Blade Forge 3D MOD APK 1.8.2 (Unlimited Money)

Blade Forge 3D MOD APK 1.8.2 (Unlimited Money)

Kwalee Ltd Unlimited Money

Blade Forge 3D provides interesting forge simulation. You fully experience a blacksmith’s work with interesting skills. You explore the journey from rookie to master blacksmith. You use ancient techniques that belong to the tradition. You dream of crafting the greatest blade. You use the best ore from the rare mine, then you pass the crafting challenge. Finally, you use the finished product against powerful fellow blacksmiths. You choose your opponent, mold your weapon, and craft your powerful sword. The game fully simulates the process of training weapons. You pour the ingredients into the mold, beat the blade with hot flames, and sharpen the sword. You clear the blade, and use the result in a fierce battle against your opponent. If you taste failure, then you come back to hone your skills / sword. Over time, you will have many great experiences and use many great weapons. The game always has a lot to explore, so you have lots of fun time. Get ready to become a master blacksmith and face up against tough opponents. After many missions, you create a variety of new weapons, and tools. Sure, you enjoy using awesome weapons, as well as using cute characters.


Blade Forge 3D tries to give you great weapon forging. There are many things you can do to enjoy the master blacksmith simulation. You fully experience the journey to become a professional weapon smith, of course you will be a rookie with many questions at first. The game offers a variety of mini-games for you to explore ancient weapon forging techniques. The game gives an overview of old weapons forging. You go through many wonderful things and challenges to create the greatest sword. You access different good ores from different mines. Each material will bring a different weapon characteristics. You create a powerful sword to confront professional blacksmiths. Your opponents are very good, and they also make powerful swords. You smash the blade with great fire, and train the great sword. You have to make sure your blades have to win over your opponent’s weapon. Of course if you fail, then you can still come back to overcome the challenge with a powerful weapon.

Blade Forge 3D has simple gameplay, and your mission is just to become a master blacksmith. You create powerful weapons to fight your opponents. For sure, the game will create many interesting moments through new blades, new tools, and unique characters.


Blade Forge 3D helps players show their maximum creativity, and show off their best smith skills. You quickly become a famous blacksmith, and everything will begin as a rookie. You forge many powerful weapons, and become a master blacksmith. The game was developed by Kwalee Ltd, and is very attractive to players. You understand the weapon making process, and it’s all explained in an easy-to-understand way like great movies. You explore and use a variety of weapons, including simple things such as arrows, swords, maces, spears, knives, daggers, … You learn and create many great weapons in the world. gender. You use a variety of great weapons, and serve different purposes, typically battles with opponents. Of course, all weapons are made of metal common types, eg iron, steel, aluminum, etc. All weapons are crafted through a series of careful, practical processes. You enjoy ancient techniques, and many wonderful actions in the smithy. You will create the greatest sword in history with your creativity and patience.

Blade Forge 3D strives to deliver great blacksmith experiences. You compete with different opponents with different weapons. Gameplay is simple, but still interesting because of the variety of blades. The game emphasizes creativity, and you absolutely can create all the great weapons, and creative skills. The game offers a lot of great tools, and you need to unlock it to collect widgets. You try crafting different weapons, and using the great skills of a master blacksmith. The game has a lot of different great characters to increase the great experience.


Blade Forge 3D introduces intricate content about the blacksmith, but the game simplifies everything. Your task is to create your own blades in a variety of styles. The stronger you create the sword, the easier it will be for you to defeat your opponent. The game has very simple controls, and you just need to slide your finger to control the molten flame. You forge weapons, shape your swords, and use them to win the competition. You make the most of your weapons to win your opponent. However, you still need focus to have a powerful cut. If you make the right decisions, the easier it is for you to beat your opponent. In short, Blade Forge 3D has simple yet effective gameplay, and you have many great entertainment moments. You forge powerful weapons, and use great skills to outrun opponents. Try to beat each opponent, create the strongest blades, and become the best blacksmith in the world.

In short, Blade Forge 3D is a great 3D arcade game, and the game is extremely suitable for those who love blacksmith skills. You go through many quests to become a master blacksmith. The game allows you to create a lot of different weapons, including arrows, swords,, spears, … If you create powerful weapons, you will win against difficult opponents.


Create powerful blades, and it all depends on your creativity.

Compete against different opponents, collect awesome tools, experience different blacksmith characters.

Enjoy the great blacksmith journey.


Not many special weapons yet.

The battles weren’t much of a thrill.


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