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January 5, 2024

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Drawing on your Android devices has now become a thing, as sketching apps like ArtFlow and Adobe Capture are slowly catching up to that on the PC platform. Using a convenient smartphone touchscreen and precise drawing pens, you can now achieve great digital drawings on your Android devices. And things will get even more convenient as you get to explore the Adobe ecosystem for mobile users, with lots of useful apps and integrated features.

Enjoy working on the immersive and intuitive drawing experiences whenever and wherever you want, without any limitations. Draw with your bare fingers or use touch pens as you wish. Have access to all the important features and options that are needed to create brilliant pieces of work. And easily connect the app to many PC software, which will make it a lot easier to complete your works.

Find out more about this awesome mobile app of Adobe Capture: Illustrator, Ps with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

Here in Adobe Capture, Android users will have access to the intuitive and accessible mobile sketching app from the famous Adobe itself. With simple yet useful editing features, the app will allow you to enjoy drawing and creating arts with no limits. Have access to all the standard drawing and painting tools to easily complete your amazing pieces of art.

And most importantly, you can now comfortably work with the in-app features and enable your quick yet brilliant sketches, using the provided tools. Try out multiple brush options and the convenient layer setups that will make your arts a lot more interesting. In addition, the created artworks can also be accessed from your Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator app on your PC. Thus, allowing the app to completely integrate with others from Adobe’s ecosystem.


To start enjoying the awesome application of Adobe Capture, you can simply pick it up for free from the Google Play Store, no payment is required. Enjoy playing with the intuitive and accessible mobile app, as you unlock and try out many of its features.

At the same time, make sure to have your Android devices running at the latest firmware version to enable the fully-compatible app on your system. And also remember to provide the app with certain access permissions, which are needed to enable many of its important features.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that it has to offer:

Simple and accessible mobile app

To start with, Android users in Adobe Capture can enjoy working with the simple and accessible mobile app, which will allow them to comfortably edit and improve the quality of their drawing. And most importantly, the intuitive app will make sure that every one of you can start drawing and sketching to their fullest extents, using their accessible and convenient smartphones.

And for those of you who are interested, you can enjoy the fully-featured drawing and editing tools in Adobe Capture, which will make it a lot easier for you to work on improving your art and comfortably drawing with no limitations. Enjoy working with more than 11 useful tools that can easily adjust size, color, opacity, and blending settings on any selected elements from the artwork. Feel free to create your professional pieces of digital art whenever you are ready.

Create and customize different sketch brushes

To make it easier for creating your amazing pieces of drawing, Android users in Adobe Capture can enjoy working with the available Capture option and have fun customizing their sketch brushes. Feel free to come up with different types of brushes from your own imaginations and creative ideas. Make them happen by enabling the various sketch brushes in Adobe Capture and freely customize the certain brushes to your own likings.

Fully-functional layers and images

And most importantly, the app will allow Android users to comfortably work with drawing layers, which they can restack, rename, transform, and merge their selected layers. These fully-functional options make its extremely easy for users to work on improving and editing their artworks while maintaining the simplicity and accessibility.

Freely customize the in-app interfaces

In addition, with the customizable in-app interfaces, Android users can always enjoy working with the sketching tool on their touch devices. Feel free to organize your common tools and features in the toolbars to make them more accessible. Get rid of unnecessary tools and create a fully-featured UI for you to work with. As a result, you will find the app to be extremely clean and accessible, thus, allowing you to focus more on creating your brilliant pieces of art.

Enjoy working with Adobe Stock images

At the same time, by joining Adobe Capture, Android users can now have access to the Adobe Stock image library, where they can look for high-quality and royalty-free free images. Feel free to use any of those as your drawing references and have fun sketching with the mobile app. Enable high-quality pieces of photography or imagery on your sketching app whenever you need.

Have access to Creative Cloud libraries

In addition, for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the Creative Cloud libraries, where Android users can comfortably look for available brushes and images for their creative artworks.

Work well with Desktop apps

And since the app also work well with other Adobe applications, you can easily send your layered drawings to your PC and make further edits using Photoshop or Illustrator. Enjoy building your own ideas and finish the pieces of arts with advanced options in these two apps. All exported files from Adobe Capture will remain editable and accessible for all PC users, making the app extremely suitable for pro uses.

Ensure your consistent workflows with creative sync

Also to make the app more interesting, Android users can enjoy consistent workflows with Adobe Capture, thanks to Adobe CreativeSync options. These will make sure that your files, fonts, design materials, settings, and other important assets are available on all versions of Adobe Capture. This makes it a lot easier for users to continue their consistent workflow on multiple platforms.

Publish your creative works and get feedbacks

In addition, to make the app more interesting, you can enjoy publishing your creative works in Adobe Capture and get real feedback from the community on Behance. Simply finish your artwork, then have them uploaded on the community or via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Get recognized by delivering high-quality pieces of work. And who knows, you might become famous by introducing your brilliant pieces of work to the world.

Enjoy the free and functional app on our website

While the current Adobe Capture is available on the Google Play Store for free, it’s not easy to find the right version of the app that suits your devices, especially if you are working on an old tablet. Which is why, our app library also features many available versions of Adobe Photoshop Sketch, which comes with certain tweaks and changes to perform better on your selected devices. Simply download the Adobe Capture MOD APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and start enjoying the fully-featured app.

Final verdicts

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with Adobe Capture and have fun playing with its accessible features. At the same time, also unlock other useful Adobe apps like Adobe Photoshop Express, which will make your entire art & design experiences more enjoyable, especially with the shared Adobe experiences between the apps.

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