Angry Birds Go MOD APK 2.9.2 (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Angry Birds Go MOD APK 2.9.2 (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

February 23, 2021


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Google Play ID
Rovio Entertainment Corporation
4.1 and up
73 MB + 206 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Coins/Gems

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Explore the fun and excitement as you your favorite characters in the world-famous game and cartoon series Angry Birds in their latest adventure. This time, have all your needs for speed satisfied as you join both our heroes and villains in hilarious races. Feel the Adrenaline rush as you ride down the steep hills, crossing volcanic mountain paths, and so on. Find out more about Angry Bird Go with our reviews.


The game takes place in Piggy Island with all of your favorite characters in the series, including Red, Terence, Chuck, King Pig, Moustache Pig, and more. However, they’re not here to fight against each other, well, sort of.

Instead, all of them are gathered as drivers for the latest racing events in Piggy Island where you’ll go against each other in epic races. Pick your favorite tracks among hazardous tracks, collect varied buffs to give you advantages over your opponents, choose your favorite vehicles and upgrade them to make them more capable during the races.

Explore the fun and addictive racing gameplay like never before.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Play the game as your favorite characters

Join all the birds and pigs from the famous franchise Angry Birds in their latest adventure at Piggy Island. Explore the epic racing gameplay with your favorite characters such as Red, Terence, King Pig, and so on. Have them riding on the badass vehicles and compete with each other in hilarious races around Piggy Island.

Explore the addictive campaigns

To start with, gamers are introduced to the addictive campaigns in Angry Birds Go, in which you’ll have your skills and abilities tested through a series of exciting levels. Engage yourself in epic races as you take on varied opponents, each is more difficult than the other, and earn yourself valuable prizes. Enjoy fun and rewarding races with your favorite Angry Birds characters like never before.

Race on varied tracks each with unique elements

In addition, you’ll also find yourself having access to plenty of epic racing tracks along Piggy Island and many different locations. That being said, the game introduces gamers to over 5 different racing tracks that you can hardly imagine.

Test your driving skills in the deserted sands, cruise around the beaches in Piggy Island, or take your races to the endless snowfield, and even challenge the extreme heights as you travel to epic mountain paths.

Each track comes with its own unique elements that make them distinctive from the others. Master the different tracks as you have all the stunt roads, off-road paths, and obstacles drawn into your mind. Head directly to victory as you defeat your opponents.

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Takedown your opponents using unique powers

And to make the game more diverse and interesting, each character in Angry Birds Go comes with their own unique powers and abilities that make them more capable during battles. Have your King Pig fly above the sky using his unique balloons. Or take your speed to the extreme with the incredible Chuck as you greatly enhance the speed of your karts using the powerful rockets. Unleash unique powers and defeat your opponents.

Look for many upgrade options for your ride

Make uses of your loots and rewards to collect enough resources to upgrade your rides. Give your karts unique parts that can power them up. Upgrade your rides to give them new abilities that would help you during your races. Be the greatest racers in Angry Birds Go and ride the best cars too.

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Enjoy the exciting and rewarding tournaments

As you spend your time in Angry Birds Go, you’ll find yourself having exposed to a lot of rewarding gameplay. That being said, the game features daily rewards that you can just log in and unlock. The more active you are the better prizes you’ll earn.

In addition, there are also exciting daily races where you can test your driving skills with other drivers. Win against them and earn your deserved prizes. And most importantly, gamers will find themselves enjoy the time-limited tournaments which are introduced randomly in Angry Birds Go.

It’s your perfect opportunities to compete with online racers from all over the world. Drive for the top places on the leaderboards and collect valuable prizes. Find out who is the best in the entire regions.

Collect hidden gift boxes on the tracks

Along with the rewards that you receive at the end of every race or tournament, the game also introduces epic hidden gift boxes that are randomly placed on varied tracks in the game. Join these races and collect incredible loots.

And lastly, the game also features unique racing events that’re available for all gamers. You just need to log into your game and start playing these events to collect your rewards. But these events will appear randomly and there are chances that you will miss them.

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Enjoy the addictive multiplayer gameplay with your friends

The exciting and hilarious game mode that we’ve all been waiting for is here. Now, gamers in Angry Birds Go will have the opportunities to test their racing skills with their friends and family inside the local multiplayer mode. That being said, you can all join in exciting racing tournaments by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network. Compete with friends in real-time racing have never been so fun and enjoyable.

Get any of your favorite characters to join the races

And if that’s not enough, this feature would certainly surprise you. Having said that, apart from the main characters in the Angry Birds series, players can have all their favorite characters to join the races, even yourself. Just turn on your devices’ camera and use the TELEPODs feature to capture your picture. Then the game will create a unique TELEPODs figure of yourself that is ready to join the races. How cool is that!

Many contents to expect in the future

The game is definitely a fun and satisfying racing title on the mobile platform. But what if you could get more from it? Wouldn’t it be much more rewarding? That being said, players in Angry Birds Go can expect a lot of updates in the futures with new contents and discoverable elements being introduced. The fun never stops in Angry Birds Go.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the creators at Rovio Entertainment still manage to surprise us by giving the game for free. Having said that, gamers can easily have the game installed on their devices without having to pay anything.

While it still comes with some in-app purchases and inevitable ads, you’ll still find Angry Bird Go relatively satisfying. Not to mention plenty of in-game rewards will be more than enough to temp you.

Enjoy unlimited gameplay with our mods

And if that’s not enough for you, then you would surely find our mods satisfying. With our Angry Birds Go Mod APK, players will have the chances to unlock all the in-game contents and buy everything that they want without having to pay anything.

The unlimited gameplay we offer is perfect for someone who wishes to speed up his process as well as enjoy the story more.

Visual and sound quality


With realistic and intuitive graphics, racers in Angry Birds Go will have the opportunities to engage in an addictive and hilarious race like never before. Make uses of their unique powers and watch your characters unleash incredible skill moves along with satisfying visual effects.

Moreover, you’ll also find environments carefully designed and constructed with all the essential aspects. It’ll make you feel like you’re truly caught into an epic race along the steep snow mountain paths, or feeling the scorching deserts and the burning tires, and so on.


With fun and amusing soundtracks, Angry Birds Go introduces gamers to the exciting racing gameplay that they’ve never had before. Engage yourself in the epic races with screaming crowds, burning engines, incredible clashes, and so on.

Download Angry Birds Go MOD latest 2.9.2 Android APK

For a racing game, Angry Birds Go will exceed most of your expectations. Have yourself engaged in the addictive and exhilarating kart racing gameplay that you can only have on a few Mario Kart games. And most importantly, you can never find the exciting mods that we’re offering here from elsewhere. So prepare yourself for unlimited fun and enjoyments.

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