Forge Ahead MOD APK 0.97 (Unlimited Money)

Forge Ahead MOD APK 0.97 (Unlimited Money)

September 15, 2022


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Lion Studios
37.58 MB
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Unlimited Money

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If you are looking for a funny but challenging crafting game, Forge Ahead will lead you to a beautiful world. In this game, you will become a talented blacksmith and fulfill the requirements of demanding guests from the simple sword to the rarest sword.

The Forge Ahead mobile game focuses on blacksmith simulation. It will bring you unique fun that rich gameplay content allows you to enjoy the pleasure of the game better, and exciting ironing mode gives you an uncommon experience.

Forge Ahead mobile game is an entertaining simulation game. Do you have a fantasy of becoming a swordsmith like Ou Yezi? Now, you will become a skilled casting master, using various metals to create a handle weapon, such as swords, knives, and guns.

You can create whatever you want, but you still have to start from the most basic. First, slowly accumulate experience, take every step seriously, create an accurate legendary weapon, and name it. Forge Ahead game features:

– Simple white background with no extra items lets you immerse in the fun of building weapons.

– A Novice tutorial will help you quickly master the skills. You must strictly follow the process of Operation.

– In the game, the player should collect all kinds of rare ores, so that the sword will be more powerful.

You must gather material from ores and craft them of varying qualities. Let’s find out about these exciting things.

General Information

Forge Ahead hammer game is an enjoyable casual game. The player is a very skilled blacksmith in the game. You can build various iron tools according to your ideas, as small as civilian kitchen knives and hammers to create vehicles such as airplanes, artillery, cars, and ships.

As long as you pay enough money, you can create those items. It is a fun game with simple operations. For the feeling of absolute fun, a variety of gameplay is waiting for you.

Use your skillful hands to build all kinds of weapons and tools and continuously improve the stove’s level so you can create more advanced items.

Some outstanding features in the game:

– An entertaining casual game with rich content available on any platform.

– You can feel the charm of the game freely in term of the perfect display with simple operation

– You can build anything as long as there is something on the market.

– The simple style of painting will take you to experience the most realistic process and understand the process of ancient cast iron

Overall Evaluation


As its name suggests, the plot in Forge Ahead revolves around the characters of a funny blacksmith working in a weapon workshop. These blacksmiths are the grandchildren of a prominent blacksmith in the area. After their grandfather’s unfortunate death, the potatoes inherited the Weapon Shop, which forged, designed, crafted, and sold weapons.

Your major task in Forge Ahead will be to create a variety of heavy-duty weapons, including guns, swords, knives, etc. and then sell them to neighboring regions. The player can increase the attack, speed, accuracy, and spells of weapons.

Your arms trade is a genuine profession, contributing to the development of the outside world. The task sounds simple, but the most challenging thing is finding the right weapon crafting recipe. Otherwise, customers will not be satisfied.


The smiths in the Forge Ahead will have different levels and experiences suitable for each role. When they have enough quests in their missions and standards, you can come up with new tasks and different jobs, but the principal goal is still sharpening weapons.

Lion Studios also allows players to rate the weapons created. You can also accumulate money, a reputation for the store to expand operations, and create more splendid weapons.

Throughout the game screen, they will dress gamers as the focal point of the mission. It helps players make a lot of money and reinforce the brand to attract customers as much as possible. Also, in this way, you can overcome the most challenging levels.

The Forge Ahead will feature up to 30 funny blacksmiths. Lion Studios also said they plan to develop over 70 different character classes with 200 types of weapons from witty to good and 20 levels to keep players from longer.

The character design in Forge Ahead is charming, round, and funny. In addition to the smith, the game also has a mischievous dog who likes potatoes. But at first glance, it looks like a sausage. Moreover, the background and animated simple interface attract players most.

The novel gameplay is unlike any other role-playing game on the market. With what the company invests in Forge Ahead, we expect the game to be one of the new blockbusters for the world gaming village, not only that; it will climb to the top of the best-selling game this year.


In the game, you will transform into a blacksmith creating ancient swords. With a few simple steps, you start with separating minerals from small ores. Then, bring them to the furnace to cast a weapon. Finally, forge it until finished, and then make some decorations.

To get minerals, the player needs to separate them from the small ores placed on the table. Here, there are always three ores for you. Once you have extracted one mineral, another will fall.

However, denote that everything is random. You cannot know what it is until you split. If you are lucky, you can find rare ores. You can only see four minerals per craft. When you have four ingredients, it will take you to the furnace and melt them for meticulous molding and forging, and finally decorating.

After completing a product, it displays clear information about the minerals you used to create the sword. They show whether it is a regular sword or a particular type. Also, you can review the mineral resources that you have collected through the metal panel.

