Angry Birds Evolution MOD APK 2.9.14 (High Damage)

Angry Birds Evolution MOD APK 2.9.14 (High Damage)

March 16, 2023

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Google Play ID
Rovio Entertainment Corporation
5.0 and up
394 MB
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High Damage - Invicible

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Experience yet another awesome adventure with the amazing birds in the world-famous franchise, Angry Birds. This time, the pigs are after the precious eggs once again and that can’t be forgiven. With the powers of the awesome birds, players will help them in their journey to retrieve their eggs.

Participate in this pinball shooting game where you’ll have the chances to enjoy a totally refreshing angry birds game with stunning 3D graphics. Find yourself taking on the greedy pigs in a whole new battlefield.

Find out more about this amazing game from Rovio Entertainment Corporation with our reviews.


The game takes you back to the Bird Island where all the bird species in the world live together in harmony. And after the accomplishments of our heroes in their adventures in Angry Birds Classic, the pigs don’t even dare to get close to the precious eggs anymore. Just when things seem quite peaceful, the annoying pigs suddenly attack the undefended town and collected all the eggs.

Knowing this, our former heroes have gathered and prepared themselves for another quest. Time to show these greedy pigs a real lesson to not stealing others’ eggs. Challenge them in epic turn-based battles as you unleash powerful bird shots toward them and create maximum damages while bouncing around the field.

Discover the secrets behind their sudden attacks. Learn more about the Bacon Corp and the ones who’re backing up the greedy pigs. Pick up the suitable tactics and approaches, then use them to overwhelm these annoying pigs. Your unique and capable birds will be a great help in your adventures.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Experience a refreshing and exciting storyline

Find yourself experiencing an entire new storyline in Angry Birds Evolution with new characters and exciting events. This time, your journey will take you through some amazing events with the mysterious Bacon Corp and the ones behind them.

In addition, you’re also introduced to the Eagle Force, whose purposes are to protect the Bird world and bring peace to its residents. Discover a new adventure where you’ll have to search for the dungeon keys which have been kept safely for generations. Enjoy the captivating stories through series of epic battles.

Hatch and evolve your favorite birds

Gamers in Angry Birds Evolution can collect their favorite birds by collecting eggs through missions or purchases. And after that, you’ll have to spend time to incubate them so they may hatch into new ones. On top of that, you can unlock the birds’ special powers by evolving them into stronger forms. Have yourself a capable team with fully evolved bird warriors.

Angry Birds Evolution screenshot 1

Play with dozens of different birds

For the first time, fans of the famous franchise will find themselves having access to dozens of different bird warriors that they could have on their team. That being said, Angry Birds Evolution features over 100 different species of birds with completely different powers and abilities.

Collect the famous Red, Bob, Chuck, Terrence, Matilda, and so on. Explore their unique powers and select the best ones to put in your team.

Annoying pigs to kick butt

However, you’ll find yourself being confronted by the annoying pigs with unique powers and their formidable defenses. Make uses of your clever tactics to take down the annoying pigs as they try to block your way and hide under their barricades. But you should be careful since you’ll not be the only one to attacks. As despicable as they are, these pigs still have some annoying skills that could easily damage your birds. So plan your attacks carefully so they couldn’t strike back.

Angry Birds Evolution screenshot 2

Simple and enjoyable combats

The game introduces gamers to the simple turn-based combats which you can easily get familiar with. Just aim your birds toward the annoying pigs and select the best directions to cause maximum damages. However, things are not that simple, especially when you get to the higher levels. More and more obstacles will be prepared to slow you down and the enemies will get better and better.

Take the battles online with gamers from all over the world

And if you find the offline levels and stages aren’t too much of a challenge for you, you might want to take the battles online. Here, you’ll find yourself fighting against gamers from all over the world in epic battles. Challenge them in exciting gameplay in the PvP tournaments, exciting Pigball battles, or compete with each other in the epic leagues. Win against the best players can claim the first positions on the ranking table.

Angry Birds Evolution screenshot 3

Join the Clan system and become the best

In addition, gamers in Angry Birds are also allowed to create or join an existing Clan along with their friends. Together, you may challenge other Clans in the Bird Island and thrive to become the best. Take them down during the Clan challenges and earn your worth place as one of the best Clan.

Participate in enjoyable weekly events

Gamers in Angry Birds are also allowed to pick up enjoyable weekly events along with the normal gameplay. That being said, here is where you can experience addictive combats as well as collect rewarding prizes for your team.

Free to play

Despite all the incredible features, Angry Birds Evolution is currently free for gamers from all over the world to download and enjoy. You just need to have it installed from Google Play Store to start enjoying. However, since it’s a freemium title, you’ll still have to pay for the in-app purchases.

Angry Birds Evolution screenshot 4

Unlock awesome buffs with our mods

A simple hack to help gamers in Angry Birds Evolution quickly gain advantages over their enemies is to have our modified version of the game installed on your devices. That being said, with our mod, you can unleash more powerful shots with our High Damage mod. This will give you undeniable advantages when dealing with enemies at the same level. Just download and install our Angry Birds Evolution Mod APK to start experiencing this amazing buffs.

Visual and sound quality


Fans of the famous mobile franchise will have access to a completely refined Angry Birds adventure with the unique 3D graphics. With a more dynamic gameplay and in-depth battles, you’ll have entirely refreshing experiences with the game. On top of that, the accurate and enjoyable visual effects will make the combats even more exciting. Plus, the well-optimized graphics will allow the game to run smoothly on multiple devices with varied screen resolutions.


Find yourself completely lost in the world of enjoyable and dynamic combats in Angry Birds Evolution with the immersive audio experiences. Unleash powerful attacks with your birdy shots and explosions.

How To Install Angry Birds Evolution APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.rovio.tnt. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com.rovio.tnt folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Angry Birds Evolution Mod latest 2.9.14 Android APK

The game is undoubtedly a big step-up for the famous Angry Birds franchise. The 3D combats have proved to be even more enjoyable and addictive compared to the original game. Not to mention that it’s completely free to enjoy. We don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.

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