Infinite Design MOD APK 3.5.6 (Premium Unlocked)

Infinite Design MOD APK 3.5.6 (Premium Unlocked)

February 28, 2023

Art & Design

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Drawing and art, in general, was a costly and time-consuming hobby in the past. That’s said, you were required to pay for your drawing kits which consist of pencils, charcoals, papers, canvas, colors, and many different tools. Not to mention that working on the different platforms and materials are always a nightmare, especially when you’re still new to the art.

That being said, with the introduction of the useful drawing app on your Android devices, things have taken a major turn toward a better direction. Now, art lovers can enjoy drawing and painting their favorite pieces of artwork right on their mobile devices.

For all the creative people out there, you can now enjoy your amazing drawing fun with this interesting art & design app from Infinite Studio Mobile. Dive into the awesome world of drawing and creating incredible artwork with the available tools in it. Feel free to express yourself through multiple drawings, each using a different approach.

Find out more about this amazing app of Infinite Design with our review.

What does it do?

For those of you who’re interested in drawing, the app offers you the chance to draw directly on your smartphones’ touchscreen without needing your pencil and papers. That’s said, it introduces a much more convenient and accessible way to approach drawings. Thus, making the art a lot more interesting for Android users to try.

In addition, unlike when working with the traditional art tools, in Infinite Design, Android users will find themselves being able to make a variety of different chances to their artwork thanks to the available tools and editing options. That’s said, you can find the intuitive and interesting features delivering an absolutely game-changing experience. Find yourself creating art in a much more flexible and enjoyable fashion.


The app doesn’t require any specific feature from your devices to start running. That’s said, all you need is a working Android device with a decent screen. However, to optimize your drawing experiences, it’s suggested that you use the app on a fairly large touchscreen with great sensitivity. This would ensure a good feel of the surface, allowing you to create the best artworks.

For those of you who’re interested in creating professional drawings, it’s also possible for you to make uses of the drawing pens for touchscreen devices. They would greatly improve your lines and precision when making your arts.

And last but not least, while it doesn’t need a powerful hardware to work properly, you would still want your device to feature a decent chip to process the different tasks at once, especially when you’re working on complex drawings.

Awesome features

Here are all the amazing features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive and enjoyable drawing experiences

Start enjoying your digital drawing experiences with the unique and incredible app of Infinite Design. That’s said, the useful mobile application provides unparalleled drawing fun on your smartphones and other touch devices that aren’t matched by many of its competitors.

To begin with, you’ll have access to the infinite canvas, which would allow you to draw as much as you can on a single sheet without running out of space to draw. Feel free to pan, zoom, or rotate your pics to a certain degree and on any different points of the canvas.

And at the same time, the intuitive path editing and Boolean operations will make your overall experiences a lot more fun and enjoyable. Also, the alight and distribute options will even let you quickly change how the graphics are positioned, which is absolutely amazing.

Amazing tools for experimenting with your images

For those of you who’re interested, the app offers unlimited tools for you to make uses of. Each tool comes with its own unique and useful features that would make your drawing a lot more fun and exciting.

Start with the amazing symmetry tool that would let you view your artworks in interesting perspectives and create interesting duplications of your graphics. Adjust your images with horizontal, vertical, radial, and kaleido symmetry and enjoy viewing them in various ways.

And to make your drawing experiences a lot easier and more comfortable, the app also introduces the layer drawing option. With unlimited layers for Android users to make uses of and drawing on, and the unlimited undo options thanks to the available history slider, you can have access to the world of digital art right on your mobile devices.

In addition, the app also comes with many common drawing tools that most digital artists are familiar with. Start with the pen tool that lets you freely draw or create many custom shapes. You can add certain texts and even calligraphies with the available text tool. Or discover the art of 3D drawing with the available perspective guidelines.

Intuitive and customizable interface

Moreover, Infinite Design also features the streamline and customizable interface that allows Android users to quickly and effectively accessing the available features. Here, you can also choose to organize your canvas and the available tools with your own preferred design. Change the tools and their orders in the top bar or pick them to add on your pick access panel. You can even drag certain tools and colors panel out on the screen for better accessing them. The intuitive and convenient touch screen makes drawing on your mobile devices a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Have fun with many advanced editing features

Along with the standard toolsets, Android users in Infinite Design will also find themselves being able to use many advanced features that are only available on the top-tier drawing apps, such as SketchBook and ibis Paint X.

That being said, you can use the transform tools to rotate, scale, flip, distort, and skew your drawings in various ways. Feel free to add gradient and pattern fill on your images to change the way people perceive them. Or automatically detect the shape on your images as you create perfect traces for later painting jobs.

It’s also possible to create certain grids on your canvas so you can have better track and reference of the drawings and the sample. Thus, correcting the proportion and ratio of all the different elements on your images. And last but not least, you can even turn certain images into editable vector paths with the Vectorize tool, which would allow even beginners to create their perfect artworks.

Easily import and export your files

To allow users to make better paintings, the app allows you to import your drawing materials from a variety of different sources and file formats. That’s said, you can easily choose your items from Gallery, Camera, and online sources. You can even lookup for colors and the right palettes on ColorLovers, which is certainly a nice tool for finalizing your artworks.

Once you’ve finished creating your drawings and paintings, you can proceed to the available export options in Infinite Design, which would provide absolute comfort when working with your drawings. Feel free to make uses of the app and create your JPEG, PNG, or SVG image files with ease. Then share them online to any of your social networks with just a few commands.

Free to use

Despite all those amazing features, Android users can still find their Infinite Design app being free to use on the Google Play Store. That’s said, it’s totally possible for you to download and make uses of its amazing features without having to pay anything.

Have the pro version unlocked for free

In addition, if you find the in-app purchases and ads being somewhat annoying, it might be a better choice to go for the modded version of the app on our website. That’s said, with the mod available, you can have fun with all of its pro features for free. Just download and install the Infinite Design Pro Mod APK on our website instead. Follow our provided instructions and you can start enjoying the unlocked app right away.


Work better on a tablet

While the app can be quite convenient and interesting if being used on your mobile devices, it’s always better to draw on the larger screen of your tablet. That’s said, despite the endless canvas, the physical screen on your phones won’t be able to satisfy art lovers in Infinite Design. The limited screen with significantly reduce your overall drawing fun. Hence, you might want to use the app on your tablets for the best experiences.

Final verdicts

For those of you who’re interested in the field of digital art, having your digital drawing app ready is definitely the first requirement. That’s said, you can start by installing Infinite Design on your Android devices, and begin to have fun with its accessible digital drawing features. With the app being completely unlocked and free to use, we don’t see any reason for you to not using it.

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