ibis Paint X MOD APK 11.2.2 (Prime Unlocked)

ibis Paint X MOD APK 11.2.2 (Prime Unlocked)

February 16, 2024

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For artists, it’s quite frustrating to stumble into a great view while you don’t have your drawing kit next to you. Well, don’t worry, we can always turn our versatile smartphone into a capable drawing table with this awesome app from ibis mobile. Try ibis Paint X as this amazing app allows users to create beautiful arts using the features that it provides. And even if you’re not an artist, it wouldn’t hurt to express your creativity with ibis Paint X. No pressures, we won’t tell anyone.

What does it do?

Being a professional drawing app for tablet and smartphones, ibis Paint X offers a huge collection of varied drawing features. Choose the right materials to work on with over 2100 materials. Explore the art of calligraphy with hundreds of different fonts. Never find yourself short in brushes with 142 different samples. And experimenting with 37 filters, 46 screen tones, 27 blending modes as you have fun creating arts in your own way.

In additions, users will also gain access to many exciting features from Live Recording to help you capture your working moments to Stabilize Stroke that would create perfect lines. And, spend your time playing with dozens of Photoshop features if you prefer.


Since it’s just a drawing app, ibis Paint X will not require you to have powerful hardware to run it. For normal and quick drawing sessions, you can enjoy smooth and satisfying experiences on most Android devices. Plus, with the accelerated hardware feature, you won’t likely to encounter any problem with creating your arts.

However, keep in mind that the app will need to you have your own drawing pen, which you can easily get from many sources and in varied models. While you can still draw using your finger, having a legit touch pen would make a world of differences.

Awesome features

Let’s take a look at all the exciting features that this app has to offer:

Check on varied tutorials from YouTube

To start with, Android users will have access to intuitive and friendly tutorials on the official channel of ibis Paint X on YouTube. It would be extremely helpful for beginners to understand their ways of drawing as well as how to get through the common mistake. All you need to do is subscribing to their channels to receive news and updates.

Smooth and accurate drawing experiences

Thanks to the accelerated GPU and the use of OpenGL technology, ibis Paint X offers smoother and more satisfying drawing experiences than most other apps on the Android platform. That being said, you can enjoy drawing at a good framerate that is up to 60 frames per second. Moreover, your devices won’t have to be extremely advanced to be running ibis Paint X properly.

Lots of useful features that you can only find on PC drawing software

For those who’re looking for a capable drawing app on their Android devices that could compare to the great drawing software on their PC, ibis Paint X should be your first priority. With 142 kinds of brushes featuring the most popular and common ones like digital pens, airbrushes, oil brushes, and so on, you can easily create your high-quality arts using your smart devices.

On top of that, you’re also offered a wide range of useful brush parameters which allows you to adjust the aspects more throughout.

Show your art with others

And for those who love sharing their work with others, ibis Paint X will definitely satisfy you with its Live Recording feature. With simple touch commands, you can easily start recording your drawing progress right on your smartphone. And when you’re done, it just takes a few steps to share your work on the internet. Create your own drawing tutorials and inspire online artists to pick up their pen. On the other hand, you could also check out other’s videos and learn useful tricks in ibis Paint X.

Explore the impressive customizing options

For a digital artist, the layer option is undoubtedly one of the most powerful features for creating digital arts. Which is why you will need to have it on your drawing apps. And ibis Paint X, being the number one in our recommendation list, would surely offer you these amazing features. As a matter of fact, you can create as many layers as you need. It’s just up to your hardware capabilities, although we doubt that it would reach its limit.

Free to use

For all the impressive features that the app has to offer, it’s quite surprising to find that it’s still free for Android users to enjoy. All it takes is a few minutes and you’ll have yourself a perfect drawing app on your mobile devices.

While it still has some ads on it, your experiences won’t likely to be affected. And the app is more than enough for even the professional digital artists to enjoy.


Decide on your own whether these drawbacks can make you think again.

Require purchase to unlock all features

Although it’s free and you can access most of its features without paying anything, the app still requires purchases to unlock all of its features. For hardcore artists who want to create the most polished and well-crafted piece of work on their mobile devices, you might want to go with the in-app purchases.

A little difficult on small screens

Another thing about drawing on smartphones, in general, is that it would be relatively more difficult due to the small screens, especially when you don’t have a touch pen with you. Hence, to experience the most satisfying features, investing in a pen and have your app installed on a tablet will be essential.

Final verdicts

Compare to most of the existing drawing apps for the Android platform, ibis Paint X is still a great choice in many aspects. That being said, you’ll never be disappointed with it, either for making simple drawings or dedicated art pieces.

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10 responses to “ibis Paint X MOD APK 11.2.2 (Prime Unlocked)”

  1. User0151 says:

    Yes, thank you for this. it bring joy if this app still be updated in this site. and if you don’t mind please update other drawing app. cheers apkdone🍻

  2. Krisha says:

    Please update the app❤️

  3. Arushi Patil says:

    Hey I am also a Ibis paint x artist 🎭💕
    Check out my post’s on instagram
    I’d =iamarushi08

  4. Strange Rabbit says:

    So amazing app! Check out my drawings on my Insta @strangerabbit.art

  5. Someone says:

    It’s 70 mb but ok.. kinda helpful yea.

  6. Zandra says:

    Thank you so Much it really help me out cuz im really annoyed that there’s an ad on top

  7. Heraldoshera says:

    Guys if you see can’t download try to extract it I tried and it worked!

  8. Rokumi says:

    i love it but you have to delete your ibis paint x before downloading the app but its fine for me

  9. Maddie S. says:

    So I was really excited, until it started downloading in my files thingy. When it was completely downloaded, it said ” install” , so obviously i clicked on it. And then it said it couldn’t download! Im very mad because it did that with other ibis paint x versions! Please fix this!

  10. Pooch says:

    Fix this! The modded file is still version 6.4.1 not 7.0.1.

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