Tie Dye MOD APK 1.10.0 (Unlimited Money)

Tie Dye MOD APK 1.10.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Additional Information

Crazy Labs by TabTale
120.07 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Tie Dye poster

Tie Dye gets inspired by DIY videos about how to make old clothes more stylish from Youtube. Therefore, those who love a simulator game revolving around how to find a suitable way to dye outfits with inspiration will love Tie Dye. It has undeniably addictive gameplay hitting the gamers’ mentality.

In the game, the players can catch all summer fashion trends, ranging from T-shirts, skirts, bikinis, to other beach accessories. Everything will be made by your own hands, which is the most badass thing than ever, right? Let’s apply any color you love to create the most unique and best style as well as prove your creativeness for others to see.

General information

Tie Dye can be played on iOS and Android devices, so hurry to grasp this chance to get some new coats and fashion items in a minute. All you need to do is dipping the clothes in paint patterns and wait for the magic to happen. Well, dying clothes isn’t something so new to you, but you probably used to ruin your white shirts a few times. Don’t worry since the Tie Dye app can help you solve that problem at once.

This quirky game of Crazy Labs enables all gamers to create the gorgeous ̣and even hideous pieces of garments. In other words, designing garments is the target of the game, but there are certainly several things to spend profits on. It’s time to revive the hottest trends this summer and show off your most creative DIY art skills when customizing the clothes to your liking.

As you know, in the previous couple of months, the publishing team of CrazyLabs has toyed idea of bringing many viral DIY Tie-Dye social clips to the entertaining mobile game. So whenever you haven’t got a trend in mind yet, then Tie Dye will decide everything for you by delivering a great abundance of styles on different types of fabrics.

The design can get recognized with ease by the use of the bright and saturated colors plus bold patterns. And guess what? The game itself currently ranks No.1 globally for the previous two weeks, and it even crossed 3 million downloads within one week after initially released. Now it’s also approaching 10 million downloads, and ranking No.1 in 40 nations.

According to the publishing team, the key here is to maintain as close as possible to the original clips and offer the audience a special mechanism. Within the game, you have a chance to focus more on how to remove the mess and bring the fun in by turning the old garments into the new and stylish ones. Just go to play with colors and splash them all over.

After mixing colors up in a playful manner, you’ll see how beautiful the end result really becomes. At this time, the players usually have great satisfaction and a feeling of success. Such a feeling plays an important part of the whole fun as it comes to the top charts Hyper Casual mobile games. There’s no surprise if Tie Dye tops the chart, especially with a team like Furious Avocado.

In case you don’t know, CrazyLabs, the publishing team of Tie Dye is one of the top 10 mobile game developers and publishers following the report of AppAnnie & Sensor Tower. With more than 3 billion downloads, it’s also considered the international leader in casual and Hyper Casual game genre development, distribution, and innovation.

Overall assessments

This app is no wonder fun a lot and addicting as well though there are a few defects. For example, you might encounter too many ads. Once clicking something on the screen, one ad suddenly appears. In another case, if you want more tips, you’re obliged to watch an ad.

At the same time, Tie Dye glitches and lags a lot several times. It occurs so much that you must exit the app and your design gets lost unexpectedly. As a result, the player has to redo what he or she just did the last time. This usually happens after you have been playing the game for a while. The screen tends to glitch due to an ad.

The app is overall good, but it might take a bit long for gamers to download. They complained that they waited for two hours and it hasn’t been done yet. This issue should be fixed quickly. Aside from these, everything about the game is amazing.

You’ve got so many various colors to choose from so that it’s easy to make different pieces of clothes in the game. When first getting in the game, the app gives the player an easy walkthrough of what to do and a variety of clothing designs you can do. It begins with all shades and T-shirts.

Many clothing pieces are produced later, such as tank tops, dresses, and bathing suits for girls.


To make sure the quality of the game, we recommend you and other gamers to download the most recent version of the Tie Dye. Feel free to download it straight from the Google Play Store. This game feels so cool, particularly when you take all costumers to the store to ask for certain colors and designs for the shirts.

You’ll love it soon because the game is quite easy and won’t take much of your skill. It’s a great app providing you a chance to become more creative than ever. Here, come to make stuff as if it were in reality. It’s possible to receive super cool supplies after earning a certain amount of money and starting a job for a certain number of days.

If you’re seeking a game allowing you to turn the most terrible-looking outfits into the most desirable ones for beachgoers, Tie Dye is the right one for you. The goal in the game is simply giving your customer exactly what they want. Everything takes place across five different stages.

In the first stage, it wraps up the garment ready for its shades. You only need to draw one figure eight on the display to wrap it. In stage two, it’s about tapping the screen to secure the clothes whereas stage three plays the most crucial part of the game. At this stage, the user must add colors to the tray. Note that always utilize the colors your customer requested from the start to please them.

Then what happens in stage four? The gamers will dip the colored shirt in and out of the water before finishing it up. It requires you to tap the display for undoing the binds and view the end result.


Tie Dye owns a spectacular playing style and good graphics. Not only that, but the app is extremely fun and such a great time killer. We bet that you would be super fascinated to try it out. If you’re a fan who loves tie-dying stuff and hate cleaning up ness, the Tie Dye is just perfect for you.

Besides, watching ads to have more money gained. You can choose to watch one certain ad for tip collection.

Final words

Tie Dye Mod APK is a fun fashion game enabling the players to make the coolest shirts and dresses. All you need to do is to take a white T and then change it into the most beautiful one to sell for money. Don’t hesitate to avail buckets of paint to make the badass designs, and then try to match the ones on the screen.

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