AVP Evolution MOD APK 2.1 (Free shopping)

AVP Evolution MOD APK 2.1 (Free shopping)

October 11, 2020


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AVP Evolution is a game released based on the content of the movie Alien versus Predator. By possessing unique 3D graphics with sharply applied visual and sound effects, the game will bring players to the engaging and suffocating confrontations between the two species Alien and Predator.

AVP Evolution not only allows you to choose only one faction, but the game allows you to choose both Alien and Predator. So, the player can explore all the missions of each species. The built-in character upgrade system will allow users to upgrade equipment and killer skills for each species. This factor will create a lot more attraction and attraction when players enter the game and confront the line between life and death.

AVP Evolution has a vast amount of content, interlaced stories, and over 19 quests. There are also challenging side quests, like Xenomorph’s egg protection. The game focuses on continuous combat. Some most interesting points will interest many fans, such as controlling a Facehugger to attack scientists.

General Information

AVP Evolution is a game based on the movie Alien versus Predator. With the context and plot staged attractive, you will control the character using the virtual D-pad keys and combine gestures. When you destroy enough enemies, you will have some violent actions such as biting off the enemy’s head. You can play as Predator or Alien depending on your preference.

Completing quests and destroying as many enemies as possible will be rewarded with Honor Points (Predator) or Xeno Points (Alien), which can upgrade weapons or buy support items. Predator’s armor looked much better with its giant armor and a sharp saw blade. It could easily cut enemies in half. But Alien has the advantage of much more climbing and has a lot of flexibility.

Because of the game’s space taking place in the human laboratory, there are more unique landscapes than the clash of heavy weapons and boring walls. Therefore, a big minus point of AVP Evolution is the camera of the game. You will easily get stuck at a corner and be killed while trying to escape the dead corner. Also, control jerky is difficult to move. It is also a frequent cause of your death. AVP Evolution creates a sense of excitement for players while waiting to control their favorite character. If you are a fan of AVP, the game will bring an unfamiliar experience for you.

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Background Story

Fox Entertainment and Angry Mob Games are the developers of the Android version of Alien vs Predator: Evolution. It is an excellent game about the Alien theme and the battle with the Predator in outer space. They launched the official version for Android devices on February 28, 2013.

We would like to give a preliminary introduction to this attractive game. Players will explore the game revolving around the story from both groups of the game’s principal characters, Alien and Predators. They will alternate the story between the presence of those pesky people. AVP Evolution is a beautiful 3D action game that will appeal to players at first sight.

The bloody and barbaric battle scenes will impress you. The sophisticated opponent finishes with different special skill systems of original characters is amazing. And Interesting things are waiting for you to discover.

The below sections are some detailed features of AVP Evolution. Experience the story, skills of both character systems, engaging storyline, attracting players to go deep into the world. You will explore and experience five unique environments and 24 levels with challenges. They are attractive to gamers worldwide.

Players will feel both feelings of ending the enemy and being finished by the enemy. Reasonable character upgrade system gives players unexpected power when increasing skills and improving character. With the use of Unity 3D engine technology for excellent graphic quality, the game offers impressive and beautiful images.

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Key Features

Interesting Gameplay

The key feature lies in the way the gameplay changes depending on whether you play the Predator or the Alien. In the first case, you have all the attacks, technologies, and skills already seen in predators, including the thermal vision and the possibility of seeing enemies in the dark.

In the second case, you can count on brute strength, on the speed of movements, and the lethal tail. There are some simple puzzles to solve, but they mainly focus on fighting and the spectacularity of hand-to-hand clashes. In practical terms, it is a futuristic hack and slash combined with slight elements of another genre.

As in many games of this type, eliminating opponents and completing missions accumulate points to spend to upgrade your armor is essential to get better weapons or items useful in combat. Predictably, it is the Predator who benefits most, especially considering the many technological gadgets that help him get rid of enemies.

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Tension at the highest levels

As already mentioned, the three different campaigns present in the game will allow us to take on the role of each of the three races available. As announced by the Rebellion, the marine campaign is the most fascinating and successful.

The main protagonist will be a recruit of the Colonial Marines, who will soon find himself alone in a desperate situation, armed with a pistol, a torch, and a series of flares. You can illuminate a fairly enormous area for a few seconds. For the rest, the dark will be our companion accompanied by the sound of our motion detector. It will warn us of the presence of other life forms through a series of acoustic beeps.

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Injustice 2 happens at the time when Justice League disbanded and branched into two sides, Batman and Superman. The competition had escalated to a climax between the two leaders’ perspectives. From time to time, they imprisoned Superman. What he can do now is to hold back his hatred and repress his anger together.

The efforts to save Superman come from allies such as Wonder Woman, Super Girl, and Cyborg. These comrades are always doing their best for him. They still silently plan plans for the sole purpose of helping him out of Batman’s hands.

Taking advantage of the fact that Superman is restrained with all his power, evil forces flirt with the earth leading to the Brainiac invasion. It is the one who once destroyed the planet Krypton and is also a common enemy with Super Girl. It is also the time when all the superheroes have to remove their ego and cooperate to fight the most dangerous enemy Brainiac.

Injustice 2 is still familiar compared to the previous part. The game keeps the old mechanics, including light, medium, and heavy attack. It combines with a combination of navigation keys to create a sequence of combinations.

Final Words

After releasing the acclaimed predators for iOS devices in 2010, Fox Digital Entertainment and Angry Mob Games are back to collaborate with a new game dedicated to the most feared hunter in the universe. Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, they base AVP Evolution MOD APK on the Aliens vs. Predator. And this time, the game allows you to play both deadly creatures.

As the Aliens, the aim is to break free from captivity and exterminate any enemy in your path. Besides, the other campaign allows the player to command one of the Predator clans. The goal of your group is to kill the queen of the Aliens to prevent the opposing clans from using her as a weapon to their advantage.

The graphics are of high quality. Even in some respects refined from a technical and stylistic point of view, the spaces where the event takes place are obscure. Therefore, the details are not always fully appreciated.

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