Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef MOD APK 1.80.0 (Unlimited Money)

Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef MOD APK 1.80.0 (Unlimited Money)

May 21, 2024


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Unlimited Money

For those of you who are interested in the addictive and delicious cooking games, this awesome mobile title of Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef will definitely impress you with many of its authentic and exciting features. Have fun playing the simple yet extremely fun and enjoyable gameplay of arcade cooking simulation right on your mobile devices.

Feel free to prepare, cook, and serve some of the most delicious dishes from all Asian cuisines, including Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Korean, and so on. Have fun playing the cooking game with simple mechanics to quickly introduce you to the food and delicious recipes to keep you engaged. Please your customers, build your businesses, and find yourself making it big in the culinary industry.

Learn more about this interesting mobile title from TheAppGuruz and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.


Here in Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef, Android gamers can start their own restaurant businesses and travel the world to enjoy delicious foods from many countries. Become a star chef everywhere you go and discover some of the best recipes that you can serve your customers. Build and advance your businesses while also having fun with the addictive cooking mini-games.

Have access to a variety of different foods and a kitchen with unique settings and many cooking challenges that you can conquer. Have fun playing the simple time-management and cooking game with interesting mechanics. Unlock your epic adventures around the world to discover amazing cuisines and cooking cultures. Enjoy endless in-game levels and unique in-game events that will certainly guarantee your countless fun. The list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and fun gameplay of Asian cooking

To start with, Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef gamers will have no troubles getting familiar with the simple and fun cooking game. All you need is to work at the kitchen stall and wait for the customers to come. Prepare the ingredients and have some of your foods ready. And get ready for waves of flying orders coming from your customers. Deliver the food before the customers run out of patience. Get the correct orders and make sure that your customers are happy. Deliver all orders and maximize your profit of the day.

Complete endless in-game levels with escalating challenges

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy many exciting in-game levels, each introducing you to new customers who are more and more demanding with the food. Make sure to improve your skills and facilities to always be able to complete their requests. Complete the level objectives to progress to the next one. With escalating challenges and new restaurants that you can unlock along the way, Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef will never find themselves getting bored of the cooking game. Plus, as you level increases, the game will also introduce new content and in-game features for you to explore and enjoy.

Useful boosters to make uses of

By featuring cool boosters and interesting power-ups, Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef gamers can have better chances of winning the game, especially when taking on the higher levels. Make full uses of the different power-ups with various effects and attributes so you can gain the advantages when fighting in the kitchen. Slow down the time, quickly finish the food, improve the quality of the food, and many more. The various boosters will definitely make the game a lot more enjoyable.

Make uses of available upgrades to improve your restaurant

And to progress in the game, Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef gamers can also make uses of the many upgrades that are available for your different kitchens and restaurants. Always serve your customers with the best foods and services to maximize your daily profiles. Save up your money for many cool upgrades, which will greatly improve your work efficiency and food quality. Improve your restaurants to make it big in the culinary industry.

Many delicious cuisines to explore

Similar to Cooking Diary and Cooking Madness, Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef will introduce Android gamers to many interesting cuisines all around Asia, which they can freely discover and have fun cooking with. Simply unlock the new worlds in the game as you progress through the levels to enjoy your new cooking adventures in China, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Middle East, Russia, and so on. Have access to completely new sets of challenges according to your new worlds and start to have fun cooking.

Complete daily quests for many special rewards

Throughout the game, Android gamers are also allowed to work on their many daily quests, in which they can enjoy many cooking objectives and requirements. Choose to complete any of them to give your levels more challenges, as well as to unlock many awesome rewards.

Tune in everyday to get your daily rewards

And at the same time, the game also offers many free daily rewards for Android gamers to pick up just by being active. So, make sure to return to the game every day to get your bonuses. And don’t forget to always stack up your daily rewards to get the final weekend bounties.

To unlock more features in the game Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef gamers can choose to connect their social media account to the game. Now, you can see your friends who are also playing the game and proceed to compare your current progress in the game. Find yourself staying ahead of your friends in the race for the ultimate culinary chef to earn your bragging rights. And have your in-game progresses synchronized to the online storage to make sure that they’re always safe.

Available in many languages

With the game also available in many languages, Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef gamers can now have no troubles playing the game in their own native languages. Feel free to have fun playing the awesome mobile title in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Korean, and so on. All language options are properly localized so you won’t have any issues with the completely native gameplay.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, the game should always be available for you to pick up from the Google Play Store without requiring any download fees.

Enjoy the modded game on our website

To make sure that you can enjoy the awesome gameplay of Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef to the fullest without having to pay for ads and in-app purchases, we’re now offering the modded game on our website for all Android users. Enjoy the unlocked version of the game on our website with unlimited money, removed ads, infinite life, in-game booster, and more. All you need is to download the Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef Mod APK, then follow the given instructions.

Visual and sound quality


By featuring the colorful, fun, and vivid visual elements, Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef will naturally introduce gamers to the beautiful and mesmerizing worlds of Asian cuisine through its delicious gameplay. Find yourself working with cool kitchen designs with interactive equipment and realistic cooking animations. Not to mention that the undemanding graphics will make sure that you can enjoy the smooth and satisfying gameplay of Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef on all your Android devices. All of which should make the cooking simulation gameplay a lot more exciting.

Sound & Music

Together with interesting graphics, Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef also features powerful sound effects with delicious cooking sounds in each of its restaurants and kitchens. Plus, the exciting soundtracks and immersive cooking music will make sure that you can always enjoy the awesome mobile title to the fullest.

Final thoughts

Get ready to engage yourself in this awesome mobile title of Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef, in which gamers are introduced to their epic adventures to Asia and enjoy its most delicious foods. Become the ultimate star chef and work on your many Asian restaurants to please the customers with your impressive cooking skills. Enjoy the fun and relaxing cooking game with friends and family whenever and wherever you want.

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