ASMR Slicing MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

ASMR Slicing MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

May 17, 2024


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Most of us have certainly had great fun during our childhoods, playing with sand and making all kinds of things from it. But soon we realize that our dream castles with the sand will soon crumble when being hit by the waves or impacts. This is really devastating for me as a kid, watching my castle slowly turn into piles of sand once again.

But speaking of which, with kinetic sand, you can have so much fun playing creative games without worrying that your created objects will soon fall apart. Instead, it’s extremely relaxing and addictive playing with kinetic sands, as they allow you to freely express your creativity. Plus, due to its ability to naturally retain the shape and having a rather interesting texture, it’s also great to just hold and squeeze your pieces of sands or objects.

And with that, Crazy Labs by TabTale has turned your various interactions with kinetic sands into an extremely addictive and relaxing mobile title. Here, in ASMR Slicing, Android gamers can have fun playing the cutting and slicing gameplay, as they try to create the perfect cuts for all kinetic sand objects. Enjoy watching them being sliced into different pieces, thanks to the sharp knife, buttery physics, and amazing sound responses. All of which should allow you to fully engage yourself in the awesome mobile title.

Learn more about this interesting game of ASMR Slicing with our comprehensive reviews.


Here in ASMR Slicing, Crazy Labs by TabTale has successfully elevated the important characteristic of kinetic sands and turn the entire concept into a simple yet extremely enjoyable game on your mobile devices. Have fun discovering a variety of different 3D objects in the game that you can create using kinetic sands in real life. Simply make use of the sharp knife to easily slice through the different objects like butter while enjoying the absolute ASMR experiences with beautiful sounds and relaxing animations.

Featuring hundreds of simple and addictive levels of simulation gameplay, ASMR Slicing allows Android gamers to quickly relax themselves with the powerful sensations it provides. Enjoy playing the game whenever you feel stressed or bored, and the brilliant elements of ASMR in the game will make sure that you’re completely healed. The beautiful objects made from kinetic sands, the realistic animations and physics when cutting through them, and the oddly satisfying experiences will allow you to enjoy this amazing game more than any others.

It features the same mechanics as in Perfect Slices, in which you must cut the certain objects properly. And the more you progress, the faster the object will come at you. But on the other hand, the unique physics of kinetic sands and the special cutting mechanics makes ASMR Slicing even more interesting, in-terms of gameplay.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and transparent gameplay for all gamers

To start with, Android gamers in ASMR Slicing will now have their chances to enjoy this extremely simple and engaging gameplay, thanks to the interactive touch controls. Here, you only need to tap on the screen to release your cutting devices and slice through the different pieces of objects at the right points. Make beautiful cuts with your perfect timing and enjoy the relaxing sensations. Also, the accessible and graphical friendly gameplay will make sure that the game is suitable for gamers of all ages.

Realistic kinetic sand physics and responses

And for those of you who are interested, you can now truly enjoy the game with realistic kinetic sand interactions and responses from ASMR Slicing. Here, your objects will slice and fall naturally, just like what would happen if you cut a real piece of kinetic sand. Thus, enabling the full ASMR effects and allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the experiences. Enjoy the realistic elements throughout the game and always find yourself completely relaxed.

A variety of beautiful objects to slice through

Here in ASMR Slicing, Android gamers can also enjoy a variety of beautiful objects, which they can freely interact with and slice through. At the same time, the game also demonstrates the endless possibilities that you can get from your simple pieces of kinetic sands, as they’ll allow you to freely cut and slice them in many ways.

Realistic haptic feedbacks and relaxing ASMR sounds

And at the same time, you can enjoy the realistic haptic feedbacks and relaxing ASMR sounds from ASMR Slicing, as it allows gamers to fully immerse themselves in the experiences. Feel free to have fun playing with the smooth haptic feedbacks when you slice through the different objects. Enjoy listening to the blissful and tingling sounds that you just can’t get from anywhere else.

Endless levels to have fun with

Throughout the game, Android gamers in ASMR Slicing will have their chances to explore hundreds of different levels in the game, featuring the simple yet extremely enjoyable gameplay of slicing actions. Feel free to have absolute fun with the in-game experiences as it allows you to have fun with the endless and undemanding levels for as long as you want.

Enjoy customizing your cutting tools

And for those of you who are interested, you can now have fun working with the useful cutting tools and devices in the game, each offering its own unique interactions and are equally satisfying to play with. Feel free to unlock your new knives, katana, or even the chainsaw and start having fun cutting through your kinetic sand objects.

Enjoy the offline game at anytime

To make sure that you can all enjoy the exciting gameplay of ASMR Slicing on the go, Crazy Labs by TabTale is now offering their offline gameplay for all Android users. As a result, there is no need to turn on your mobile data or to look for active Wi-Fi just to enjoy the game. Simply pick up your phones or tablets to immediately engage yourself in the endless and addictive simulation gameplay from ASMR Slicing.

Free to play

And at the same time, to make the game more accessible, they also feature the free version of ASMR Slicing on the Google Play Store, which you can easily pick up without having to pay any initial fees. Feel free to play the free game with many of its features. But since it’s still a freemium app, if you want to unlock the full game, there will be certain in-app purchases for you to consider.

Have access to our modded app

To help you get rid of the annoying ads and in-game purchases without breaking the bank, we are now offering our free and unlocked version of ASMR Slicing on our website, which you can easily pick up and install without any troubles. Simply download the ASMR Slicing Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start having fun with the game. Here, you can enjoy ad-free experiences without any interruptions, and the unlocked game will feature unlimited money for you to freely customize your gameplay.

Visual and sound quality


Here in ASMR Slicing, Android gamers can truly enjoy the powerful and beautiful in-game visuals, which will make sure that they’re completely immersed in the satisfying ASMR gameplay. Have fun cutting through realistic 3D objects and enjoy their accurate physics and animations in the game. And the optimized visuals will make sure that you can enjoy the smooth and satisfying gameplay of ASMR Slicing on all of your devices.

Sound & Music

Together with the incredible visuals, ASMR Slicing also features realistic, responsive, and relaxing sounds for Android gamers to enjoy whilst performing their perfect slice and dice operations. Plus, the soothing music will also help to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Final thoughts

Get ready to engage yourself in this simple yet incredibly addictive and satisfying gameplay of ASMR Slicing, in which gamers are allowed to freely explore their in-game experiences. Enjoy the unique and interesting gameplay of casual simulation that’s stress-free, undemanding, and oddly enjoyable whenever you want. And thanks to the free and unlocked version of the game on our website, you can now have absolute fun with ASMR Slicing.

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