In the molding process, players can pour swords with various shapes from samurai swords to swords of ancient kings. Along with that, it also renews the decorative patterns on the sword.

The more precious the sword, the more splashed flowers will also be. For crafting many different swords, you need to purchase frames for them through the gold coins you earn from the sale of your final product.

However, to get rare swords, your mineral must also be a precious resource such as Diamond. The weapons of good quality and unique will be higher and more profitable for you.

The amount the player has collected is used to upgrade tools such as casting, forging, managing resources, and speeding up product-making. Whenever a product is completed, the player can place it on the shelf and sell it at a price consistent with its quality.

In the process of forging weapons, sometimes visitors will appear to visit the store and offer to buy a sword of various materials. Also, they will bring some quests to you. You need to fulfill those requests as soon as possible.

It is also an opportunity to increase your customers and income so you can make more beautiful swords. Finally, the unique thing is that with every product you make, there will be an increase in the amount every minute. The more products you make, the more money will be and when you are offline. And it will add the extra income.

Sounds and Graphics

With 2D shaping and simple block shapes, the colors are not too stunning to create a pleasant feeling. Modeling diverse characters, from samurai warriors to cowboys, depicted funny.

The swords have many detailed drawings and patterns. Along with that is the effect when honing the product. Some sparkles look exciting and beautiful.

Although this is a game with no vibrant or gentle background music, it still gives players a refreshing atmosphere. The tinkling sounds when forging weapons and casting are described in quite a detail and realistic.

Sharpen Blade is an exciting action game from the publisher of the fun Hair Dash game, where you have the task of creating the sharpest wooden swords/knives from metal tools of different shapes. The player’s goal in Sharpen Blade is to create swords and knives that look as close as possible to the pattern shown at the top of the screen.

With the three-way control system, you will quickly identify the sharpening part of the wood panel. In fact, on each piece of wood, you will see an area marked with a lighter color, that is where you have to use tools to cut and sharpen to achieve the final product. But that’s not all. Once done, use that knife/sword to cut objects to prove their sharpness. It is when you complete a level.

All you have to do in Sharpen for Blade Android is to calculate the pressure placed on the wood if you want the result to look as close as possible to the sample image. In the first few levels, it will not be too difficult to cut the piece of wood into the correct shape. However, when going to higher levels, you will need to pay attention to the movements performed with each tool, just a minor mistake that can cut the excess or missing wood compared to the requirement.

In Sharpen Blade, you will become a talented blacksmith. You receive orders for crafting specific weapons and swords from customers. Curiously, they are often strange and uniquely shaped items. As a skilled blacksmith, you will not refuse these requests. Your task is to complete them in front of your client. Based on samples from the customer, you need to use a grinding wheel to sharpen the raw material to precisely what they want.

Besides, the working protocol is distinct. You receive a request from the customer, fabricate the material into a pattern, submit it, attach the hilt, then test its strength by slashing the random object. Sharpen Blade has simplified everything to make gaming comfortable and relaxing. Also, the grinding wheel will be changed automatically to match the shape of the sword.

Manipulating your controls is simple, in that gamers just need to hold the iron bar and move it to the grinding wheel to remove unnecessary parts. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it because it has marked the points you need to remove. Therefore, you only need to drift and precisely to cut the correct position.

There is a white status bar at the top of the screen that shows the progress of the job. You will finish the product when it is filled. The more accurate the results compared to the sample, the more money you will receive from your client. It is also an exciting game you should try.

Overall, Sharpen for Blade Android is an exciting fun game with addictive wooden gameplay that kills time and reduces stress. If you are looking for a relaxing game to relieve your weight, this will be the perfect game!

Final Words

Recently, developer Lion Studios has proclaimed their latest blockbuster with the name Forge Ahead. The game is inspired by the famous simulation game Sharpen Blade. The particular highlight in Forge Ahead lies in the cute character shape and super humorous gameplay.

Forge Ahead MOD APK hammer game is an enjoyable casual game. The player is a very skilled blacksmith in the game. You can build various iron tools according to your ideas, as small as civilian kitchen knives and hammers to create vehicles such as airplanes, artillery, cars, and ships.

Your major task in Forge Ahead will be to create a variety of heavy-duty weapons, including guns, swords, knives, etc. and then sell them to neighboring regions. The player can increase the attack, speed, accuracy, and spells of weapons.

The Forge Ahead MOD APK is highly entertaining. Collect minerals, craft precious swords, and sell them to potential customers for a profit. Confirm your crafting, become the best blacksmith in town. How do you see this game? Please leave your comments about the game below!

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