Angry Birds Space HD MOD APK 2.2.14 (Unlocked)

Angry Birds Space HD MOD APK 2.2.14 (Unlocked)

October 18, 2020


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If you are bored with the current trending games, why not try again the old applications raining for a while? Naturally, Angry Birds is an indispensable game on this list.

You probably can not forget when the new smartphone came out. Classic and exciting games like Angry Birds, Where’s My Water?, Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds Evolution is always available on any smartphone.

But nothing is at the top forever. These familiar games are also gradually forgotten by many new games released. However, their interest and attractiveness have never diminished.

In particular, developer Angry Birds also created many other game parts related to these lovely birds. In it, Angry Birds Space HD is an extremely outstanding game.

If you start getting excited about this game, please explore it with me!


Angry Birds Space HD of Rovio is an attractive game. It continued to prove its popularity with more than 20 million downloads in its first week of launch.

Angry Birds, Space HD, was released on March 22, 2012. It appeared loudly at the same time on all five most popular device platforms today. They are PC (Windows computer), Mac (computer running Apple’s Mac OS), Android, iPad, and iPhone.

After reaching the 10 million downloads milestone in the first three days of launch, Angry Birds Space HD maintains a rapid growth rate. Game maker Rovio announced in a Twitter message that the new Angry Birds game reached 20 million downloads in its first week.

Angry Birds Space HD is the fourth version of the famous Angry Birds series of game maker Rovio. It is also the first new game since the company introduced Angry Birds Rio in March 2011.

The Space HD version of this Angry Birds series changes locations and adds new ways of playing by calculating space-related issues. Let me introduce you to a few examples to give you a better understanding. You will have to take into account gravity, trajectory, weightlessness. According to the manufacturer, this game is an exciting price product to help players learn about space and physics.

Unlike all previous versions, in the game Angry Birds Space, gravity plays a significant role in the bird’s flight to success or defeat. With these changes, the player needs to use many skills to limit the problem of “zero gravity” because the bird’s flight path may not be in the right direction and will be in other complicated directions.

However, the basic principles of Angry Birds remain intact. Players use the slingshot to shoot birds of different colors with different features to break the wall. Pigs’ fortifications and structures and destroy them, guarding the rocks and on the surfaces of other planets.

However, the basic principles of Angry Birds remain intact. Players use a slingshot to shoot birds of different colors with different features to destroy walls. Pig fortifications and structures will be destroyed. Your mission is to protect the rocks and surfaces of other planets.

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Angry Birds is back with Angry Birds Space HD. Of course, their enemies were also indispensable. Those are the wicked green pigs!

To avoid these evil pigs, birds have flown into space, but that is not enough. They continue to use spaceships to steal eggs from Angry Bird. With the usual skeletons, but you won’t familiarly fight the pigs anymore, but astrophysics!

There are two types of Space in Angry Birds Space HD. According to the publisher, they are open spaces and gravity wells (indicated by blue rings).

When you send a bird into a dark open space, no gravity is exerted on it. Any object collides with will inherit part of the bird’s momentum.

It is instrumental in smashing objects floating in space into gravity wells to reach the pigs. Gravity wells have a powerful suction force, affecting birds as soon as they enter the ring.

If you shoot a bird into the circle at the right angle and with enough momentum, the bird will spin off-center for a few seconds before plunging into impact.

Some levels involve playing around with gravity, while others take place in frictionless space. Inducing a chain reaction of explosions causing rocks to fly in all directions is extremely interesting.

Rovio showed the world Angry Birds Space. Surprisingly, space spurred the gameplay of Angry Birds quite a bit! The game uses small planets and other celestial bodies to create levels, and the player must use gravity to bend the birds around to shoot pigs.

There are also several levels based on Fruit Loops called Bloopers. On the whole, people seem to like Bloopers! At this point, it looks like Angry Birds can transform into just about any theme.

Space is quite interesting because each level will bring up different space concepts, providing you with a unique experience revolving around the theme “I love science.”

Angry Birds Space HD screen 0


New Style

Angry Birds Space HD is a mixture of the familiar and the new. You will still see the old birds. Those pigs are still there. And you still perform manipulation with familiar gestures to handle those pigs.

The main difference is the gravity approach of Angry Birds Space HD. This natural Newton force is at the core of any physics-based game – including the first version of Angry Birds – but this game becomes more playful with it than most.

Grades are made up of the moving arrangement of small obstacles and flat objects with their gravity fields. The sphere of influence of each sphere is visually displayed.

Angry Birds Space HD screen 1

Attractive Improvements

Like Carl Sagan introducing Angry Birds Space HD, we should say that the approach to gravity is still very typical here. It’s based on consistent physical systems but doesn’t feel completely accurate. What’s more, it’s simplified, just like you’d expect from a game of Angry Birds or any casual game.

However, it revives the old version of Angry Birds and allows for a much more playful approach to level types. Sometimes, there’s a near zero-gravity level where you have to throw space debris at pigs wearing spacesuits. It makes you feel like an interstellar billiard game.

You can also unlock bonus levels in Angry Birds Space HD by smashing special hidden items in standard levels.

Angry Birds Space HD screen 2

Experience New Modes

The end of each level set is a neat boss battle. They will depict something like a pig in a space tank that you have to defeat by making floating space rocks fall on its head. Thanks to outstanding levels and an overall increase in standard level dynamics, Angry Birds Space HD is enough to reawaken the interest of those who are too proficient at the old version of Angry Birds.

Final Thoughts

In short, if you want to relive a past, Angry Birds Space HD is a great choice. Cosmic space, the absolute limit and will also be the new battlefield of crazy birds in their quest to find and destroy with the cunning green pigs.

With all 200 new levels, new birds, new abilities, and personal levels, Angry Birds Space HD promises to give gamers new experiences when manipulating the environment—Space without gravity.

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