Agent Dash MOD APK 5.9_1124 (Free Shopping)

Agent Dash MOD APK 5.9_1124 (Free Shopping)

May 8, 2024


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Mobile game has become a huge industry thank to the smartphone development. There are many types of mobile game. But if you are a person that like the type of game about endless runner and you want to look for a new feeling, Agent Dash will be a good choice for you. The game’s full name is Agent Dash – Run Fast, Dodge Quick. In the game, you will become the agent and collect the things on the way. Agent Dash will bring many interesting experiences for you.

Explore the interface of the game

Agent Dash is the arcade game that has built and developed by Full Fat. They are an independent company established in 1996 in Warwick that are passionately dedicated to making innovative, world-class games that surprise, entertain and delight players. You can download the game free on both mobile devices and tablets. The game is available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon.

In the game, there are many places where your character will run and look for diamonds. At first, that is a jungle. Here there are many high trees like the old trees. Waterfalls with clear water, wooden bridges and so on. Besides, there are two different places that the players can choose to run. Those are a town and an area that is covered in snow. With these places, you need microfilm to unlock. The player will need to have enough 15 microfilms to unlock. But you will need 25 microfilms so that you can run on the snow. Each place will have its own obstacles. For example, oil barrels and trunks will scatter in the jungle. But in the town, you will need to overcome such as barriers, vans. Let’s start in the area that you like. The dense jungle with many green old trees, the town with houses close together or the area that the snow covered the ground.

3D graphic is smooth and color is bright. They will help you to experience the game better. Shafts of sunlight pierce through the jungle. The waterfall cascades from a canyon. Moreover, the motion of the characters is also very realistic. From run, jump to turn left or right, slide. In addition, sound is very vivid and dramatic. A cry of pain is uttered when your character crashes into the barrier. The soundtrack always turns on throughout the running. You will immerse yourself in the running.

Start to run endlessly

Like the different game, Agent Dash will instruct the players to perform the basic movements. The first movement is to move left. The player need to swipe their finger to the left side of the screen to turn left. If you want to turn right, you will have to perform the similar movement, but in reverse. When you meet the obstacles on your way, you will have swipe your finger up to jump them. But if the obstacles are quite high and you can’t jump them, you should swipe your finger down so that the character can slide. The player also can slide to destroy the obstacles like wooden crates. Therefore, you don’t need to tilt the screen while playing. Let’s remember the above movement so that the character can avoid the obstacles quickly. You can review how to play the game in “Tutorial” of Setting.

When you take part in the game, you will be the agent. The game’s name has shown it – Agent Dash. On the way, you need to collect the diamonds. They can be on the ground. But sometime they are in the air, the player will have to jump to collect them. All along the way, you will see two kinds of signs. The arrow in the sign points in the right side, you should turn right, and vice versa. If you don’t follow the sign, your character can crash into the obstacles such as the tree, the wall, … and you will end the running.

The new characters and the gadgets

The agent’s image with black suit is the symbol in Agent Dash. But you can still change clothes for your character. Each clothes will have its own benefit. Groovy Outfit Dash is like the invisibility cloak. It helps your character to last 5 seconds longer. With Spy Gear Dash, it will help all gadgets to last 5 seconds longer in the snow. To own these clothes, you need to have the microfilms to buy them. Besides, the publisher has provided many characters for the player. That is a special point in Agent Dash. There are 12 different characters so that you choose. Joanna Goodtug, The Queen, Junior, Bobajob, Jawbone, Viscount Voodooo, Riley, … Some characters will have some clothes to change, while others don’t. You will need a lot of microfilms and diamonds to own the different characters. Try to collect the diamonds during the running.

Agent Dash has also brought a gadgets system for the player. Those are Multiplier Gadget, Jetpack, Magnet, Invisible Cloak and Slow-Mo. They will help your character to collect more diamonds. Magnet can attract all diamonds. Slow-Mo makes time go more slowly. And they all cost 750 diamonds. Moreover, the player can upgrade the gadgets so that they are stronger. You will need much time to upgrade them with the highest level. Complete missions to receive many diamonds.

Relax with Agent Dash

Eye – catching 3D graphic and bright color is one of the elements that attracts many players. They also help you relax, reduce stress and feel happy. Besides, gameplay is very simple. You just need swipe on your screen. Therefore, Agent Dash is also suitable for children and adult. Many different places will bring the new experiences in the running. In addition, the player can play Agent Dash without the Internet connection. So you can play whenever you have a free time.

Although Agent Dash is just for simple player, you still can play with your friends thank you “FRIENDS” mode. And you also need to log in Facebook account to unlock this mode. Play with your friends and family after a long working day to relax and look for lots of joy. Or hold a competition to find the best player.

Because of the above things, the game has enjoyed by over 20 million players. Let’s join in Agent Dash and run endlessly.

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