Log Thrower MOD APK 1.2.9 (Unlimited Money)

Log Thrower MOD APK 1.2.9 (Unlimited Money)

January 26, 2021


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Playgendary Limited
99.12 MB
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Unlimited Money

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Log Thrower is an entertaining game to help you spend your leisure time joyfully. This game throws weapons at the target when you will turn objects as weapons to fight and throw them into obstacles.

Join the game, you will use the provided objects such as pencils and batteries to sharpen them. When they are sharp enough, you will throw them through the obstacles in front of you. Complete the levels, you will receive a certain amount of bonuses. This item is used to design and upgrade your barracks.

General Information

Log Thrower is a fun entertainment game suitable for players who want to kill time in their spare time. Players have turned objects into combat weapons and throwing them into obstacles in front of your eyes. Log Thrower gives you bonuses with completed levels that will build your barracks.

Log Thrower offers a unique weapon to throw and destroy the targets. Players will use a pencil, a battery, or any other object around. Then sharpen and throw them through obstacles in front of you. The game designs with fun visuals and completing quests that will bring you a certain score. Then spend money to design and upgrade your barracks.

Log Thrower recommends for players to view the ads to perform tasks faster and effectively. The game mechanism is simple. Using a sharpened log, and the user has to hit many targets. To make a powerful shot from the cannon, the player must find the right moment and click on the screen. Your action will decide the projectile to fly quickly and accurately.

Game Installation

On the redirected web page, press the arrow button. Then, click to Install to download the game directly from the App Store or Play Store to your device. Start the game at the initial interface, choose the Next button. Then click the X icon to ignore the initial introduction.

The gameplay of Log Thrower is straightforward. You will press the screen to sharpen the object provided in that interface to perfect sharpness. Next, use this object to throw in the obstacles ahead. It sharpens the sharper an object, the higher the rate to overcome obstacles. At the end of each level, you will receive a bonus of money and a hammer.

When the required number of hammers is sufficient, you will be sent to your barracks to build, upgrade, and purchase equipment for the barracks under management. There are some tips for getting high scores on each game screen.

  • When grinding the object, please pay attention to the green bar above. The fuller the bar, the sharper the object will be.
  • When throwing objects: Align the bar so that the bar is at the highest level. Then, the rate of throwing over obstacles will be higher.

How to Play Log Thrower?

Log Thrower is a casual action game with a wood throwing theme launched by the foreign game company Playgendary Limited. In the game, players need to turn various harmless items into weapons. Then throw them out, hit all targets, and get higher scores. The game provides a variety of imagined and unexpected materials for players to explore. There are also many goal barriers between different scenes. There are many entertaining contents for a fun experience.

Log Thrower uses a wood throwing method as the primary gameplay. The game was very popular abroad with this core gameplay. Players will use a variety of different props to polish them into dangerous weapons. Then, penetrate targets in various scenarios, earn points, and build the Own Throwing Wood Kingdom. The game uses a cute cartoon style, beautiful game scenes, bright color pictures, and various elements with rich content. It also includes even the shape of the popular Nokia classic mobile phone 3310.

They divide the gameplay of Log Thrower into three parts. It includes the polishing of weapons, the launch of weapons, and the construction of homes. The polishing of weapons is simple and interesting. Players need to polish all kinds of wood and other props into sharp weapons and then use powerful artillery to launch them. The intensity of the launch will directly affect the number of layers that penetrate the obstacle. And they directly relate it to the points got at each level. It will affect the home construction in the game, allowing players to enjoy the fun of home construction outside the game.

The screen of Log Thrower is distinctive with bright graphics, bright colors, realistic shapes, a smooth experience, interesting gameplay, and cute shapes. The game allows players to enjoy the fun of the game. Not only that, but the game also provides a variety of exotic shapes and characters, a variety of well-equipped buildings, a well-equipped practice field, and original materials to create a lively and lovely game scene for players.

From experience, the biggest feature of Log Thrower is that it interprets interesting gameplay for players from a unique perspective. Throwing wood itself is not unique, but you must polish it yourself before throwing it out. Weapons are interesting that is coupled with the setting of building a home after it passes each level. It inspires the player’s belief in completing the entire game.

Overall Assessment

To make a powerful shot from the cannon, the player must be timing and click on the screen so that the power bar is at the highest level. If tapped at the right time, the projectile will fly fast, strong, and can destroy everything in the way and clenched on the target. It limits the number of launches. So, make sure you hit your target, try to get the maximum score.

Completion of each launch, you will be assessed for effectiveness by the number of stars and receive a certain amount of bonuses depending on the number of stars achieved. This money will design and upgrade your barracks.

Log Thrower has a suitable way of playing for you to relax without thinking too much. All operations just revolve around touching the screen. The game sometimes reminds you of non-knife games like Knife Hit and Flippy Knife.

Woodturning is an exciting new simulation game that the player’s task is to use a chisel to carve all kinds of shapes out of wood. The game’s vivid 3D graphics will help you easily follow instructions and sculpt many interesting items.

Like most of the fun games from VOODOO developers like Paper.io, Snake.io, Aquapark.io, or Army Clash, Woodturning has a simple and intuitive control system. Basically, on each level, all you have to do is touch the chisel to move it to touch the wood. This game also illustrates the shape that you need to carve through the border on the piece of wood.

While carving all kinds of objects in the Woodturning, use the chisel carefully. If you carve too much, you will break the texture of the block and therefore not enough wood to create the shape. Remember that you can choose the best chisel type for each level at the bottom of the screen.

Overall, Woodturning is a fun, unique, and interesting game where you move the chisel and make all the items out of wood. Think carefully and use each turn wisely to take advantage of and complete the most delicate sculptures.

Final Words

Turn any normal object into a weapon, make it sharp, and then launch to destroy everything and hit the target. It is what you need to do in Log Thrower.

Log Thrower MOD APK is a fun game with effective time-killing and beautiful graphics. This game has a very simple game mechanic of using sharpened objects and hitting different targets.

There are many objects available for you to file into weapons, such as logs, pencils, and batteries. While grinding, pay attention to the green bar at the top of the screen.

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