more nail polishes and upgrade your shop. The gameplay is full of fun. Try different matching methods and learn more techniques to paint nails.

The game features a super simple, refreshing, small, and fresh cute game style. It comes with very exquisite design details and a strong sense of substitution. By unlocking more distinct patterns, you can start from simple cartoon drawings and gradually improve your nail art skills. It is a very real nail simulation game. There is no difficult operation method, as long as you are interested.

Spread your mind and get more fashionable nail pieces and various decorative fragments. Learn the process of nail art, polish nails, do care, paint colors, paste fragments, and draw graphics. Then expand your shop and add more colors to satisfy customers and enjoy the infinite fun of nail care.

Final Words

The gameplay of Acrylic Nails is very simple. You just need to touch the screen with your finger, time and release your hand at the right time. During the game, you will unlock many nail designs, such as pointed nails, square nails, round nails, and many acrylic powder colors. They bring your manicure experience to the next day even better.

Choose hands or feet for manicures. If you choose hands, give your hands care and wash the back of your hands. Then, show beautiful manicures. Make a delicate manicure for girls in the nail salon with shining brilliance, nail polish, and dazzling nail art. This game is currently open to all pre-registration and will roll out shortly. In the meantime, you can try some other interesting games from Crazy Labs such as ASMR Slicing, Dentist Bling, and Super Stylist.

Acrylic Nails is a very fun, casual game. Players simulate nail-making in the game as there are many interesting ways to play. You need to create your own according to the requirements of customers, choose various combinations, and make nails they are satisfied with all day.

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